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  • Orestes By Euripides-Analytical Essay

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    explaining the situation that she and her brother are in along with the fact that their uncle Menelaus has come back with his wife, Helen, who is the cause of all the strife that her family has been going through. The reader then learns that Orestes and Elektra are awaiting whether or not they will be stoned for their actions against their mother and her lover. She goes on to explain that she hopes that Menelaus can help them because

  • Foreshadowing In Agamemnon

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    lookout for the signal indicating the fall of Troy to the Greeks. The chorus then enters and begins to tell us how the Trojan Prince, Paris, stole Helen the wife of Menelaus which then caused a ten year war. The Queen then appears letting the Chorus aware of the falling of Troy and orders sacrifices. There is a terrible storm which causes Menelaus, King Agamemnon, and many others missing. Then a guy Calchas claims it's the work of one of the gods and the sacrifice of Agamemnon's daughter was necessary to

  • How Did Athena Fight In The Trojan War

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    world. The abduction of Helen, began the Trojan war. Paris then stole Helen, wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta. The theft, abduction , and rape of Helen is what led to the Trojan War. Athena and Hera decided to help the Greeks get Helen back. The Greeks had a greater advantage now that Athena was helping them, because she’s the goddess of war. The story of the Odysseus and plow : Odysseus found out that Menelaus was going to go get him so he can help fight the

  • Menelaus And Agamemnon

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    Menelaus 's brother happened to be Agamemnon, who was the most powerful king amongst the Greeks. Menelaus and Agamemnon visited all of the Greek Chieftains and persuaded them to join them in a colossal expedition which they were preparing to take down Troy, Agamemnon had been chosen as commander-in-chief; next to him were the most important Greek heroes, his brother Menelaus, Patroclus, and Achilles. Two unrelated men named Ajax, Nestor and his son Antilochus, Teucer, Idomeneus, Diomedes, Odysseus

  • Helen In Stanley Lombardo's The Essential Homer

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    you his wife- or even his slave. I’m not going back there. It would be treason to share his bed. The Trojan women, would hold me at fault. I have enough pain it is” (III, 430-440). Helen tells Aphrodite that she regrets leaving her marriage with Menelaus for Paris and no longer wants to share a bed with him. By Helen protesting her marriage bed who she shares with Paris she is refusing to enter into the submissive female stereotypes and beginning to use her voice. The bed she shares with Paris to

  • Importance Of Home In The Odyssey

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    Odyssey to show the importance of home. Xenia is the greek term for “hospitality towards visitors”. This Greek term is shown when Telemachus and Peisistratus both began on their journey on a yoke. “And they drove to Menelaus’ palace,/Which they found filled with guests” (Lombardo 44). Menelaus has many guests in his palace because of Xenia which is valued in their society. They believe in Xenia because when people are away from home, they are uncomfortable so showing hospitality towards visitors makes

  • Helen Of Troy Research Paper

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    simplistic as the alphabet. A love affair caused hundreds of deaths and years of rage between two sides. In the Greek mythological world, the War of Troy was a long, brutal war between the Greeks and the Trojans because of Helen, who was the wife of King Menelaus of the Spartans. In a quick turn of events, Helen had fallen in love with Paris, and the lovers fled to Troy. After the 10 year war, Troy had been burned to its knees and all of the residents with it, and Helen was stuck with only two options. The

  • Trojan Horse Research Paper

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    to win the war. It was called the Trojan Horse. The war started when Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy, kidnapped Helen, Queen of Sparta, from her kingdom and took her back to Troy. Helen’s husband, Menelaus, was outraged and went to help Agamemnon assemble a huge army. Agamemnon and Menelaus gathered the Greek army and attempted to lay siege on the city of Troy but failed. Then Ulysses, the most cunning of the Greeks, devised the a plan to capture Troy. It would involve a famously clever trick

  • Greeks And Trojans: Their Emotional Downfalls In The Iliad '

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    Rather than stand and fight against Menelaus, he runs and buries himself in the Trojan army. The nobility that he has is overcome by his fear of death from Menelaus and his emotional response to run overtakes him. Hector similarly faces a similar moment of cowardliness. In Book Twenty-Two, Hector faces off with Achilles and sees him approaching closer:

  • Essay On Women In The Odyssey

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    women. Each of these women have had men compete to be their husbands, through wars and competitions. The men “launch(ed)...headlong battles just for (Helen’s) sake,” (129: 161-162) and not for her protection or happiness, but because both King Menelaus and Paris wanted her to be their wife. The Trojan War originated when Aphrodite promised Paris the most beautiful woman, if he said that she was the most beautiful of three goddesses. Paris took Helen as his ‘prize’ despite the fact that she

  • Perseverance And Revenge In Homer's The Odyssey

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    Homer’s epic, The Odyssey has had a profound impact on all types of art that incorporates a hero. The archetype of a hero is followed to a ‘t’ and sets the stage for following works that include a main hero’s quest. Odysseus’ trials, tribulations, adversity, vengeance, and final victory outline the common tale of the hero’s journey throughout a plotline to an eventual victory over evil. This rough outline can be whittled down into two main themes of perseverance and vengeance. Homer’s two principal

  • The Role Of The Afterlife In Homer's Odyssey

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    Homers complex writing is devoted to the extend he gives on the perspective into the Greek underworld, stories in which were prevailing in the Greek society. The numerous conditions of the reality of the afterlife are deeply described rather than the setting of the underworld. The underworld is described as the House of Hades which is where your death and inevitable fate lies. It is signified in The Odyssey Book XI, concretely in the scenes of Odysseus mother’s death in the Cimmerians, the Greek

  • Menelaus: A Greek Hero

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    Trojan War, Menelaus was one of the most significant Greek heroes. Menelaus clearly exemplifies the qualities of the courage and respect in a hero. As the King of Sparta and husband of Helen of Troy, he played an important role in the duel with Paris, the Prince of Troy, to win back his wife from her abduction to Troy. His bravery to fight the man who kidnapped Helen gave him the benefits of the duel and he happily reunited with his wife. There are several different versions of Menelaus and Helen’s

  • Compare And Contrast Bella And Helen In The Odyssey

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    Similar But Different A teenage girl named goes to live with her father in Folks, a dark, rainy town. Under the gloomy weather of Folks, the girl, Bella, finds out secrets that change her her understanding of the world. The town also begins to change upon her arrival; love and lust bloom, fights break out, ancient secrets are revealed and the people she loves are woven into danger’s deadly threads. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Helen, the most beautiful mortal woman, is entrapped by Aphrodite, who offers

  • The Trojan War Analysis

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    The Trojan War, written by Barry Strauss, discusses the series of events that took place during The Trojan War. Barry Strauss puts forth a variety of different evidence to present the idea that The Trojan War did exist and that Troy is real. In the introduction we learn about the evidence that was found throughout Troy by archaeologists. Strauss lays out evidence supporting the existence of Troy and proves that it was in fact a powerful place that posed a serious threat to Greece. Later on we learn

  • Diane Rayor's The Greek Tragedy Of Helen Of Troy

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    The Greek tragedy that has been recently translated by Diane Rayor, a professor at GVSU in the Classics department, formerly known as Helen of Troy now “Helen” at Grand Valley State University Directed by Karen Libman, the drama director at GVSU. This play was originally written by Euripides. This production features a unusual twist on the classic tale of Helen of Troy by presenting an alternative story of the Trojan war. This essay will be exploring the many features and functions of Greek production

  • The Odyssey Essay: The Role Of Women In Homer's Odyssey

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    In spite of the fact that Homer’s Odyssey is an epic story of a man’s gallant journey, women play a huge part throughout. Their unique yet controversial personalities, intentions, and relationships are vital to the development of this epic and adventurous journey of Odysseus. The poem by Homer was written at a time when women had an inferior position in society, yet that didn’t stop them from being any less influential. All of the women throughout the Odyssey possess different qualities, but all

  • Bassanio And Antonio In Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice

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    Question: Study the relationship between Bassanio and Antonio. By analyzing the language of the play, explore what their friendship reveals about their characters. Answer: What Antonio and Bassanio’s relationship reveal about their characters Bassanio and Antonio’s friendship is a vital piece to the foundation of the entire play, The Merchant of Venice. When we take a close look at many of the scenes, the situation will be heavily linked to their relationship, one way or another. There are several

  • Examples Of Obstacles In The Odyssey

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    The Odyssey is a story of a soldier returning from war and facing many obstacles along the way. The Odyssey has many things in common with actual soldiers returning from a war. Several million soldiers have had many different and difficult obstacles returning from war. The Odyssey has many difficult obstacles that are similar to that of a soldier of any time period. A soldier is still fighting a war, even after the war is over, no matter what time period they are in. Soldier's face problems that

  • Loss Of Death In Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven

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    The Heartbreak That Killed “The Raven” is by Edgar Allan Poe. The Poem “The Raven” is gothic literature. This poem is about how a husband tries to deal with the lost of his beloved wife Lenore. Soon after the man starts to lose his mind and senses. The lost of his wife is so dramatizing for him that it starts to affect on his state of mind , also his physical appearance. I strongly truly believe heartbreak or a loss of a loved one can change who you are as a person. Physically some people may