Lucy Pevensie Essays

  • The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe Analysis

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    “And then Lucy saw that there was a light ahead of her; not a few inches away where the back of the wardrobe ought to have been, but a long way off. Something cold was falling on her” (Lewis 7). The Pevensies, who were four young English siblings, had to move to a friend’s house in the country due to WWII. The sibling’s parents wanted them to be safe and moreover, they were taken to a mansion deep into the woods, with a professor and a maid. While playing a game of hide-and-seek, Lucy- the youngest-

  • Lady Macbeth Guilt Analysis

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    HOW DOES LADY MACBETH CHANGE THROUGHOUT THE PLAY When we are first introduced to Lady Macbeth, she is being informed of the predictions made by the witches, promising great authority for her husband through a letter. Her response to the letter from Macbeth clearly depicts her lust for power. When she said “Cawdor...shalt be what thou art promised” she almost asserts the witches predictions. And that communicates her determination to go to extreme lengths to get what she wants. In Act 1 Scene 5 we

  • The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe Essay

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    Universal virtues such as courage, honesty, forgiveness, exemplifies in C. S. Lewis’s Narnia novel, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, as well as animals are identified many times throughout the story by certain personality traits, virtue, and character flaws. Character like Peter and Aslan are just some of the examples that show and demonstrate these traits but, unlike Edmund, lacks some of them. The Children are continuously characterized

  • The Polar Express Analysis

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    Allsburg, Chris Van. (1985). The Polar Express. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Richly radiant oil pastels work together with intricate detail to tell the story of the magic of Christmas and the power of believing. It is easy to believe while entranced in the stunningly realistic scenes that comprise the book. Fine details found in the silky white hairs of Santa’s beard or the steam emitting from the Polar Express create visible texture. So much so that you can feel as if you were there

  • Analysis Of C. S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

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    In C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe the action begins when Lewis’s quote “And then Lucy saw that there was a light ahead of her; not a few inches away from where the back of the wardrobe ought to have been, but a long way off. Something cold was falling on her” (Lewis 7). The four young English siblings referred to as “The Pevensies” moved to a friend’s house in the country due to WWII. The sibling’s parents wanted them unharmed during the war. The four siblings traveled to reside

  • Evil Characters In John Steinbeck's East Of Eden

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    There are contrasting opinions about Cathy Ames within the characters from Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden, some of which are her neighbors whom she left them behind with "a scent of sweetness” (Steinbeck; Ch. 8); then there are other characters who thought of her as an inhuman monster who manipulates to do evil and destroy someone’s life. Her beauty does not reflect her actions, making her an innocent illusion, sugar coated, with despicable sprinkles, and poisonous filling. She mostly has evil intentions

  • Queen Jardis Character Analysis

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    Queen Jardis the white witch parallels the devil in many places of the bible. Satan, is known to be the pretender who stole into our world and seized authority. In the Garden of Eden, a serpent named Lucifer; deceived the women Eve, by tricking her into eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Brennan). This caused their loss of Paradise and gave the opportunity for Satan to set up rule in place of them (Gen.3: 1-24 NIV). Satan is like the witch, who has worked

  • Comparing Biblical Aspects In The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

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    representation of each and every one of his characters. Aslan, for example, represents Christ as he is the forerunner of all that happens within the Narnian realm. His role, relative to Christ’s captures the story of sacrifice and forgiveness as Edmund Pevensie abandons belief and rather puts his faith in human desires such as gluttony. In fact, identical to the biblical account, Aslan preparing to mend the bond shattered, gives his life in order to give Edmund his which in turn represents the penalty

  • The Horse Dealer's Daughter Analysis

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    haven’t I?” (Page 509, Paragraph 60) This just goes to confirm that it’s easier for Men during that time period to find jobs to make ends meet. Whereas Mable doesn’t have the luxury of being on her own. She has the opportunity to go live with her sister, Lucy. Except Mabel doesn’t want to go live with her. “Does she ask you to go and stop there?” persisted Fred Henry. “She says I can stay if I like.” Well, then, you’d better. Tell her you’ll be there come on Monday.” This was received in silence. (Pg. 508

  • Religious Allegory In The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

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    amongst his brother and sisters. Peter and Susan do not believe Lucy’s tales about Narnia. Seeing Edmund’s betrayal as a sin, Mühling writes “It is interesting that one consequence of sin is that the children’s relationships are affected (Peter and Lucy) even though they have not all come into contact with the Witch or evil” (Mühling 28). This shows that betrayal not only causes conflict between the betrayer and the persons betrayed, but also amongst the betrayed people. If Judas had a family, his

  • Madness Explanation In Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

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    Alice's adventures in wonderland is a fantasy book wrote by Lewis Carroll in 1865. The author wrote it due to his friend's daughter, Alice Liddell's request. But Carroll sent the book to publication before handed it to Alice. The book is about a girl named Alice and her weird but fun encounters in the wonderland, everything happens there is disorder. She met a serial of strange things, surely those are fun adventures, and other characters like the white rabbit, Caterpillar, the Cheshire cat, The

  • The Lion And The Wardrobe Comparison Essay

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    Lewis, and the movie was produced by Andrew Adamson. The book and the movie were about this family who had to move because of Air Raids. There were two brothers named Peter and Edmund and two sisters named Susan and Lucy. They stay in a profferer 's house. A little girl named Lucy discovers a secret portal to a mysterious land called Narnia. She mets a faun and is taken into a cave for tea and spounge cake. The rest of the siblings don 't believe her when she comes back telling them what happened

  • Thesis For The Maze Runner

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    The Maze Runner “If You Ain’t Scared… You Ain't Human” (Dashner) The Maze Runner books as you may all of as a science-fiction novel, is a thrilling series with twists and turns throughout the whole story with a mastermind plot and climax written by James Dashner, but have you ever taken the time to think about what makes the books and movies so thrilling? In this essay, I will try to convince you to read the books and watch the movies made by this incredible author.To start off I would like to

  • Hushpuppy Character Analysis

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    - Hushpuppy and her father Wink live in Bathtub, a place that is separated from the city by a levee. The uniqueness of Bathtub allows Hushpuppy to have a special childhood and develop qualities allowing her to become a hero in the future. - Bathtub is a place that has more holidays and fun than a normal, urban city. Living in such a joyous place allows Hushpuppy to be an optimistic person who never bends down while facing difficulties. Hushpuppy also develops a strong bond with Bathtub, driving

  • The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

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    heard about Father Christmas, she was reminded of the alliance of Father Christmas and the Narnians, she even has grown a higher level of desire to kill more Narnians before Father Christmas has come. Only then could she win the battle with Asian and Lucy. Therefore, from this perspective, it is more propounding of plot settings in the book, to let the White Witch kill groups of Narnians, rather than only killed the Fox, as shown in the

  • Hybridity In Madam Madame Koto's The Famished Road

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    Hybridity: Hybridity usually defined as “the creation of new trans-cultural forms within the contact zone produced by colonisation” (Ashcroft, Griffiths and Tiffin, 2003). It takes many forms comprising cultural, political and linguistic. Ben Okri records a modification and addresses hybrid cultural models in The Famished Road. He connects the hybridity with structure that shapes the narrative. He states that “One of the strongest impulses which made me write The Famished Road is that I got tired

  • Susan B Anthony's Suffrage Movement

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    Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Anthony, Susan Brownell (1820-1906), was a reformer and one of the first leaders of the campaign for women's rights. She helped organize the woman suffrage movement, which worked to get women the right to vote. Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts, on Feb. 15, 1820. Her family were Quakers, who believed in the equality of men and women. Anthony's family supported major reforms, such as antislavery and temperance, the campaign to abolish alcoholic beverages

  • Dracula And Van Helsing Analysis

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    A battle between good and evil is a common plot to Dracula. The forces of evil, Count Dracula and other vampires (the un-dead), try to take over Britain. The novel heroes Dr. Van Helsing, Dr. John Seward, Johnathan Haker, Quincy Morris, and Arthur Holmwood are the first responders for this evil invasion of the British Empire. In the novel the characters Dracula and Van Helsing play a major role for being the leaders of their respective groups, therefore they controlled the actions of their groups

  • Lucy Stone Thesis

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    When you think about women’s rights activists and women involved in the anti-slavery movement in the 19th century, you usually think about Susan B. Anthony, but in reality, there was another woman that was also greatly involved. Her name was Lucy Stone. She was most famous for being the first woman from Massachusetts to earn a bachelor's degree, for being elected president of the State Woman's Suffrage Association of New Jersey, for helping found the American Equal Rights Association, and for being

  • Beauty In Alice Walker's Gift Of Beauty

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    ‘’ If I could write the beauty of your eyes And in fresh numbers number all your graces, The age to come would say, 'This poet lies; Such heavenly touches ne'er touched earthly faces.'’ William Shakespeare. Yet even these words hearken images of physical beauty as they defy the convention of glorifying ideal beauty. However, Alice couldn’t accept her own physical disability and this clouded her ability to live life to its fullest. Alice saw things, but she didn’t perceive them. Until the day her