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  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Analysis

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    catharsis of these emotions." Ma Rainey 's Black Bottom is a play written by, August Wilson, that takes place in a studio in the 1920 's over the course of an afternoon. The bare-bones sequence of this play is the band members discussing amongst one another about the struggle that they as African-Americans have endured against whites and about the current situation of prejudice African-Americans face in American society. The emotional impact of racial conflict that blacks have faced affects how the

  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Themes

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    The Blues are a much discussed topic in Wilson’s drama, taking center stage in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, yet also playing an equally important role in The Piano Lesson and Seven Guitars. From the first time Wilson heard a recording of Bessie Smith, singing “Nobody in Town Can Bake a Jelly Role Like Mine,” the Blues “had a profound influence on the Wilson; it was a cultural medium that helped define him and his race.” He recalls upon listening to the record, “For the first time some one was speaking

  • Summary Of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

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    The Identity of the African American Culture The play Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom highlights some of the reason African American lost their connection to the culture they once had. The play talks of the influence of different culture and how the melting pot may have caused the loss of African culture in the west. But among all the confusion the African-American has kept their love in of art and has overcome many of hardship to keep an identity in the American culture; the play itself shows this through

  • Creon: The Tragic Hero In The Play Antigone

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    The character Antigone is the protagonist in Antigone, the second play out of the Oedipus Rex trilogy. Out of the trilogy she is apart of she is the most tragic figure, though other claims say that Creon is a more tragic figure. A tragic figure in Greek plays, according to Aristotle, is a fictional character in a story or play that has an error in judgment, known as hamartia. This error of judgment causes his or her own misery, known as peripeteia. In Greek plays, such as the one Antigone premiers

  • Differences Between Tragedy And Greek Tragedy

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    There are many important differences between Greek tragedy and Shakespearean tragedy. Before we disscuss about it, it is better to know the definition of tradegy first. Hopely, it may bring a brief understanding about the differences between Greek tragedy and Shakespearean tragedy. A tragedy is a genre of drama in literature that is mainly characterized by its sad and depressing ending. The play deals with a series of sorrowful events happen to or are caused by its hero or heroine. Tragedy is also

  • Ma Rainey Black Bottom Analysis

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    Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Or: A Closer Look At The Form and Construction Of Storytelling To The Tune Of The Blues Throughout history, many cultures have passed down stories through oral tradition. Though the manner in which spoken word is delivered has changed over time, the fundamental core of the timeless tradition has stayed the same; Words have power. They can be used to spread joy, hope, and keep entire cultures alive. August Wilson’s play, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, focuses on the power of