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  • Descriptive Essay On The Louvre

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    The Louvre is the world’s largest museum with an extremely impressive art collection. It is located along the Seine River in Paris, France. The louvre was originally built as a fortress, then reconstructed to a royal palace. When Louis XIV moved the royal residence to Versailles, the Louvre became an art museum. The Louvre includes Egyptian antiques, crown jewels, Greek and Roman Sculptures, as well as other French noble artifacts. It houses more than 35,000 works of art at any time. Most of the

  • Descriptive Essay On Museum

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    The museum that I decided to go and visit was the Getty Museum. The Getty Museum is one of the largest art organizations, which is located in LA. As I was visiting this museum, I came across many art pieces that stood out and caught my attention. These art pieces also attracted to me on an emotional level, which further allowed me to connect to the artist as a whole. Some of these art pieces include “Irises” by Vincent van Gogh, “Clementines” by Daniel Gordon, and “Partition 31” by Christina Feser

  • The Characters Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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    1 - Jacques Saunière : Is the curator of the Louvre, he has a great appreaciation for Leonardo Da Vinci 's works, especially ' Mona Lisa ' and ' Madonna of the Rocks '. Because of him being a secret member of the Priory of Sion who were charged of protecting the secret of the Sangreal and the descendent of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, he was attacked by Silas and dies in the Louvre, but his death was not in vain. 2 - Silas : Is an albino man and also the attacker of Jacques Saunière, he is a monk

  • Why You Should Learn French Essay

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    Why you should learn French French is the most romantic language in the world, and it is an official language used in international relations. It is one of the most learned languages in the world, and some of the best literary works are rendered in French. French is intricately linked with the visual arts, architecture, dance, and luxury fashion and cuisines. Here are some of the reasons why you should learn French. Global language French is spoken by more than 220 million people in every continent

  • Visit To Hanoi Vietnam

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    Introduction Vietnam the Socialist Republic holds a big city named Hanoi Vietnam, which is capital of the of Vietnam, This is one of the most rated and place of the popular destinations, is the very nice city of Vietnam, extensive in the panels of the Red River with French overseas culture, most of foreigners who are on a short visit, find Hanoi to be relaxed paced in a lovely and even attractive place. Hanoi is a blessed terrestrial of Vietnam. Hanoi is a new name as it has been named in 1831.

  • Women In Mona Lisa Smile

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    In the film 'Mona Lisa Smile', the topic of women the way in which they are different to men is identified. The director portrays the women in the film as obedient and worthless through a variety of uses of camera shots and angles. Body language is also used to convey this characteristic. All of the students wear the same color sequence and same makeup, which is a sign that women follow tradition in attempt to be individual. In this film we see how Katherine Watson shows the many students at Wellesley

  • Influence On English Language

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    I was curious about why there are differences in the English language. That’s because of the different influences from other languages. So naturally I wanted to know which languages have influenced the English language. I tried to figure it out but there are so many languages that influenced English just a little bit that it’s really hard to separate them all so I focused on the main ones. §1.1 Where did the influences come from? 29% of English words (in an 80,000 word dictionary) may be of French

  • Art In Oscar Wilde's The Decay Of Lying

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    Wilde’s Concept of Art Along with “The Critic as Artist”, “The Decay of Lying” was included in the anthology “Intentions” in 1891, the year in which “Dorian Gray” was republished as a full-length novel. Both essays expound and defend Wilde’s aesthetic doctrines and both essays take the form of conversational dialogues . In “The Decay of Lying”, Wilde studies the relationship between art, life and nature. From the outset, Vivian, one of Wilde’s fictional characters, denounces nature as “crude”, “monotonous”

  • Diagnostic Museum Report Examples

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    Diagnostic Museum Report The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest and most visited museum around the world; it exhibits a lot of magnificent artworks from artists throughout the worldwide and history. The oil on canvas Stage Fort across Gloucester Harbor (38 x 60 in) by Fitz Henry Lane in 1862 and Whalers (36 1/8 x 48 1/4 in) by Joseph Mallord William Turner in 1845 are two of the best examples. According to the labels in the museum, Fitz Henry Lane (1804-1865) was a Gloucester painter

  • The Architecture And Construction Of The Palace Of Versailles

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    Magnificently placed in Place d’Armes, France sits the Palace of Versailles. With 700 rooms and 2,153 windows, Versailles is definitely a palace fit for a king. Construction of this marvelous monstrosity began in 1661 and ended in 1682. The grand structure cost around 100 million dollars and took 35,000 men to build. Everyday life in the palace was very meticulous everything that was done was accompanied by ceremony. Each morning at 7:30 100 people took part in a ceremony to wake Louis. They continued

  • Personal Narrative-The Big Trip

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    I don’t have to rack my brains hard to find the vivid memories of the darkest night in my life. Walking down memory lane for me is just as pleasant as bathing in the warmth of a cozy fire. I can still recall the zest with which we prepared for “The Big Trip”. “The Big Trip” is the nickname given by the youth of our church to the formidable climb of the second mostforbidding mountain in Africa, Mt. Kenya. We left Parklands Baptist Church in Nairobi and traveled northwest by bus for about 50 kilometers

  • Beach Wedding Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Wedding on the BeachYour Wedding Video Premier wedding video its your special day get it right Many people dream of having their wedding ceremony on the beach. Many years ago, this was a kind of dream that could not be fulfilled, but nowadays, more and more people are going ahead with the idea. Theres no doubt that a wedding ceremony on the beach is a beautiful thing, the bottom line is that the beach is a beautiful place and that a wedding is a beautiful

  • The Buvre: The Origin Story Of The Louvre

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    classed as one of the top destinations for tourism. Origin Story of the Louvre: • The Louvre was authorized by King Phillipe-Auguste in 1190. The Louvre was actually designed to be a fortress to protect the French from Viking raiders, which were considered as being a real issue and fear at their times. The Louvre successfully served its purpose into protecting the French from Viking raiders. • It was reconstructed

  • Tourism In Developing Countries

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    CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTORY BACKGROUND Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in many emerging countries such as Turkey, China, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Tourism is a study of man away from his frequent environment, of the industry which responds to his needs and of the impacts that both he and the industry have on the economic, physical environment, and host socio-cultural (Jafari, 1977). United Arab Emirates government has been making endless achievements to promote tourism in order

  • Essay About Tourism In Paris

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    of the whole of France. The artists, their rate is not the beauty of the Eiffel, was the architectural debate on the wind resistance of the structure. Even so, it remains faithful to the French icon visited by millions of people every year. 3. The Louvre

  • Short Essay On The Eiffel Tower

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    INTRODUCTION Paris, the capital of France is also known as the “City of Light” It is famous because of its beautiful city plan , architecture, museums , monuments, cathedrals, parks, sidewalk cafes, etc. French is the only language other than English that is spoken in five continents. More than 120 million people speak French as their native language and millions use it as their second language. These people make up the French speaking world. Some of the countries where French is the official language

  • Leonardo Da Vinci Famous Painting Analysis

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    period, bought the table with 4.000 écus and at the Fontainebleau Palace XIV. He was hanged by Louis. Later, the table moved to Versailles Palace. After the French Revolution, the table moved to the Louvre Palace. Although Napoleon moved to the Tuileries Palace by Bonapart, he later returned to the Louvre. During the Franco-Prussian War between 1870 and 1871, the painting was moved to the French military territory "Brest

  • Essay On Ieoh Ming Pei

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    two sons, who also work for Chinese architectures. More importantly, he also had a great influence abroad. His style of combination, which used in Louvre Pyramid, triggered amount of controversy in the late twentieth century. Some people think the modern architecture was out of tune with classical one. But there were also other people considered the Louvre Pyramid as a big success of contrasting the old and the

  • Mona Lisa Chapter Summary

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    Inside the Louvre Museum in Paris, and through its corridors Jacques Saunière the Curator in the Louvre is struggling for his life and for protecting the Holy Grail secret from a monk of Opus Dei known as Silas. Silas was sent to look for the secret place of the Holy Grail and must get it in any way, after threatening him Jacques Saunière reveals the secret. Silas shoots him and leaves him sinking in his blood. But Jacques Saunière fooled him about the truth of this sacred secret, he lied on him

  • Best Places To Visit

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    and location but the good news is there are infinite options in everyone’s budget which have their own personality with ample choice. NB- Parisian Hotel rooms tend to be small. Plan your trip and purchase your tickets ahead of time (Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, etc.). This will save you time and money as well. If you are short on time or are looking for a well-planned way to see the city’s most famous sights, check out the Bus Tours for a hop on/hop off tour that helps