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  • Military Special Operations

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    distinct military special operations are from other organizations conducting the same. Various government agencies at the national, state, and local levels conduct “special operations” that include numerous and disparate activities and sometimes require dedicated special operators, such as teams in law enforcement. Other nations also have similar activities and label them as special operations. Their militaries often have a divergent view of what constitutes military special operations and the purpose

  • Command And Control In Military Operations

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    Command and control encompasses all military functions and operations, giving them meaning and harmonizing them into a meaningful whole. No function would be purposeful without command and control. Command and control is not the business of specialists—unless the commander is considered a specialist—because command and control is fundamentally the business of the commander (U.S. Joint Publication 1-02). Command and control is the means by which a commander recognizes what needs to be done and sees

  • Operation Anaconda Joint Functions Essay

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    Operation Anaconda Joint Function Sergeant First Class Joel S. Johnson MLS 004-18 Joint Functions According to JP 3-0, Joint functions are related capabilities and activities placed into six basic groups of command and control, intelligence, fires, movement and maneuver, protection, and sustainment to help the Joint Forces Commander (JFC) synchronize, integrate, and direct joint operations (p.xiii). ADRP 3-0 states that the general term, joint operations, is military actions conducted

  • C300: Course Analysis

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    The C300 course outlined joint operations and how they pertain to unified actions. In addition, the course discussed operational reach, Range of Military Operations (ROMO), and capabilities of our Sister Services. Lastly, C300 explained the types of command relationship and how they pertained to joint operations. Unified actions are those military forces, organizations, and agencies that can influence operations in a theater. These key players may have a negative or positive outcomes; due

  • Air Force Core Values

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    States Military, an organization that was founded with the emergence of advanced aviation technology. With strong core values and a clear mission statement, the Air Force has performed as a powerful and superior branch to the United States Military during times of both war and peace since its founding and later recognition as an independent branch in 1947 following the Second World War (McCune, 2016). The organization assists the Army in many operations, and in the context of Joint Operations provides

  • Roles Of Media Essay

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    ROLE OF MEDIA AND PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS IN FUTURE CONFLICTS Introduction 1. Effective and imaginative manipulation of media in the decade has strengthened its status as one of the most important pillars of the state. The media blitz as employed by the US during its operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the consequent effects have encouraged contemporary armies to use it as an important tool to support military operations to attain desired effects. The glimpse of the same has also been witnessed

  • Operation Joint Endeavor Case Study

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    past 25 plus years, the United States sustained its military with very little to no contention from its adversaries during four different conflicts: Desert Storm, Bosnia, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. Six months prior to Desert Storm, the US used its Air Force, Navy and contract transport ships to move more equipment and personnel than any other military campaign in history with no sea, land or air opposition. Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia) presented numerous sustainment

  • National Guidance Of Hurricane Katrina's Wake

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    In Katrina’s Wake: National Guidance Throughout the history of the United States Military, historians recorded the heroic actions of Soldiers, Airman, Sailors, and Marines that won countless battles in various conflicts around the world. In modern times, the role of the military changed drastically, especially in regards to the military’s role within natural disasters. Therefore, a National Guidance of Preparedness was developed, which reinforces response readiness and provides guidelines

  • Military Police Corps Essay

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    the best of both worlds! In the army, there is a MOS specifically for those two things. The MOS is 31B, Military Police. In the Army the Military Police, or MPs do a lot of different things from MP duties or even CID duties. So from all of this, this paper is going to be about what every soldier has to go through for basic and ait, and the history if the military police corps. The Military Police Corps started September 26, 1941 for the main aspect of order in the army. Its traditions of duty and

  • Holy Trinity Case Study

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    maintaining morale throughout an operation. During excessively violent and protracted engagements, the psychological effect of battle should be the key operational concern. This is especially true when policy insinuates that the objective has become the ultimate consideration in an endeavor with a multitude of factors. Stalingrad and Huế City depict what is possible when psychological elements escalate war to extreme measures. The success or failure of an operation of this kind could have a profound

  • Volker Wieker Case Study

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    10: Volker Wieker (Germany) Volker Wieker is the head of Staff of the German military forces, the Bundeswehr, the Top-ranking representative of the Bundeswehr & government’s head military adviser as well. Mr.Wieker connected with Bundeswehr in 1974 & trained as an arms officer & served as an officer in an armored artillery brigade before he reached the post of Chief of Staff of the German Army Office back in 2002. Mr.Wieker was officially selected head of Staff of the Bundeswehr just two days after

  • Should Females Be Allowed In The Military

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    Congress, the Senate and the Pentagon have been trying to allow female soldiers in the combat role into our military forces. Even the SOCOM, Special Operations Command, has been considering allowing females into the special forces, saying they could benefit . For basic military entry, the physical standards for females are lower than the male basic military entry scores. If the Special Operation forces, like Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Air Force PJs and MARSOC, allow females in, then they can not lower

  • Operational Environment Analysis

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    The term PMESII-PT means political, military, economic, social, information, infrastructure, physical environment, and time. The political aspect of the operational environment is a huge undertaking because to be successful in counterinsurgency commanders have to pay attention to past, present, and future of local government officials as well as local tribe leaders and respected elders. When it comes to the military, the commander needs to understand not only his capabilities

  • Operation Anaconda Book Report

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    Terror: America’s Conduct of Operations Enduring Freedom is one of the few books that are written by an author who understands the process of conducting an air war. This book looks solely at Operation Enduring Freedom giving a great insight in to the air operation’s world that defines

  • Military Aid

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    The US military plays a major role in the defense system of the world. Their role can be in the form of military aid, deployment of the military and deployment of the Coast Guards and the protection of people’s lives and freedom. The US is well known for providing military aid to many different countries. The aim of military aid is usually to help allies or poor countries to fight terrorism, counter-insurgencies or to help fight drug wars. The aid may be in the form of training, or even giving credits

  • Informative Speech: The United States Air Force

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    The United States Air Force General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my peers about The United States Air Force. Thesis: The United States Air Force is a branch of the U.S. military that has a fairly short history, very specific purpose, and has served in many wars with numerous achievements. Introduction Attention-Getter: The United States Air Force (USAF) veterans include Johnny Cash, Chuck Norris, and Morgan Freeman. Other: According to Master Sargent Mitch Gettle

  • Essay On Operation Anaconda

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    head: TASK ORGANIZATION FAILURES DURING OPERATION ANACONDA 1 TASK ORGANIZATION FAILURES DURING OPERATION ANACONDA 4 Task Organization Failures during Operation Anaconda SFC Musolino, Joseph Master Leader Course Task organization failures during Operation Anaconda When it comes to military operations, task organization is a critical aspect of the operations planning process, and mistakes producing an effective task organization could be costly. Operation Anaconda included soldiers from many

  • Case Study Operation Anaconda

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    Operation Anaconda 's Operational Art and Design Operation Enduring Freedom and the counter-terrorism campaign set the stage for Operations across Afghanistan. Operation Anaconda was utterly different from all the wars the United States, had fought doctrinally. Operational art and design in conjunction with doctrine enabled leaders to adapt to a constantly changing operating environment. So how operational art and design decided the outcome of Operation Anaconda? "Without operational art war would

  • Major General Freud Operational Environment Case Study

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    Major General Petraeus and the City of Mosul, Iraq Operational Environment The state of Mosul’s operational environment dictated Major General Petraeus operational approach to military operations. Operational Environment The operational environment is a composite of conditions circumstances and influences that affect the employment capabilities and bear on the decisions of the commander (JP 1-02). Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq, with a population of 1.7 million people. The Tigris River

  • Tony Mcdaniel's 'Operation Desert Storm'

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    How Operation Desert Storm is similar to Vietnam “Fighting terrorists like fighting cowards when you try to fight the don’t show their faces”Tony Mcdaniel once said when addressed the subject of Operation Desert Storm. Tony served in the United States Navy during Vietnam. Tony was asked What not only a citizen of the United States was doing during Operation Desert Storm but what was a Veteran doing, during Operation Desert Storm this was his response. When Tony was first asked about Desert Storm