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  • Pakistan Conflict: The Conflict Between India And India

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    AYESHA UMAR BSS-3A 01-155162-036 Pakistan India conflict India Pakistan conflict is the one of the biggest conflict in the history of Pakistan. It is one of the long-lived, long standing and indecisive conflict of history and contemporary world. Countless lives are forfeited in Pakistan

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall Essay

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    Last Christmas, I had the opportunity to experience the fireworks show in Disney World. The theme park’s magic and wonder fascinated me and thus compelled me to choose Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall as my building of study. Both its exterior and interior uphold a quote mentioned in Professor Speck’s lecture by Abbot Suger, “Man reaches contemplation of divine through the senses.” In other words, an individual is able to understand a deeper meaning through use of the five senses. Therefore, every

  • Bless Me Character Analysis

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    In Rudolfo Anaya’s portrayal of spiritual and mental growth in this novel Bless Me, Anaya shows a effective meaning as well as he gives a powerful challenge to Catholic religion and the Hispanic culture. He throws in all these of these questions that no one wants to answer because these questions are not really what people want to hear or they don’t know how to answer these questions. He lets these question and facts of religion shape him and let them influence his choices and his mind set. This

  • The Mosque Poem

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    or her own ethnic identity or another the ethnic identity of another person. Ethnical identity refers to one’s belong to a group a due to common connections such as culture, language, or religion. In my poem, “The Mosque” I narrate my feelings and perspective while touring a mosque for my world religion class shortly after a string of ISIS supported terrorist attacks; I strived to convey the anxiety and uncertainty that I felt due

  • Essay On Mosque In America

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    Mosques in America and its roles in spreading knowledge in Islam The number of mosques and mosque participants continue to show significant growth. The US Mosque Survey 2011 counted a total of 2,106 mosques; as compared to the year 2000 when 1,209 mosques were counted—representing a 74% increase from 2000. The total of mosque double after the incident of September, 11. These number of mosques not only represent the Muslim population growth but it also shows that this expansion of the Muslim population

  • Essay On Ottoman Mosque

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    commissioned a mosque in memory of Tuson Pasha, Muhammad Ali’s oldest son. The design of the mosque was derived from mosque of Sultan Ahmed in Istanbul. Construction of the walls, domes and minaret had been completed by the time of Ali Pasha's death. Then, when 'Abbas Pasha I took over, he ordered to finish the work on the marble, carvings and the gilding. In addition, he added a marble construction and a copper maqsura for Ali Pasha's mausoleum. The mosque is

  • Mosque Of Miami Essay

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    Islam is one of the most followed religion in the world. According to the Mosque of Miami, Islam means “submission to the will of God”. Islam’s main fundamental beliefs surrounds the legacy of Muhammad, the religion’s main prophet who would preach about believing in one God (Allah), the path of spiritual development, as well as the judgment day. Furthermore, Muslims make use of the Quran, which can be considered as their bible. This holy book is “preserved in its original Arabic form and has never

  • Island Mosque Research Paper

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    The mosque, or masjid in Arabic, is the Muslim place of worship. A mosque is an important part of the Islamic religion because the people are required to gather every Friday for prayer. Mosques in the middle east each are unique in their own architectural way, although some may look similar. Most mosques in the middle east have common features, but are also formed in different ways. The style and arrangement of a mosque can tell us a lot about the place, when it was built, and the religion. The

  • Zayed Grand Mosque Essay

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    Zayed Grand Mosque, One of The Most Beautiful Worship Place. As one of the top ten architectural wonders in Abu Dhabi, designed on a a majestically beautiful landscape, The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must visit place in Abu Dhabi. Not only it’s pleased your mind aesthetically with the architecture beauty, it is also a sacred place for worshippers. This Mosque open for Muslims and Non-Muslims as an impressive welcome to the capital city of United Arab Emirates. A visit to this Mosque not only intriguing

  • Jamkaran Mosque Research Paper

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    Jamkaran Mosque is a pilgrimage location for Shia Muslims in Iran. Jamkaran Mosque is located 5 kilometers from the city of Qom. The pilgrims come especially to drop a message into a holy well which they believe will be received by the Mahdi. According to a tradition, the Jamkaran mosque was built at the orders of the Twelfth Imam, who directed one of the Shia residents of Jamkaran to build a mosque on his land. Based on this ground, the Jamkaran masque believed to be by many Shia people as a holly

  • Essay On Masjid I Shah Mosque

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    Masjid-I-Shah Mosque Iran Introduction First, most cities with sizable Muslim population has a primary congregational mosque. The mosques are built with diverse designs and dimension which illustrate the style and geographical region. The unique designs demonstrate the architect’s expertise. The congregational mosques are expanded based on growth and the needs of the umma. Masjid-i-Shah mosque is an example of stunning buildings

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Essay

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    SULTAN QABOOS GRAND MOSQUE General Information: The Sultan Qaboos grand mosque is located in Muscat, Oman, designed by Mohammed Saleh Makiya and Quad Design for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to be the largest most beautiful mosque in Oman, and to stand out a unique piece of architecture. The mosques can be visited by non-Muslims except on Friday, and it is considered as a contemporary Islamic architecture. Construction: The conceptual design of the mosque started at 1992, while the construction took

  • Mosque Alert In Live Theatre Analysis

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    Mosque Alert in Live Theater The play is about three fictional families, two of whom are Muslims and one of whom is Christian, living in Naperville, Illinois. Their lives are interrupted by a proposed Islamic Center on the site of a beloved local landmark. Khoury, the playwright, tries to present his thoughts in Mosque Alert by exploring the arguments among these families and the intersections of their culture with humor, family drama, and refreshingly blunt honesty. Khoury's experiences living

  • Essay On Masjid

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    Gorgeous Mosque around the world A Mosque or the Masjid as it is locally referred is a holy place for the Muslim faith. While many mosque are exclusively only for the Muslim devotees, many mosques have opened their doors for non-Muslims as well. These Masjids are built with modern and contemporary design and are fine examples of Islam. There are plenty of mosques all around the world. As Islam is one of the most widely spread religions, it has taken its fine culture and art to places such as Europe

  • Hagia Sophia Influence

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    Influence of Hagia Sophia on the Construction of Dome in Mosque Architecture Dr. Saqer Sqour1 Abstract—This paper discusses the influence of the revolutionary pendentive dome of the 6th century church Hagia Sophia on building domes. The paper aims to track the impact of the structure of the dome of Hagia Sophia on Muslim mosques. It, also aimed to compare the Hagia Sophia building with selected Ottoman mosques. The study has begun analyzing the construction of the dome of Hagia Sophia. Its structure

  • Middle Ages Architecture

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    an important role in the art and architecture in the Middle Ages. While most of Europe was fighting for land, Muslim civilization, were developing new knowledge. This new knowledge was taken by the Europeans after The First Crusade occurred. From mosques to coins, Islamic art and architecture grew to very high standards, which are still here today (Hart-Davis, 2007). A very famous work of architecture,is, The Dome of The Rock which was built in 691 BCE - 692 BCE by an Umayyad Caliph Abd Al-Malik

  • Michael Bloomberg's Speech Analysis

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    speech supporting the proposed mosque near ground zero, recalling the first responders who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001, attacks, shocked so many people. Bloomberg gave his speech on Governors Island, one of the first places early settlers stepped foot in New Amsterdam, reminding the audience of past struggles for religious tolerance. He started his speech off this way to awaken the dormant moral compasses of all those who oppose the building of the mosque, “…we come here to state as strongly

  • Hagia Sophia Essay

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    the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans, the Hagia Sophia was a part of the strict Islamic political regimen that did not tolerate expression of Christian faith and Christian establishments. Ayasofya was altered to fit the definitions of the mosque. The mosaics were painted over (as portrayals of people in art are considered sinful), the discs with quotes from the Quran were added to the pendentives under the dome, and four minarets were added. The grandeur of what used to be an Orthodox Christian

  • The Birth Of Venus Patronage Analysis

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    The mosque was made in Edirne, Turkey, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire between 1367 and 1742. The mosque is a centrally planned building, radiating from the center point. The main structure of the mosque consists of 18 small domes around a dominating central dome held up by an octagonal supporting system with eight monumental pillars. The interior

  • What Are Sacred Places

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    actual building and its surrounding, then we are able to have more in depth understanding of why each place exists and continue to exist. The architectural designs of sacred places various from each other. For example, Temple of Ise and The Great Mosque of Isfahan looks very different considering both are place of worship for their respective religion. The temple is made up of two main temple surrounded by 123 Shinto shrines. The shrines takes up most of the place Ise has to offer for it is very