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  • Microstrip Antennas (MSA)

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    Microstrip antennas (MSAs) have a conducting patch printed on a microwave substrate. Some of the most commonly used shapes are square, circular, triangular, semicircular, sectoral, and annular ring shapes. Radiation from the MSA can occur from the fringing fields between the periphery of the patch and the ground plane. The MSA has proved to be an excellent radiator for many applications because of its several advantages [KPRAY] which is listed below. • They are lightweight and have a small volume

  • Microstrip Patch Antenna Case Study

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    DESIGN AND SIMULATION OF MICROSTRIP FED ANTENNA WITH CIRCULAR DGS FOR Ku BAND APPLICATIONS 1Mr. Murthi Mahadeva Naik G Associate Professor Dept. of ECE Malnad College of Engineering Hassan, Karnataka, India-573202 murthyishu1@gmail.com 2Dr. Naveen Kumar S K Professor, Dept. of Electronics Mangalore University Mangalore nave12@gmail.com 3Sangeetha B L II Year M.Tech (DE&CS) Dept. of ECE Malnad College of Engineering Hassan, Karnataka, India-573202 rakshasangeetha@gmail.com Abstract: The

  • Superheterodyne Receiver Lab Report

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    NAME: CHRISTOPHER MBAH SID: 200964926 ELEC5451M Electronics Laboratory Session (3) A SUPERHETERODYNE RECEIVER. The objective of this lab session was to design a simple superheterodyne receiver and investigate the mixer circuit, the IF filter and the demodulator/audio output. The basic operation of the superheterodyne receiver revolves around the process of mixing. From last week’s experiment with mixers, I know that when two signals are multiplied together, the output is the product of the instantaneous

  • Advantage And Disadvantage Of Antenna

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    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION Antenna is an essential component of all equipments that use radio and they are employed in system such as radio broadcasting, broadcast television, satellite communication etc. Antenna is an electronic device that converts electrical power into radio waves and radio waves into electrical power. Antennas also use to radiate or receive electromagnetic waves. Antennas are basic components of any electric system and are connecting links between the transmitter

  • Assignment 1: Understanding Aircraft Radar System

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    name : Aircraft communication and navigation Lo1 : Understanding Aircraft radar systems Contents : 4.1 - Principles and operation of aircraft radar system. 4.2 - Factors affecting aircraft radar system ( Transmitter power and antenna size,receiver noise and atmospheric conditions ) 4.3- problems on height, bearing and range. D1 - Doppler effect and doppler radar and working principle. Find the radar which uses doppler shit phenomena . Bistatic radar Continuous-wave radar

  • Disadvantages Of Stealth Technology

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    NAME: GORKEM KALAN ID: 14185695 MODULE: ELECTROMAGNETICS AND PROPAGATION TOPIC: STEALTH TECHNOLOGY LECTURER: ANDREW MEEHAN STEALTH TECHNOLOGY Stealth Technology is used for military purposes to be hidden from detection devices and used with aircrafts, ships, submarines, missiles and satellites to be invisible for radar, infrared and sonar devices. HISTORY The idea of stealth technology comes from camouflage and its usage was started

  • Solid Materials Lab Report

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    Microwave Cavity Resonator Based Dielectric Constants Measurement of Non-magnetic Solid Materials Dr. Jasmine Saini (Author-1) Department of ECE Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida jasmine.saini@jiit.ac.in Brajesh Kumar Dixit (Author-2) Department of ECE Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida brajeshdixit101@gmail.com Abstract--In this paper

  • Research Paper About Renewable Energy

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    Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Renewable Energy Resources Self regenerative resources found in nature are called renewable. Energy that is resulting from natural process that is replenished constantly, Resources of renewable energy are sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat. Renewable energy exists continuously and abundant in the environment, ready to be harnessed, clean alternative to fossil fuels. Renewable energy put conventional energy in key four areas: Hot water/space heating, electricity production

  • Radar Cross Section Research Paper

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    Radar cross section (RCS) or echo area or effective area is the measure of target’s ability to reflect radar signals in the direction of the radar receiver i.e. it is the measure of the ratio of the backscattered power per steradian in the direction of the radar to the power density that is intercepted by the target [1]. RCS is a measure of how detectable an object is with the radar. The IEEE dictionary of electrical and electronics terms[1]defines RCS as a measure of reflective strength of a

  • Filtonna Research Paper

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    AND ITS BACKGROUND 2.1 Introduction to Filtenna A Filtenna is the integration between filters and antennas, where the antenna acts as the last resonator of the filter. Filtering antennas can be used to reject a certain band of frequencies or to enhance the bandwidth and selectivity. Filtenna can be designed in two ways: design the filter and antenna independently or using co-design both filter and antenna in the same time. Integration of microwave components leads to reduction in circuit size, high

  • Antenna Configuration

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    CHAPTER 6 RESULTS & DISCUSSION The antenna configuration shown in the last chapter are now being represented in their respective output form. In order to represent it we would be displaying the plots like Return Loss, VSWR plot, Impedance plot, Electric field radiation plot and smith plot. The basic objective behind showing these plots is to justify that the designed antenna will radiate efficiently. 6.1 Results: Antenna Configuration 1: 6.1.1.Return Loss Plot: Return loss is a measure of how well

  • Essay On Fractal Antenna

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    TRIANGULAR AND CIRCULAR SIERPINSKY FRACTAL ANTENNA FOR DUAL BAND APPLICATIONS Ramya P(Assistant Professor) Electronics and communication engineering Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology Sathy , India ramyap@bitsathy.ac.in Sowbakkiyam S(Student) Electronics and communication engineering Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology Sathy , India sowbakkiyam@gmail.com Abstract—There are different types of antennas available to distinct application A fractal antenna uses self-similar design to maximize

  • RFID In Aviation Industry

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    areas for research. The RFID is a very effective, feasible and cost-effective technology for object identification. The fundamental RFID system consists of three components: Tag, Reader, and Backend Application. The tag consists of a microchip and antenna which is assigned a unique serial

  • Importance Of Learning English As A Foreign Language

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    1 People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research University of Mostaganem Faculty of Letters and Arts Department of English The Case Study of L3 Students At Abdelhamid Ibn Badis - Mostaganem University Submitted by: LAKEHAL BENCHAA Under the Supervision of: Ms: SARNOU.H The Use of Information and Communication – Technology In Learning English as a Foreign Language 2 Contents  Dedication  Acknowledgement  General Introduction  Keywords  List of Abbreviation

  • Advantages Of Automation In Tourism Management

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    Amity Institute of Higher Education ASSIGNMENT Discuss what are the benefits and drawbacks from using Automation Systems in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry for its daily operations. Course: Bachelor in Tourism Administration (BTA) Module: Automation in Tourism, Aviation & Hospitality Submit By: Miss. Ramjith Anju Luvina Submit To: Mr. Preetam Seewoochurn Class: Cohort Four-Semester Three Date: 1stSeptember 2014 TABLE OF CONTENT   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my sincere gratitude

  • Essay On Importance Of Radio In Society

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    Importance of the Radio In The Society • The radio is an essential information and Ccommunication tool, it has not only been important and beneficial to people in the beginning even up to now it still holds an essential position in communication. Its significance have continued expanding further even in the recent years when there have been great improvements and enhancements in the field of communication. The use of radio in communicating is not only reliable but cost-effective as well and these

  • Transmission Lines Case Study

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    Question - Present a case study on different transmission lines origin and their usage. Ans -   What are Transmission lines? Transmission lines are cables or other structure which are specialized and designed for conducting AC (alternating current) of very high frequencies. For such currents with high frequency, the wave nature has to be taken into account. Ordinary electrical cables are enough to carry audio signals and AC of low frequencies, like mains power in which the direction is reversed

  • Essay On Linear Polarization

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    To fully understand the technical terms and relevant topics related to the project, a literature review was done. In this section, a brief summary of it is presented. Antenna Basics Polarization The polarization of an antenna is described by the time-varying direction of an electromagnetic wave and the relative magnitude of the vector of the electric field. There are three kinds of polarization: linear polarization, circular polarization and elliptical polarization. Linear polarized electric field

  • Cooperative Communication

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    designing of antenna optimization and have become an active area for research. The paper presented various GA applications for adaptive antennas. Also the paper demonstrated the solution using GA to control the characteristics of antenna adaptively. The author demonstrated the example which shows the efficiency of GA to place nulls quickly in the side lobes in the directions of the interfering signals by reducing the total output power. The paper shows reviews about the adaptive linear antenna array optimization

  • Rfid Case Study

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    for purposed of developing Radio Frequency (RF) front-end reader antenna. But, there are some constraints in term of facilities to design, develop and measure the proposed antenna. The antenna will be designed at UHF and ISM band for RFID reader. Since antenna is designed below any design antenna size becomes bulky and huge. For that reason, the proposed antenna is suitable for fixed-point RFID antenna application. The proposed antenna is designed with any directional radiation pattern where it is