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  • Moral Dilemmas In Engineering Ethics

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    Dilemmas are various types of situation in which an absolute choice has to be made out of many options. Moral dilemmas are also known as moral problems. Moral dilemmas have two or more alternatives - moral obligations, duties, rights or ideals come into divergence with each other. One moral principle can have two or more contradictory applications for a particular given situation. Moral dilemmas can be arising in many situations. For example, suppose one person promises to his friend to meet him

  • Trihydrate Lab Report

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    Introduction: For my final lab, I was given the task of producing the coordination complex Tris(Oxalato)Ferrate(III) Trihydrate using the following equation: FeCl3+3K2C2O4H2OK3Fe(C2O4)33H2O(g) +3KCl(aq) As a result, 4.105g of green crystal complex was produced and analyzed based on percent composition. To complete this analysis, four other experiments using titration, visible spectroscopy, ion sensitive electrodes, and dehydration and were used to determine the composition of oxalate, iron, potassium

  • Organizational Culture In Alphabet Games

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    C) Provide the senior managers of Alphabet Games with a set of guidelines to follow that would enable them to carry out an effective SWOT analysis. Provide guidelines of SWOT analysis. We can define SWOT Analysis as a strategic planning tool utilized to evaluate the Threats, Weaknesses, Strengths , and Opportunities involved in a business venture or in a project or in or in any other case of an organization or individual to pursuit of an objective it must requiring a good decision. It includes

  • The Pros And Cons Of Crisis Counselors

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    A tsunami destroys an entire town in Florida, leaving citizens stranded on the streets without homes and unaware if their family members are dead or alive. This is where disaster relief psychologists or crises counselors step in. They try to make this process easier for people who are struggling by helping families rebuild while offering psychological guidance. They are caring individuals who have a gift for helping people in their lowest moments. Crisis counselors face many problems in the job

  • Explain How Physical Play Promote Childrens Development

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    Footsteps Children’s Centre Play opportunities that promote children’s development Physical play Physical play is divided into two sections fine and gross motor. Fine motor movements are small movements usually associated with the hands. Gross motor movements are large movements to do with the arms and legs. When children have a wide range of play opportunities it allows them to gain physical skills and to explore textures, shapes, colours and sounds. They also need play opportunities with adults

  • The Hippotherapy: Equine Movement

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    is “a physical, occupational or speech and language therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement (“Hippotherapy,” n.d.)”. Children who are diagnosed with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or Autism tend to have slower development in their motor functioning abilities. According to Silkwood-Sherer, Killian, Long and Martin (2012), the foreword walking motion of the horse allows the riders pelvis to move in a way which is similar to them actually walking. This allows the participant to build

  • The Pros And Cons Of Self-Driving Cars

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    A few weeks ago, Elon Musk announced the arrival of Tesla Motors in the UAE. He shared this news at the world government summit in Dubai, where numerous nations gathered to discuss the future of the world. Musk, along with all others investing in self-driving cars, faces many difficult challenges ahead. Many people think that using autonomous vehicles is a bad idea. The debate is still ongoing all over the world. Some do not want to give up the beautiful sound of a petrol-powered engine revving as

  • Observation On Child Development

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    Physical Development Rohanna’s Gross Motor Skills, seems of average development. She is capable of walking, running, skipping, jumping, and hopping. She can ride a bicycle on her own. She has tried playing many different kinds of sports, but when she does physical activities, she gets tired easily. Rohanna’s eye-hand-foot coordination is also average, as she is capable of doing things that children her age are supposed to be able to do Rohanna’s Fine motor skills development is about average, she

  • Case Analysis Of Tesla

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    TESLA Motors In The Netherlands 1. Introduction Tesla Motors Inc. is an American car manufacturer based in California. Founded in 2003, it has become one of the fastest growing companies in the electric vehicle (EV) market. In 2016, Tesla had a revenue of $2.28 billion and sold 76,230 units (Ferris, 2017). The firm is a multinational enterprise, with offices in 10 different countries and car stores in some 25 countries. Its main product line is the Tesla electric cars, currently consisting of

  • Five Components Of Physical Education

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    to address and teach basic motor learning concepts and principles. The components of motor development that are taught and focused on in the curriculum are coordination,

  • Sainsbury's Social Media Case Study

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    . Introduction John James Sainsbury and Mary Ann, his wife Sainsbury founded Sainsbury’s, pioneer of the self-service retailing concept in the UK in 1869 with a shop in Drury Lane, London. The company has become the largest grocery retailer in 1922. At present times Sainsbury’s is one of the second largest chain of supermarkets in the UK with a market share of the UK supermarket sector of 16.9% and the holding company, J Sainsbury plc is split into three divisions. The vision of the company is to

  • Peer Assessment In Physical Education

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    Assessment plays an integral role in the teaching-learning cycle (DES & NCAA, 1999). This comprehensive process is a fundamental accountability measure for students and teachers in Physical Education (P.E). Ultimately, assessment in the P.E. environment should serve the purpose of enhancing and enriching the learning experience for students. It should provide them with feedback on their skill progression, motivate them to improve and contribute greatly to their overall development. It also guides

  • Swot Analysis Of Arby's Fast Foods

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    Task 2 (LO2) Executive Summary: Firstly, the Company taken for this assignment is the Arby’s fast-food. An internal and external analysis will be made on the above Company. Added to this, link between strategic positioning and marketing tactics in general and of the company will be discussed. Finally, the target market, product and services of what the company offers will be seen and Payne and Ballantyne Model is going to be discussed. Lastly, following the external analysis been made, strategic

  • Technological Factors Of Tesla Motors

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    competition. Technological advancement is also a threat, since there is a risk of Tesla’s technology becoming obsolete, the firm must ensure that its R&D spending remains consequent so that it doesn 't fall behind its competitors. (, Tesla Motors, Inc. PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis & Recommendations) Electric vehicles face two main technological challenges, high costs and suboptimal batteries, this is where Tesla has taken the lead on its competitors, their batteries are cheaper, charge faster and

  • The Case Study Of Harley-Davidson's Business Strategy

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    In addition, recommendations on how the company can change is strategy to address the threats it faces, as well as how it can better support its overseas expansions, are included. Analysis History of Harley-Davidson In 1903, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company was founded by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson to fund their facing pursuits. Selling through dealerships, the demand for their early models was fueled by their success in motorcycle racing. During World War I and World War II, the company

  • Volkswagen (VW) Emission Scandal

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    Introduction The Volkswagen (VW) emission scandal is not an isolated case in recent history wherein a global company faced a gargantuan problem that is almost next to impossible to resolve. British Petroleum paid a whopping $20 billion settlement five years after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. (Griffin, et. al., 2015) Unfortunately, the Volkswagen scandal did irreparable damage to Germany's brand compared with British Petroleum or any other “trade scandal” because the

  • Toyota Corolla Case Study

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    Toyota Corolla Interior Door Handle The Toyota Corolla interior door handle is a plastic piece that won't last as long as the rest of the car. In this article will cover how to replace the part. We'll also discuss why you should consider purchasing a set of four handles instead of the single part for the driver side door. As some visitors might remember I recommended the Toyota Corolla as an [[excellent choice for first car]]. This Toyota has a metal timing chain and an excellent service record

  • Fisk Alloy Wire Case Study

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    Fisk Alloy Wire, Inc. and Percon Introduction: Brothers Eric and Brian Fisk own Fisk Alloy Wire, Inc. The company is focused on the development and manufacturing of copper alloy wire to be used in electronic components and conductors. Fisk Alloy partook in the development of a copper alloy that was cadmium free. This was an important development since cadmium was a known carcinogen, which was a major factor during the processing and disposal stages. As stated by Their President Erik Fisk when it

  • BMW: Marketing Strategy And Segmentation Of BMW

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    means “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. (GERMAN) (ENGLISH) BMW Logo in chronological sequence: 1927, 1933, 1954, 1979 and 2007 till now. The design was not at all joined with flying machine motors or propellers. The thought is that the blue and white had anything to do with turning propellers originates from a 1929 notice, which included airplane with the picture of the Roundel in the pivoting propellers. The BMW Logo is currently positioned

  • Swot Analysis Of Harley Davidson

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    STRENGHTS 1. Harley Owners Group (HOG) Rallies: The company has its characteristics rallies named as “Harley Owners Group” on a regular basis which involves Harley owners from different parts of the nation to communicate & experience a different lifestyle. The members of Harley owners groups are 1.2 million. 2. Range of Product: Harley is trying to solve the ageing problem of the current customer base with its diversified product range like they recently introduced bikes with the engine of 500