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  • The Mexico Crisis: The Mexico Peso Crisis

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    The Mexico Peso Crisis - 1995 In 1995 Mexico was amidst what was known as the “Mexico Peso crisis or The Tequila crisis” (2016, Wikipedia). This resulted in the Mexico Peso devalued against the American dollar which caused first world nations to come to Mexico’s financial aid. Those funds were “…administered by the IMF” (2016, Wikipedia) in hopes to “…deter illegal immigration…boost investor confidence in the economy and prevent further collapse…” (2016, Wikipedia). The issues that resulted in

  • Advantages And Disadvantages In Mexico

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    challenges of Mexico The growth of the GDP, the high level of foreign direct investment than any other Latin country and a current political climate that is more open to investment than any other of the last seven decades are the reason why Mexico is growing in the Emerging Markets. Therefore investing in Mexico today offers high rewards with limited risk. There are a lot of attractive factors in Mexico that can be used by foreign companies in order to achieve their goals. First, Mexico has young and

  • Economic Relations In Mexico

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    relying on a single commercial partner makes us highly vulnerable in our economy. Since the beginning of the 90's and with the entry of Mexico into GATT, the economic opening of Mexico was developed until the beginning of NAFTA in 1994, where Mexican exports increased their dependence over time, which has had negative effects and positive and negative for Mexico. We know from the positive side it allows a higher commercial penetration in international markets, allowing many companies of international

  • World Tourism In Mexico

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    Mexico has been traditionally among the most visited countries in the world according to the World Tourism Organization. The nation's temperate climate and unique culture – a fusion of the European and the Meso-American – make Mexico an attractive destination. The most notable attractions are the Meso-American ruins, cultural festivals, colonial cities, nature reserves and the beach resorts. Would not you like to walk into a cantina (spanish word for bar) and say !Una doble tequila, por favor! ,

  • Essay On My Trip To Mexico

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    events was my trip to Mexico which changed my view on the world. This is the trip that made me realize how beautiful the world is. It also gave me the desire to travel and see many other beautiful places the world has to offer. It also set me up for a future where I work hard to be able to travel to all these different places. Before my adventures in Mexico I was a child who could only imagine a world beyond her backyard. However, she was eventually able to live in it. Mexico is a beautiful, sensuous

  • Essay On Free Education In Mexico

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    THE EFFECTS OF NOT HAVING FREE EDUCATION IN MEXICO We are we told that education in Mexico is free, but it is not. According to the third article of the Mexican Constitution, “Everyone has the right to a free education” (1917). However, this does not reflect reality in the present day. In fact, over the last couple of years, scholastic fees have been incorporated within the requirements of the learners’ tuition. These payments have a specific purpose that are is not always specified or clarified

  • Essay On Drug Trafficking In Mexico

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    Mexico is under siege and the drug industry is constantly flourishing. The drug war is in a dark phase and has been for decades now and consequently which crop up problems in the Mexican government. The subject of drug trafficking in Mexico is vulnerable and most likely brings negative things to mind due to the violence it brings along. The drug trade and massive corruption have enabled the cartels to connect themselves to the Mexican state like bedbugs, slowly criminalising it. To understand the

  • Essay About Traveling To Mexico

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    “What does it look like in Mexico?”. That was a question I always asked myself. Then the day finally came where I no longer had asked myself that question. I was only seven when I found out I would be traveling to Mexico. It was in the summer of second grade when my mom had asked me if I would like to travel to Mexico, of course i said yes! With excitement. A couple days went by and we started to gather our belongings slowly. I don't remember much of the things I packed for myself because my mother

  • Otomí Culture In Mexico

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    The Otomí is an indigenous culture that has its origins in the central zone of Mexico where the Otomí culture settled. They are currently found in the states of Mexico, Hidalgo, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Puebla and Veracruz. The Otomies are considered the original people of the highlands of Mexico. The archaeological findings indicate that they settled near the year 8,000 a.C. This town presented a great division regarding the use of the language. Thus, in the area of the Central Highlands

  • Essay On Mexico Villa

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    reason he was considered the Robin Hood of the Mexican Revolution by the poor and oppressed. He was inspired by the revolts conducted by Madero and during that time his military career grew. Then Villa and Emiliano Zapata met and decided to go to Mexico City to remove Carranza from power. At that time, Villa became a famous hero when he sat on the presidential chair for a photo in the National Palace. He became

  • Personal Essay: Taking A Trip To Mexico

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    This paper is about the experience I had when my family and I took a trip to Mexico, to visit the town where my father was born and grew up. I draw on the experiences I had there like having dinner with my extended family, and the stories told of their past, in order to reflect and contrast the life my father lived and the one I potentially could have led if my immediate family did not assimilate into American mainstream society. My experience connects to post-modernity and “thick” and “thin” identities

  • Examples Of Individualism In Mexico

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    The country that I have chosen to write about is Mexico. Mexico is highly traditional and emphasizes family living. As I explored the Mexican culture I have determined that Mexico’s culture is made up most of collectivism. Mexican’s due value individualism. They create a close bond which they use to accomplish goals, however, the Mexican culture is more group involved thinking. For example, the Mexican people are a strong group of people who center their lives more around family rather than being

  • Social Class In Mexico

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    different points of view, and the question of which the investigation is about: Why in Mexico the social classes are so uneven and marked? The following method to find the answer is the historical evolution of social classes in Mexico and how did it evolve into where they are now. Chapter 1 The social classes before the colonization in the Americas The Aztecs laws Before the colonization had ever occurred in Mexico, different civilizations existed, I am going to explain the most important of these

  • The Legalization Of Drugs And Drug Legalization In Mexico

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    The drug use in Mexico is a topic that has been really analyzed and discussed lately. A lot of people are against and a lot of people support them. It is a complicated topic due that in Mexico the drug war and the drug cartels are present in our cities. Since the legalization of cannabis in some states of the US, this topic has risen in Mexico. Drug dealing in Mexico has been present in our society from long time ago, and trafficking between the US and Mexico has been risen a lot. Also, blood, violence

  • Porfirio Diaz, The Dictator Of Mexico

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    Porfirio Diaz was the dictator of Mexico, in the years of 1884 to 1911, who sought to modernize Mexico through a series of economic and social policies he had emplaced onto the country–the country consisted of the rural population and the prosperous upper class. Due to political stability, and lack of wealth–under the reign of Porfirio–there was commotion, especially amongst the middle and lower classes. Until Diaz took over and decided it was best to improve the economic stability of the country

  • The Importance Of Indigenous Language In Mexico

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    I. Introduction Mexico is a country located in North America. Neighbouring countries include the United States, Belize and Guatemala. The country is also bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the south and west and by the Mexican Gulf to the east. As really old part of world civilisation, Mexico distinguishes itself thanks to its human wealth and an exceptional cultural diversity. The capital is Mexico City. The currency there is the Pesos. (France Diplomatie, 2016) Mexico is the fifth largest country

  • The Importance Of Mexican Culture In Mexico

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    tremendous changes and transformation regarding Mexican culture. Although many Mexican citizens live in the cities, the small suburban and rural communities still portray a strong connection to the Mexican cultures thus making Mexico to be a vibrant community. Since Mexico is the 12 most populous nation in the world according to the world factbook records, it has also been found out that it is a nation that carries about 123 million people. For that matter, the nation is in the records of being

  • Essay On War Against Mexico

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    The United States War with Mexico began when Mexico invited settlers (That they couldn’t take care of), and became tyrannical. So like the American Revolution they revolted and gained their independence, when we annexed them and moved our soldiers into our own territory. The soldiers were attacked and we declared war against Mexico. Although people may view the war as unjust, it is just do to the Americans having a perfectly reasonable reason to declare a war against Mexico. These reasons being Texas’s

  • Cultural Differences Between Mexico And Usa

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    immigrate to another country where they can find a better life. Throughout history, Mexico and the USA have had an ambivalent love-hate relationship such as the Mexican–American War (1846–1848), the Texas Revolution (1835–1836) (1). Albeit these two countries had some controversies in past now they connect each other with a unique and complex relationship and they have integral economic ties. For example, Mexico is one of the largest trading partners of the USA. Moreover, they have a demographic

  • Personal Experience: Why I Want To Go To Mexico

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    the experience I had is the chance to go to Mexico for the first time. I was much excited to go and finally experience, myself all the things my friends and family would talk about. One of the reasons I want to go to Mexico is because I want to see how my parents grew up there and go around and explore the place. I’m very excited because I would be able to tell my friends how it is in Mexico, since we’re always talking about it. As we get into Mexico I noticed a difference right away. The streets