Musical composition Essays

  • Song Analysis Of Aint No Mountain High Enough

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    its uptempo beat and pleasing rhythm allowed me to feel a sense of hope. After researching this song in depth, and diving into its historical context, I have not changed my reaction to the song. Seen as one of the most powerful and beautiful musical compositions of our generation, the Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell duet encompasses numerous western originating genres, such as soul, pop and rhythm and blues (R&B). This songs instrumentation includes bells, the tambourine, the snare and the bass guitar

  • Analysis Of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

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    Classical and Romantic eras of musical history. During the Classical era, the forms such as the concerto and sonata were more heavily defined and given more specific rules. Since Classical era, the Symphony was generally divided into four roughly equal sections, making the use of sonata form more effective. The Symphony No.5 in C minor Op.67, known as Beethoven’s fifth Symphony was composed by Ludwig van Beethoven during 1804 to 1808. It is the one of the well-known composition in classical music and one

  • Haydn's String Quartet, Op. 33, No. 2 Analysis

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    I will review a performance of ‘Haydn’s String Quartet, Op.33, No. 2 “The Joke” IV. Presto’ from you tube. It is performed by University of North-Texas String departmental and the web address is; I will refer to the music from the score in ‘Norton Anthology of Western Music’, Vol. 2, 7th edition, J. Burkholder & C. Palisca. Joseph Haydn composed his String Quartet in E-Flat Major in the summer and fall of 1781. It is one of six quartets of Op. 33 which

  • Van Eyck's Influence On The Renaissance

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    The Renaissance was a period of time in which northern Europe went though many changes as well as a significant rebirth due to the development of technology, art, writing, and more. The works created by Erasmus, van Eyck, More, and Shakespeare influenced the people of Europe and inspired many to develop new forms of writing and art with different subjects and meaning. Each individual managed to create a movement that allowed people to express themselves through painting or writing based on the subjects

  • Jaws Musical Score

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    Importance of Musical Scores Musical scores are not only an integral part of the audiences’ experience, but also can be beautiful musical compositions as well. Whether through a musical score or a soundtrack, music has the ability to add to the storyline as well as the overall feel of the movie. The music is what helps the filmmaker portray emotions, set a scene or time period, or signal a change is coming. Often, composers work alongside the directors and filmmakers to produce a musical score that

  • Informative Essay On Music Therapy

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    A commonly referred definition of music is that it is "organized sound"; a term originally coined by modernist composer Edgard Varèse. Varèse 's concept of music as "organized sound" can be comprehend as “sound as living matter" and of "music is open and not bounded”. Most explanations of music embrace a relation to sound and a listing of universals of music is generated by stating the weather (or aspects) of sound: pitch, timbre, loudness, duration, spatial location and texture. However, in terms

  • Silence In John Cage: The Role And Evolution Of Silence

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    to be loud or soft, long or short, high or low etc., leaving him satisfied, without having the need for sound to ‘talk’ to him. In this paper, I will be writing about the role of silence in John Cage’s compositions and the evolution of his changing perception of silence as seen in those compositions. The philosophical and artistic concept of Silence became of interest to Cage after he saw the works of Marcel Duchamp, a French-American painter and sculptor. Duchamp’s works were largely focused around

  • The Role Of Music In Furious 7

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    Creation of any film is not a simple task involving work of many people. A great film is not only about the setting and the plot. A great film is far more about bringing the idea of the film towards the viewer and creating respective feelings. Music in the films is used to perform several functions, like establishing the mood, supports emotions, and assists to identify what is going on in the film. Music in general can manipulate one's emotions, creates respective mood, and identify people. The use

  • Beethoven 5th Symphony Analysis

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    times, and alleviate our worries. Music is found in every known culture, past and present, and comes in various styles and forms. Styles and forms that have continued to evolve throughout the beginning of time. The cultivated piece I chose for my musical critique is Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

  • Out Of My Studio Door Analysis

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    George Inness was a successful American landscape painter and one of the most influential American artists of the nineteenth century. He painted beautiful paintings throughout his career. Inness painted, Out of My Studio Door, Montclair in 1878-79 and Montclair and Untitled (Mountain Storm) in 1848-50. Both paintings are representational and landscapes. In Inness paining of Out of My Studio Door, Montclair he created a connection between heaven and earth. Inness had particular interest that everything

  • Rob Gonslves Analysis

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    bridge. This composition creates a mind-blowing effect where a person looking at the left hand side of the painting will at first see a large bridge stretching across an cloudy ocean while a person on the right will see a procession of ships sailing away from a normal bridge, and a person taking in the big picture from the middle will observe both of

  • The Influence Of Music: My Choice In Music

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    identifies as a Black American male because my ancestor are ascendants of slavery. As I reflect on my choice in music, I discovered how my life experiences, family history, location, and social circle influenced my selection. The strongest influence on my musical preference is my family and out very interesting history. My mom was raised in a very urban part of Atlanta, she watched both of her parents be addicted to drugs and even witnessed her own brother be shot to death. As a result, my mom sheltered my

  • Les Miranda Research Paper

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    and musical theater is no exception. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work, especially that of Hamilton, would be nowhere as successful as it is without the influence of artists before him. It is apparent the work of Claude-Michel Schönberg, most notably Les Miserables, did much to shape Hamilton into the hit musical it is today. Miranda himself claims that his work has been heavily influenced by Schönberg—Les Miserables was the first broadway show he had ever seen. The themes, structure, and compositions can

  • Goyescas: Tableaux Opera Written By Enrique Granados

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    in 1915. The composition was created to a Spanish libretto. A Basque Spanish classical pianist, Joaquin Achucarro, performs it. While listening to the composition, the image of a calm, warm summer evening appears. It seems like the melody conveys the relaxation after the working day and exhausting heat. Some notes may be compared with the breath of the light wind. Furthermore, some melodies fill the image with a love story which should undoubtedly appear. Additionally, the composition conveys the

  • Charles Ives: Avant-Squeeze Art

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    an avant-garde music does not necessarily have to be complex and difficult. Charles and his music embrace ideas of modernism; his personality and point of view reflect in his essay and compositions. He is similar to Aaron Copland in how he viewed avant-garde music and its meaning. Aaron Copland wanted a “musical vernacular […] would cause no difficulties to [his] listeners.” He claimed that “music that is born complex is not inherently better or worse than music that is born simple”

  • Garcer Machaut's Notre Dame Mass

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    The musical composition Guillaume Machaut’s Notre Dame Mass was composed around the mid-fourteenth century. This piece was one the best compositions in its time and it was also the first polyphonic treatment of the mass ordinary by a known composer. The five sung prayers of the ordinary are the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Angus Dei. The prayers were not all sung together. The Kyrie and Gloria were sung in secession of each other and the Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei were separated by liturgical

  • Take Five Musical Elements

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    The musical elements Rhythm Rhythm is the pattern of consistent or inconsistent thumping caused in music by the occurrence of strong, weak melodic and harmonic beats. It is an essential element in creating music. In the piece, Take Five, rhythm is used to create appeal within the piece, and to keep it organised. Dynamics Dynamics is a component that refers to the volume or sound of a note and is usually used to communicate volume and strength of the musical composition. It is an important device

  • John Cage Avant Garde Analysis

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    At UCLA, John Cage composed music for several choreographies, and incorporated for the first time non-musical elements in his compositions, ranging from kitchen utensils, to metal sheets, and household objects. The following year, in 1938, he moved to Seattle, Washington, and worked at the Cornish School of the Arts as a composer and dance accompanist. He experimented works with dance, and collaborated with the choreographer and dancer Merce Cunningham. At that time, he made several breakthrough

  • Bye Birdie Research Paper

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    A rock musical is a musical theatre work with rock music. The genre of rock musical may overlap somewhat with album musicals, concept albums and song cycles, as they sometimes tell a story through the rock music, and some album musicals and concept albums become rock musicals. The world of musical theatre had late responded to the rock-and-roll revolution in comparison to Hollywood, which in the year 1956 assembled films such as Rock Around the Clock and Rock, Rock, Rock. While Broadway came out

  • Doctorow Ragtime Analysis

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    into a musical with many of the compositions coming from the composer, Terrence McNally and librettist, Lynn Ahrens. This play is one of the most genre-diverse pieces of music I have ever seen, with bits from contemporary, modern music and old-timey jazz and of course, ragtime, which all culminate into one giant, story-rich play amd a unique time period of music which is rarely covered. The music and the compositions perfectly work in tandem with one another to create one timeless musical show.