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  • Barbie Doll's Influence On American Culture

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    Barbara and Ken went inside and while Ruth and Izzy waited outside she noticed the display window carrying a blonde doll. She noticed the doll was identical to the doll that Ruth had pitched to her design team at Mattel. The doll was named Bild Lilli who was “based on a German comic strip prostitute who serviced German businessmen”(Toomey). Lilli was mostly sold to older men in bars and tobacco shops. Ruth (without knowing the origin of the dolls success and “work”)

  • How Did Barbie Change The World

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    Once the doll came out in 1959, they soon were flying off the shelfs. When Handler Handler believed "Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices” ("Entrepreneur in from History”). Barbie was always clothed in many different kinds of unique jobs that women had never had the chance to be. Girls could now play with this doll and say to themselves that they could be more than just a homemaker. Girls then had this choice of following their dreams rather than for the world to shun them

  • Mattel Case Summary

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    On March 30, 2006 Mattel, Inc. recalled 180,000 toy items because they contained a high level of lead (Gilbert, 2010). And November 21st of the same year the world’s largest toy manufacturer of toy products recalled 2,400,000 toys with small loose magnets. There were five more recalls the following year. In 2006 and 2007 there were a total of nearly 14 million Mattel toys recalled. Continuing, the recalled toys contain lead paint at levels that was considered unsafe or the toys contain small magnets

  • Eating Disorders In Marge Piercy's Barbie Doll

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    Over time women have faced and overcome multiple obstacles. In this day and age, women have gained the right to vote, receive an education, and make their own decisions about their life. However, women are still faced with the struggle of fitting into societal norms, and this is becoming increasingly dangerous in our mass media society. For centuries, society has made females feel as if they must fit into the barbie doll image created by a patriarchal society. Some women face eating disorders, plastic

  • Mattel Swot Analysis

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    on Mattel inc. 1. Introduction Mattel is an American toy manufacturing company founded in 1945 with its headquarters based at El Segundo, Calif. Ruth Handler and Elliot Handler, a pair of married couple together with Harold Matson, their partner, were the founders of the company. Founding the company, the Handlers are part of designing their ideas and making sure of marketing while Matson is part of crafting and making the product. 2. Timeline leading to the founding of Mattel Before

  • APPLE Analysis Of Mattel

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    External environment A STEEPLE analysis will be used to examine the external environment Mattel operates in today. Social The growing support for equal rights around the world and the empowerment of women has shaped business operations around the world. Many movements concerning diversity and multiculturalism have also become worldwide issues addressed in society. The Body Positivity movement, the basic idea of “all bodies are good bodies”, has become an increasingly discussed topic in the past

  • Lilli Dolls

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    to the Barbie dolls are Lilli dolls which origin is Germany. Lilli dolls were created based on a comic character, and were not meant for children. Lilli dolls are sold in adult stores such as bars and adult-themed toy stores. Ruth Handler, the Mattel company cofounder went to Germany for vacation in 1956 and she came across to Lilli. According to the article in Time magazine, “Ruth Handler brought three of the dolls home with her to California. Three years later — on this day, March 9, in 1959

  • How Does Barbie Influence Pop Culture

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    The year was 1959 a pivotal period of cultural changes underway an unknown teenage fashion model, from humble beginnings named Barbie, was introduced to the world, and an icon was born. Barbie is the most well-known doll in the world. She is a worldwide fashion dream and pop culture icon for all girls. Barbie has since transformed into a best friend, confidante, and a fearless adventurer. The Most Collectible Doll in the world has secured her place in pop culture history through yesterday, today

  • Barbie Stereotypes

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    Long legs, blonde hair, Caucasian blue eyes, tiny waist, doll boobs, full lips and a California tan. Most Barbie dolls have ruined the perception of beauty for girls all over the world. These “perfect”, unrealistic dolls have set an impossible standard thousands of girls fail to meet, therefore causing self esteem issues they could carry into adulthood. These dolls may seem harmless, but the damage they bring into the lives of women all over the world is catastrophic. Barbie, society’s perception

  • Pros And Cons Of Barbie Doll

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    plastic doll named Barbie has become an icon for little girls everywhere. The product line is one of the most successful in the history of the toy industry by selling over a Billion Barbie dolls worldwide throughout history in over 150 countries, with Mattel, Barbie 's inventor claiming that at least three dolls are sold every second. Barbie however has caused some controversy; many parents from around the world have argued that Barbie 's ultra-slim figure represents a ridiculous standard for a body shape

  • Barbie Doll: Negative Influence To Girls

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    The original Barbie Doll that was released in 1959 showed a lot of negative things toward the female body. Barbie has set a bad influence to little girls and boys by making anorexia a fashion trend. The doll’s tight fitting clothes and flawless face teaches kids that you have to look a certain way to be good looking. She has stereotypical occupations that fits the criteria of her image. When barbie works at the different occupations her uniform to match the job is feminized. Barbie is a bad role

  • Mattel Case Study

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    Introduction Mattel is one of the largest toy product company, it start its operation in 1945. Elliott Handler and Harold Matson were known as the founder of Mattel. Mattel start its operation with wood products, they produce dollhouse furniture with the scraps from frame market. Mattel sold their products in more than 150 countries. It has its manufacturing operations in china, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand. Mattel also have some contractors in USA, Europe, Far East and Australia. After

  • Ruth Handler's The Barbie Doll

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    rolls, however they were dolls that represented children. Then came along The Bild Lilli Doll which inspired The Barbie Doll, which represented an adult body. The Barbie Doll was launched in March 1959 and was manufactured by the American toy company, Mattel. The Barbie Doll line includes four body types, seven skin tones, twenty-four hairstyles and twenty-two eye colours, including numerous fashions and accessories. The Barbie Doll has changed over the years due to the changing fashions, interests and

  • Lead Poisoning Research Paper

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    affecting kids. The reason why this poses such an issue is because there are a lot of different toy products that have lead based paint. As documented in several different sources there are many people that are complaining to these companies, such as the Mattel Toy Company that is getting sued for many of their products because of the link to several kids with lead poisoning. These sources are used different names during my research on lead Alert Recalls by Good Housekeeping, In the lead by Girl 's life

  • Persuasive Essay On Barbie's Ads

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    The official launch of the Barbie doll at the annual toy fair in New York City didn’t succeed. The owners continued to invest firmly in their ideas to transmit the first ever Barbie commercial. The first ad showed a society more consumerist. They showed Barbie’s modeling with different designs of clothing with rich details of a higher-class society, giving an idea of consumption. ‘That progress is even more apparent when you look at one of the earliest Barbie ads, from 1959. It shows four stiffly

  • Pest Analysis Of The External Environment Of Kylie Cosmetics

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    Introduction “So glam, so Kylie.” That’s the motto of Kylie Cosmetics, one of the newest companies from the United States to join the cosmetics industry. Despite it being around for only less than a year, Kylie Cosmetics has been highly raved about by many mainly due to its owner being Kylie Jenner, a known television personality. Kylie Cosmetics was initially praised for its lip kits where consumers would get the ‘perfect pout’ or the ‘perfect Kylie look’. Eventually, the company turned into an

  • Beauty Standards In Chinese Culture

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    Aesthetics has always been an integral part of the Chinese culture. The topic of beauty made its frequent appearances in many of the infamous artworks, sculptures, architectures, and poems. It undoubtedly guided and shaped beauty perceptions of Chinese women throughout history. For example, the bounded feet culture started in the Song Dynasty was based on the belief that small feet represented beauty. Although beauty standards varied drastically from different periods, Chinese women always have no

  • Barbie's Positive Influence On Pop Culture

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    Barbie is a doll that was introduced in 1959, she took the world by storm with her fashion and changing careers. She greatly influenced pop culture and the thoughts and beliefs of people. Barbie has been involved in many controversies over the years due to her body image and the high body expectations that she sets for young girls. She has had a significant impact on social values by conveying characteristics of female independence. Barbie has had positive and negative influences on fashion, interests

  • A Feminist Response To Marge Piercy's Barbie Doll

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    "Barbie Doll” is a powerful poem that provides a feminist view on the expectations of women in society. Marge Piercy sarcastically demonstrates the idea of being as perfect as a Barbie doll in her poem. She tells the story of a normal girl who grows up into a woman that is constantly told she is not perfect. In response to these comments, the girl cuts off her nose and legs in order to satisfy those around her. It is only in death that she is finally admired as the perfect woman. The use of irony

  • Marge Piercy's Poem Barbie Doll

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    In Marge Piercy’s poem “Barbie doll,” she describes a time when a little girl growing up think she is was perfect. The story begins with a little girl thinking she was a perfect girl; however, once puberty came in to her life. She was bullied by everyone saying that she had a big nose and fat legs. The girl was healthy, smart, but she was always being sorry. She did everything she could to make herself perfect. In the end she took her life and hurt herself to please everyone. Like Piercy, I experienced