Mollusca Essays

  • Descriptive Essay: My First Box Turtle

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    My First Box Turtle About three years ago I had a female Eastern Box Turtle. She was maybe as big as a small paperback with an orange stomach and a hazelnut color with brown plates colliding into each other making a hard and sturdy shell. Her extremities were scaled but rough; each scale had an orange underside that matched her smooth underbelly. Her face was wrinkled and her eyes were red rimmed. The most obvious detail was the large white patch in the center of her shell from a distance looked

  • The Use Of Cephalopods In 'Civilization And Limpet' By Martin Wells

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    Cephalopods, such as limpets and octopuses, played a significant role to help us understand how animals build their own civilizations. Martin Wells, the author of “Civilization and Limpet”, provided a series of factors throughout the essay to guide the readers, also presented the core of how civilization works by the contrasting the human to the cephalopods. Wells first investigated about limpets, finding a probable answer to explain how limpets could return to the exact spot after several hours

  • Shoe Crab Research Paper

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    The Atlantic Horseshoe Crab is an amazing a unique animal. Despite it 's name it not really a crab. It is actualy more colsly related to spiders, ticks and scorpians. It is in the Animalia kingdom and is in the Arthropoda phylum. It 's most common name is the Horseshoe Crab but it 's scientific name is Limulus polyphemus. The Horseshoe Crab is not just found in Cape Cod, it is also found along the northern Atlantic coast and up the Gulf of Mexico. The horseshoe crab looks very round, it also has

  • Comparing Echinodermata And Mollusca

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    Echinodermata and Mollusca is the two common phylum in the kingdom Animalia. Echinodermata consist of five large classes which are, class Crinoidea, example feathers star, class Asteriodea, example star fish, class Ophiuroidea example, brittle star, class Echinoidea, example sea urchins and the class Holothroidea, example sea cucumber. Phylum Mollusca consist of six major classes, which are Monoplacophora, Gastropoda, Cephalopoda, Polyplacophora, Scaphopoda and the last class which is the Bivalvia

  • Essay On Sexual Reproduction

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    Sexual reproduction is most common type of reproduction among the plants and animals. They are of following types; 1) Syngamy: The fusion of gametes takes place completely, if male and female gametes are produced by same cell or organism and both gametes fuse together to form a zygote, this is called as Autogamy, paramecium is its example. Another is Anisogamy in which some organisms produce two types of gametes. Both types of gametes differ from each other in their shape and size and are known

  • Giant African Snail

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    Common name: Giant African Snail Description: Compared to other snails, the A. fulica is bigger, can be up to eight inches tall and like any other organism in the mollusca phylum possess a shell. The shell is shaped in the form of a cone and has up to nine swirls of color adorning it. The color of the shell ranges from dark brown and reddish brown. Additionally, the shell can be decorated with streaks and marking that can be dark or light in color. Although the color of the shell mainly depends

  • Arthropods Vs Molluscs Essay

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    Arthropods and Molluscs, although both common in harsh coastal environments, in fact do not share many similarities due to the differences in their adaptations to their environments. Arthropods are described as segmented coelomates that have jointed appendages whereas Molluscs are coelomates, but have neither segmented bodies nor jointed appendages. By animal classification, both Arthropods and Molluscs have bilateral symmetry, are tripoblastic (having three layers of tissues in tissue development

  • Octopus Stereotypes

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    The octopus has captured the attention of the science world in the past few decades. These elusive sea-dwelling creatures mystify us with their behaviors that indicate intelligence. Researchers are perplexed by octopuses’ complex behaviors; octopus demand our ongoing attention because the more we look at them, the more questions we formulate. Octopus force us to question our definition of intelligence. They push us to realize that we might not be the only creatures that have the ability “to solve

  • Mesozoic Era Essay

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    DISCUSSIONS Life and Climate during Mesozoic Era According to the International Commission on Stratigraphy’s International Stratigraphic Chart (ICSISC, 2008) the Mesozoic era or the “Middle Life” is divided into three periods: the Triassic which spans from 251-199.6 million years ago, the Jurassic which spans from 199.6 – 145.5 million years ago, and the Cretaceous which spans from 145.5 -54.5 million years ago. During this time the climate is hot and tropical worldwide. The Earth is continuously