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  • Radiology Therapy Career

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    The programs you enter for becoming a radiology therapist are usually 2-4 years long. There are several colleges in Nebraska that offer Medical Radiologic Technology/Science- Radiation Therapist Major programs, this involves the following schools: Clarkson College (Omaha, NE), Northeast Community College (Norfolk, NE), Southeast Community College (Lincoln, NE), University of Nebraska Medical Center (Omaha, NE), and Western Community College (Scottbluff, NE). There are also colleges that have online

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Colorado

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    highway, and sometimes we do have to stop and get some food and drinks because we’re always hungry and thirsty; and after we do those stuffs, it’s time to get back onto the highway. Another state that we visited after Iowa is the state of Nebraska. What we did in Nebraska was we actually stopped in the city of Greta and there is an

  • Road To Purpose Summary

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    Book Title: Road to Purpose Author: Kenneth E. Behring Publishing Year: Blackhawk Press-2004 General Description: The book Road To Purpose is all about the story of Kenneth E. Behring on achieving his goals. It has been told here the things that he did to be one of the Forbes 400 richest man in US. Chapter Summary: Chapter One: My First Wheels Kenneth E. Behring or Ken was born June 13, 1928. He woke up in a family of poverty. His dad Elmer working on the lumberyard of his uncle with 25 cents

  • Should Prostitution Be Legalized

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    The 21st century has seen many changes in the worldviews of various issues. Different individuals campaign for the rights of people indulging in practices that the global society has seen as touchy subjects for the last twenty centuries. One of those rights would be the legalization of prostitution. Prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment. The legalization of prostitution raises a lot of controversy in the world today. Prostitution is considered

  • Cultural Exchange In West Africa

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    If you could, would you want to be the richest person in the world, I bet you answered yes, but do you really know one of the most famous richest person in history was? Well, if you answered Mansa Musa you are correct! It is told that he was the richest person ever in history. Mansa Musa was the tenth emperor of the Mali dynasty. While Mansa Musa ruled from 1280 to 1337, Mali was an empire from 1235 to 1600 and many things happened during this time. Mansa Musa and his wealth was one reason Mali,

  • The Representation Of Death In Art Analysis

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    The representation of Death in the works of art of Damien Hirst Damien Hirst is one of the most iconic artists well known for explicitly expressing the theme of death. He is an English artist, playing a prominent member of the group Young British Artists (or YBA). Currently he is the richest living artist, and his wealth was valued up to £215m in 2010. This essay will tackle the works of art: The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living 1991, and A Thousand Years, 1990 and how

  • An Analysis Of Willa Cather's My Antonia

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    road of Destiny; [that] had taken us to those early accidents of fortune which predetermined for us all that we can ever be (Cather, 372)”, shaped the course of Jim and Ántonia’s friendship as well as their lives. Just as the changing seasons and Nebraska landscape shaped the personalities of its inhabitants, it directly influenced Willa Cather’s perception of herself, her life, and her

  • New People Dbq

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    New people. New land. The free land was free for Everyone to take. People love free things so why judge Farmers and Slaves when they wanted to start a new beginning. Farmers and Freemen were among the groups of individuals that saw in the Homestead Act the kind of opportunity that led them to the West. This means that the farmers and Freemen were the ones who saw this new opportunity of free land. The Homestead Act brought a uniquely diverse range of settling out the west, making it the key factor

  • Family: The Rothschild Family

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    Members of the richest family in the world, the Rothschild family, have been controlling money and politics worldwide since the early 1800’s. Who is Rothschild? Rothschild is the richest family in the world and they run a giant and popular bank system that’s been running for generations. Many people believe the name Rothschild literally means “wealth.” However, history says something different. The name Rothschild was created when Izaak Elchanan Rothschild got a house in Germany. This house was

  • Essay On How Did The Late 1800s Outweigh The Drawbacks Of Immigration

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    Did the benefits of the immigration boom in the late 1800s outweigh the drawbacks? During the 1800s, many people migrated to urban areas because they wanted jobs and land. Many people thought that migrating to urban areas would be like a perfect dream, however they were disappointed when they realized that the benefits of migration did not outweigh the drawbacks. During the late 1800s, millions of immigrants were coming to the United States. Most of the immigrants came from Europe

  • Nebraska Football History

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    Isaac McCurdy Mrs. Cox English 10 29 Aug, 2017 History of Nebraska Football Go Big Red! Go Big Red! Most Nebraskans know the the chant but how much do they know about Nebraska Football.This paper is going to inform you about The History of Nebraska Football. It is helpful to look at these three main topics, Who Started It, Bob Devaney, and Tom Osborne. On November 6, 1869, What was set as the first college football game. However, it wasn 't until the 1880s that a rugby player from Yale Walter

  • The Kansas-Nebraska Act

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    3) The Kansas-Nebraska Act authorized the residents of a territory not only to determine the status of slavery there, but also to decide whether that territory would become a free or a slave state. Why did this solution fail and produce violence and bloodshed in Kansas? How do you view Brown’s actions after the destruction of the free-state town of Lawrence? 4) What was Brown’s goal at Harpers Ferry? In your view, did his plan had a realistic chance of working? Why do you think that Brown stayed

  • Personal Narrative: Violence In Nebraska

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    It bleeds throughout the city and poisons whatever it can curl its talons around. The beast has found an unexpected home in the unassuming state of Nebraska; this terrible creature being violence. The news hardly goes a week without reporting about some shooting here or a bulgury over there. The violence has become such an uncontrollable problem that it touches even those far from the areas considered dangerous. I have lived my entire life in a wealthy suburb on the outskirts of Omaha, but not even

  • Early Pioneers In Nebraska

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    Pioneers in Nebraska faced many difficulties in the nineteenth century. The living conditions were not always ideal, but they always survived because of their love for the prairie. Many pioneers came to Nebraska with hardly any money. Many pioneer families had many children. Their food came from their crops and gardens. Sometimes droughts in Nebraska made it very difficult to feed their families and still have some left over to sell. Which was difficult because this is how they earned a living. Most

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Nebraska

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    something that I thought we would never hear “ Boys we’re going to Nebraska.” “ Why are we going there.” I said “ Because one of my friends invited me to go fishing with him, and he wanted me to bring you guys along.” So a week later we went back to our dad’s house. He had all of his things packed up, sleeping bag, food, cloths, and chargers. I forsure know that I was excited to go. Because for one it would be my first time in Nebraska. Second my dad said that we would be able to fish off of a boat

  • Personal Narrative: My Return To Nebraska

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    A great number of my peers talk about leaving Nebraska. They say it is boring and they want to see the world. I also want to explore and see the world, but on the other hand Nebraska will always be my home. Nebraska is the perfect amount of small town and big city, it’s the best of both worlds. In addition, the people in Nebraska are friendlier than in big cities like New York. For example, if you drive down a country road, the drivers will wave as they pass by you. Also, others will smile at you

  • Nebraska Landscape In My Antonia

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    symbols used are the Nebraska landscape, the plow, and Jim The Nebraska Landscape, this is the most important and universal symbols that Cather used in My Antonia. She poetically praises the Nebraska landscape hence making it the most outstanding and unique part of the novel. The landscape is used in the novel to depict the larger human environment’s idea where people are living and moving. The landscape mirrors Jim’s feelings and relationship with people and culture of Nebraska. The landscape is the

  • The Kansas Nebraska Act: Bleeding Kansas

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    The Kansas Nebraska Act also known as “Bleeding Kansas” was Douglas wanting to expand the intercontinental Railroad to expand south through slave states. Beginning in Chicago and splitting the territory of Kansas and Nebraska. This led Kansas to come into the Union on the foundation of population sovereignty, causing thousands of pro and anti-slavery forces to transfer

  • Summary: Life In Nineteenth-Century Nebraska

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    Life in the nineteenth-century Nebraska was rapidly developing. An increase in automation, industrialization, and modernization all took hold just before the turn of the nineteenth century and furthered its hold across the nation. The Homestead Act of 1954 was a major kick start to get the development of the west rolling and to further settlement across the continent. Many early settlers came from all across the globe. They were newly arrived immigrants, American farmers without land, young families

  • Summary Of Bruce Springsteen's Poem, Nebraska

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    Ever wonder why a villain behave like a villain? Well, according to the speaker in the poem “Nebraska,” written by Bruce Springsteen, “there’s just a meanness in this world” (24). I found this poem truly fascinating because I’m still figuring out who “her” is, mentioned in this poem as I’m typing. “Nebraska” is a dramatic monologue, which is a subgenre of poem that – by residing somewhere in between lyric and dramatic poetry – can teach us more about both, according to the Introduction to Literature