Metropolitan area Essays

  • Essay About Traffic In Jakarta

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    Traffic jam has been a very pressing problem for the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Jakarta, being the major metropolitan city in Indonesia, has attracted people from all over the nation to settle down and look for better opportunities there. The city has experienced rapid urbanization all over the years, which resulted significant increase in the number of vehicles despite the sluggish development of the road. For decades, Jakarta has been one of the cities in the world with the worst traffic

  • Persuasive Essay On Teen Curfew

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    Safety for teens is important because teens are the future. Once a teenager receives their license, they are issued a specific class license. The license issues an 11:00 pm to 5:00 am curfew for 16­17­year­old teens every night. Within the past two decades, teens have been engaging in more illegal activities such as handling drugs, drinking alcohol, and partaking in robberies. Therefore, large cities are starting to enforce curfew laws aimed towards keeping teenagers off of the streets during certain

  • Biodiversity In Madagascar

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    Topic: The Loss of Biodiversity in Madagascar General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on the causes of loss of biodiversity in Madagascar Chronological: Cause-effect Introduction I. "Biological diversity is being lost at a rate unequalled since the appearance of modern ecosystems more than 40 million years ago." Stated by the Royal Society. (attention getter) II. Biodiversity is the variety of life found in a particular ecosystem and one of the most significant places on

  • Harmful Effects Of Environmental Pollution

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    when trees are eliminated through deforestation and pollution, humans will have no source of oxygen. Agriculture industrys use an excess of fertilizers on crops and it goes into the ruoff and affects people who live nearby. People that live in a close area near Agricultural Industries are known to have asthma related symptoms and failed lung function in children (Pesticides and

  • Essay About South America

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    Our armchair travels have taken us to Brazil, a vast country in South America. It stretches from the Amazon Basin in the north to vineyards and the massive Iguacu Falls in the south. Our first stop will be the city of Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is a vibrant financial center and is one of the world’s most populous cities. It is the largest city in South America situated on the Piratininga Plateau surrounded by rivers that flow out into the interior. The city was founded in 1554 and became the gateway

  • Argumentative Essay On Pizza

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    Pizza Shops In the event that you have quite recently moved to another zone, and you have dependably had an exceptional spot where you went consistently for pizza, you are most likely looking for a substitution. You won't not discover anything very like what you had, but rather in any event require a spot where you like the menu, the value, environment, and taste. You likely think the menu is a critical piece of a pizzeria. Despite the fact that you and your family adore pizza, that won't not

  • Importance Of Urban Biodiversity Essay

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    richness and abundance of living organism (including genetic variation) and habitat found in and on the edge of human settlements. Urban biodiversity differs from place to place and is dependent upon the environmental condition of that area; and is unique to that area. Urban biodiversity is biodiversity in an urban environment, where the natural elements should be complementing the human creations. But, that is not the case in the present world we live in. The humanisation overpowers the natural habitat

  • Benefits Of Aquaculture

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    Agriculture and aquaculture play an important role in our lives, because people have to eat. For most of history, society’s connection to agriculture and aquaculture was intimate. In modern times, however, many land based and water based problems have occurred. Due to the seemingly abundant food that has come from new technologies, human’s essential dependence on agriculture and aquaculture is overlooked. I will introduce four major problems in the following paragraphs. One big land based problem

  • Themes In Flowers For Algernon

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    The novel Flowers for Algernon written by Daniel Keyes effectively explores the complex human experiences of disability and the impact that it has on individuals and society through its three major themes; Self-realisation , Alienation and loneliness and treatment of the mentally disabled by society. Through these themes this response will highlight the difficulties experienced by people with disabilities and the people in their lives. The first theme in Flowers for Algernon is self-realisation.

  • Emotions In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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    How do we gain respect from others? Feedback: Wow, you’ve done some great things with this paper over the last 24 hours. For example: Some really nice transitions Putting feeling and emotion into the essay (like Ruth says wearily…) Suggestions: Consider putting the longer (full paragraph) quotes in italics, or indenting the left margin of the paragraph I think you can take the stage directions out of the essay (things like (softly) or (looks at her)) Who do you respect? Why do you respect these

  • The Importance Of Money In A Raisin In The Sun

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    When you have money how do you act? Many people in the world believe that being rich and having good money defines what kind of person you are. Money should not identify the kind of person you are. In A Raisin in the sun the character Walter really wants money to help him and not his family, but it should never be like that family should go first. In A raisin in the son Walter really wants to open a liquor store to help out the family, but the family really needs a new house with the insurance money

  • Unit 7 Telecommunication

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    payment for phone messages which have been made above a certain price. 7.4 Knowledge of local codes Each city or area in the United Kingdom has its own national code for landlines. London is unusual in having two separate codes 0207 and 0208 depending upon whether the phone is in inner or outer London. On the other hand, the increasing use of mobiles means that people do not know the area the call has come from. This is important for many small firms where in many cases they receive almost as many

  • Nursing Reflective Journal Report

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    NUR1014 Professionalism and Contemporary Nursing Reflective Journal(I) Name: Ko Wing Yi Student Number:15001448 My perception and perspectives of being a nurse in the healthcare team In the healthcare team, every member holds different role, such as nurses, doctor. And they will cooperate with each other which to provide care to patients. Nurse include many important roles such as caregiver, health promoter, client advocate, care coordinator, counselor, case manager, educator

  • Success In Walter Lee Younger's A Raisin In The Sun

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    Throughout the decades, money has shaped and is still shaping the way we live. The statue of a person in a society, impression, and trust all surround the factor of how they are valued for. But more than this factor even self-pride and independence are important and define success. In the book “A Raisin in the Sun”, there is a big part of the money and the way it plays with all the characters involved. Walter Lee Younger, a passionate, ambitious and person with a big dream is shaken by poverty and

  • Character Analysis Of Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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    “Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy - in fact, they are almost incompatible; one emotion hardly leaves room for the other.” (Robert A. Heinlein) Within the short story, Cathedral, by Raymond Carver, the theme of how a character changes through an encounter is expressed throughout the story. The Narrator's wife invites her old friend, a blind man by the name of Robert

  • Starbucks Case Study Summary

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    Name: TUYEN NGUYEN ID Troy: 1391723 Email Address: Course Number: BUS-4476 Title Case: MiniCase 6 STARBUCKS: RE-CREATING ITS UNIQUENESS Summary: Howard Schutlz , wanted to introduced a brand new way of Costumers experience, having warm interiors , consumers used free internet while watching the Barista giving full attention to there Latte, was an hallmark of every Starbucks . Starbucks Ambitious grew, with new stores opening on every corner, in order to achieve efficiency

  • The Raisin In The Sun Analysis

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    In the Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and The Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, Willy Loman and Walter Younger are very much alike. Some things that they have in common are that they both need money to take care of their families, they both treat their wives poorly, and they both fail to become rich and known. That is just a couple of things that Willy Loman an Walter Younger have in common. One thing that Willy and Walter have in common is that they both need to make money to take

  • Essay On Urbanization In Pakistan

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    50%in 2030 that is 33% at the present stage in Pakistan, shows that the country which was known as rural, now changing its patterns to urban with multiple factors. However the major part of Pakistan’s population is concentrated in the urbanized metropolitan cities and each city has its own development authority with the number of Town Municipal Administrations for the implementation of the laws and bye as well as the approval and monitoring of development activities comes in their sphere of activities

  • Urbanization Problems

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    improve the present condition. First of all, when urbanization expands to the new areas, it immediately contaminates the new areas by a variety of human activities, pollutions and diseases. With the change of the global environment and the expansion of the urban, an increasing number of populations have migrated from rural to urban. That is to say, pollutions and diseases are more likely to spread to newly expanded areas by human activities. One of the possible effects is that people will suffer from

  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Urbanization

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    growth of towns and cities with in-migration of people from the rural areas, in pursuit of employment and income opportunities. In India the term 'urban ' would signify a settlement with a minimum population of 5000 people and an aggregate 75% of the working section of society engaging in non-agricultural activities. An Indian 'urban ' town shall also