Mob film Essays

  • My Crowd Experiment: The Mob Project Analysis

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    In Bill Wasik’s article, “My Crowd Experiment: The Mob Project,” he recounts how he united a substantial amount of people together for an unidentified cause. He analyzes how the power of social media and different cultural conditions can affect society at large. Wasik fabricated the flash mob idea initially from pure boredom. He was able to grasp people’s attention to participate in an unusual action located in a public place. His social experiment is a phenomenon that is made possible from modern

  • My Crowd Experiment: The Mob Project

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    social psychology behind celebrity endorsements, the gravity of a celebrity endorsement or opposition can change the face of an entire issue. This notion is frequently studied through consumer purchases of products, but holds multiple parallels to mob psychology as studied by Dr. Susan Whitborne of Psychology Today (Whitborne). Suggested ideas tie into the Civil Rights Movement as well as peer pressure by their classification: although it was clear that the initial protest was unsuccessful, it was

  • Pulp Fiction Film Analysis

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    Pulp Fiction, a gangster film centred around crime and drama, was directed and written by Quentin Tarantino, staring John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Samuel Jackson. The Oscar award winning film details the lives of two hitmen, a gangster, and the gangster’s wife Jules Winnfield (Samuel Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta), are on a mission to retrieve a stolen briefcase from their employer, and mob boss, Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). Mia, (Uma Thurman) plays the role as Wallace’s wife, who

  • Tom's Influence On American Films

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    The conventions of the film had changed significantly by this point. The plots had become more elaborate, the dialogue more daring and the content more questionable. Without the prohibition influencing it or the Hays code restricting it, the gangster genre had acquired more freedom. This trend has continued until the present day and is reflected in films such as 2015’s Legend, a film based on the legendary and brutal Kray twins who ruled London back in

  • Symbolism In Agora

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    Agora is a 2009 Spanish English-language historical drama film directed by Alejandro Amenábar and written by Amenábar and Mateo Gil. The biopic stars Rachel Weisz as Hypatia, a female mathematician, philosopher and astronomer in late 4th-century Roman Egypt, who investigates the flaws of the geocentric Ptolemaic system and the heliocentric model that challenges it. Surrounded by religious turmoil and social unrest, Hypatia struggles to save the knowledge of classical antiquity from destruction. Max

  • Day Of The Locust Book Report

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    as Homer Simpson the hotel bookkeeper, Faye Greener a seventeen-year-old aspiring actress or Tod Hackett the young newcomer in the film industry in Hollywood. Throughout the story, we get the chance to meet Tod Hatchet, as we know he was a young and aspiring costume designer who was been living in California for 3 months to take a set designing job with National Films in Hollywood after going to the Yale university of Fine Art. We all know about Hollywood or at least have seen what Hollywood is

  • Persuasive Essay On Pleasantville

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    convievable or one's sweetest dream come true, that is if you're a nerd. That is the movie Pleasantville. But, there is more to the film, than just a simple lesson at the end. The 1998 film, Pleasantville exeplifies the qoute by Andrew Smith: "We fear what we don't understand and we hate what we can't conquer". It is, after all, human nature to be scared of the unknown. The film is the story of high school twins in the 90's, one popular (Jennifer, played by Reese Witherspoon), the other not so much (David

  • Goodfellas And The Godfather: Film Analysis

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    course of cinematic history, countless films have been released about the Italian mafia. Two films in particular have had a significant impact on the way the mafia is perceived through the eyes of American audiences. Those films are Goodfellas and The Godfather (the trilogy). Both movies are widely considered two of the greatest of all time, garnering many Academy Award nominations and wins. Although there is no denying the popularity of both of these films, we have speculated that they may not

  • Television In The 1960's

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    infiltrating their country. Americans believed that if communism was to take over their country, it would take their freedom as well. Since the Red Scare was revered, Senator McCarthy began to search the film industry. This was because he had allegations that film makers and actors were secretly making films, which contained communist messages. People in the United States were deathly afraid of the communist party. They would create slogans saying “Better dead than red.” Communism changed the way people

  • Blade Runner: Postmodernism In Film

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    entertainment and also have one of the highest grossing markets around the world. The different genres and their popularity have shifted from the likes of old westerns, to blockbusting comic book movies. The many popular genres and methods of postmodern films today would have been frowned upon by the filmmakers and audiences of the past. Postmodernism has affected the art of filmmaking by transcending the traditional boundaries of storytelling and becoming an influential part of the postmodern world. Postmodernism

  • Analysis Of Tim Burton's Film Style

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    evident in his very first films and stayed clear in his later film, while the plot of Burton’s films vary greatly his style stays pronounced. This can be seen across his many movies from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, “Vincent”, and “Frankenweenie”. In all of these films his distinct style is developed through the use of a strong contrast of high and low key lighting to show contrast between characters and circumstances, a recurring motif of mobs antagonizing the antagonist

  • Masculinity In The Dark Knight

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    what it means to claim an identity as male, female, white, black, citizen, noncitizen” (2-3). Being the most popular remediation of the Batman over the past two decades, the Dark Knight Trilogy reveals contemporary attitudes of mainstream Hollywood film to issues revolving around sexuality and gender as two of the core facets of identity. In particular, the representation of masculinity,

  • Orientalism In Aladdin

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    By exploring the Orientalist vocabulary in Disney’s Aladdin (dir. Clements and Musker, 1992), this essay argues that such stereotypical representations are harmful because they naturalise (Lacey, 2009, p. 139) a simplified, Orientalist view of the countries considered a part of “the Orient.” Aladdin successfully targets a General audience (The Classification and Rating Administration, 2015) (Motion Picture Association of America, 2015) of mostly North Americans and Europeans, judging by its Blu-ray

  • Glory Movie Analysis

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    problem. Instead, Shaw directly went to the logistics with a few soldiers after the logistic officer postponed their demand several times. He walked into the office, and these soldiers stood in front of the door like bodyguards, which reminded me of some mob movies. He then questioned the officer, lashed out at him, and threw everything he could get his hands on. Eventually, the officer caved and sent them the supply. Now, Zwick made this change, because it helps bridge the transaction of how black soldiers

  • Frankenstein Book Vs Movie Analysis

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    name of the main character with his friend. In the book, the main character is named Victor Frankenstein, but in the movie he is called Henry Frankenstein and his friend is shown as Victor Moritz. If someone read book as a first, and later saw the film, he may feel a little bit confused. This change, could take place by the fact that director wanted to soften the image of the main character, which was portrayed as an insane, desire to compare himself with the god man, the name Victor in itself sounds

  • Comparing Lusus Naturae And Star Wars

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    The connection that I can make to Lusus Naturae a connection with the book/ film franchise Star Wars. The comparison that I can make between these two stories is in the similarities between the townspeople/ the protagonists family and the xenophobic Galactic Empire that is present in the Star Wars series. The first comparison I can make is in the similarities of the “reasonable” actions that both factions commit in order to protect themselves. In Lusus Naturae, to avoid the shame of having a diseased

  • Emma And Clueless Comparison Essay

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    Emma, written by Jane Austen, ignites many ideas for the movie Clueless, directed by Amy Hecklering. These two classics show many similarities and differences. Many characters from the book Emma, resemble characters from the movie, almost “as if” the movie was loosely based on the novel. Although differences include time eras and clothing styles, many similarities exist including: both main characters living with their dads because of the loss of their mothers, their great wealth, and the dominant

  • The Godfather Cinema

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    cultural influence. Upon its release, The Godfather received acclaim from both critics and audiences as well. Critics and people alike praised the film for its capture of the time period and places it features, along with the performance of the cast and the score of the movie. Most critics of then and today cite the film as one of the most influential films of all time, which even shows with review websites that have been used today. The movie review website, Rotten Tomatoes has a critic rating of ninety-nine

  • The Dark Knight Psychological Analysis

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    Assignment Submitted By Yours Name here Submitted To Yours Instructor Name here To Meet the Needs of the Course Oct., 2015. The Dark Knight is a widely praised film from executive Christopher Nolan. It depends on a more practical variant of the Batman mythos. In this specific adjustment, Batman has gotten himself set against a cruel, psychotic killer named The Joker who simply needs to wreak devastation on Gotham City. Abnormality has gotten to be a standout amongst the most key parts in different

  • Analysis Of Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas And Wolf Of Wall Street

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    Martin Scorses, a name most people are familiar with and is associated with pristine, violent and overall legendary work. While Scorsese’s name may be known, how much is really know about him? What makes his films so amazing and memorable? What makes him one of the greats? Scorsese uses a myriad of techniques, angles and actors to achieve his goals but a simple answer doesn’t justify the man behind one of the most memorable and quotable quotes of all time, “You talkin’ to me?” ~ Robert dinero taxi