Neoplasm Essays

  • Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

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    Myeloproliferative Neoplasms “Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN) are group of diseases that cause the bone marrow to create too many red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets.” Normally, the bone marrow would make immature blood cells, or blood stem cells, that would develop into a myeloid or lymphoid stem cell. The lymphoid cell would develop into a white blood cell, and the myeloid cell would develop into either a red blood cell, platelet, or a white blood cell. The white blood cells fight

  • Causes Of Bladder Cancer

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    Cancer is not one disease, but it is a large group of almost 100 diseases. It is characterized by uncontrolled growth of the cells in the human body and by the ability of these cells to migrate from the original site and spread to other sites. If cancer spread is not controlled, it may leads to death. Normal cells divide into new cells, then die in an orderly fashion. During the first years of a person’s life, normal cells divide faster, and after becoming an adult, cells divide to

  • Odontogenic Myxoma Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION An odontogenic myxoma (OM) is a rare ,benign and locally aggressive odontogenic tumor characterised by gross replacement of cancellous bone by gelatinous or mucoid tissue ,thus leading to cortical bone expansion. It originates from the embryonic mesenchymal elements of the developing tooth. World Health Organisation has categorized OM as a benign tumor of ectomesenchymal origin with or without presence of odontogenic epithelium.1 They are slowly progressing ,asymptomatic, and site-aggressive

  • Explain Why Smoking Should Be Banned In Public Places

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    Biniah Carter Mr Ellington 1A Why Should Smoking Be Banned From Public Places? I think smoking should be banned from public places because not only does it affect the smoker but it also affect anyone that is close by if a child lives in a home with a smoker it can cause the child to develop asthma, lung disease, heart disease, etc. Smoking should be banned in public places for many reason many people do not like the smell of smoke nor want the smell of the smoke to get into their

  • Stereotactic Biopsy

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    A tumor in the brain is a mass of some abnormal cells. This mass can be malignant or benign. Malignant tumors are cancerous and benign tumors are non-cancerous. Primary brain tumors originate in the brain; these form in the brain tissues. Secondary brain tumors originate in other parts of the body and spread to the brain. Usually malignant tumors become secondary tumors which form when cancer spreads from other parts of the body.  Symptoms and Diagnosis: The symptoms of brain tumor are seizures

  • The Importance Of Vaping In Schools

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    Currently in my school vaping is a problem that is taking over the minds of students and making them into brainless zombies that can only think about when they're next smoke can be. Despite what most of the school thinks I think that vaping should become illegal so everyone feels safe and can live a fulfilling and safe life which people can not achieve when the people around them is peer pressured into it. If vapes are illegal, teens will have a smaller chance of getting a disease. It is proven that

  • Disadvantages Of Hyperthermia

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    Tumor treatment by hyperthermia has limitations, however, that the most of nanoparticles do not have high specific absorption rate. At least 10% of tumor weight should be absorbed in order to be effective to heat-ablate tumors through hyperthermia. Treatment of malignant tumors at any site in the body is expected to be possible if agents that convert RF energy into heat can be delivered to the malignant cells. However, RF ablation suffers from the disadvantage that it is an invasive method that often

  • IMRT Research Paper

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    Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is a computer-guided radiation delivery system used to treat tumors that are difficult to reach or resect. Using Technology to Target Mesothelioma IMRT uses advanced software to target a tumor with an exact radiation dose based on the tumor’s size, shape and location in the body. IMRT enables physicians to focus higher radiation doses directly to the tumor while minimizing doses to surrounding normal tissue

  • Phyllodes Tumor Case Study

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    a. Phyllodes tumor is a rare fibroepithelial neoplasm of the breast.”(2) They are similar to fibroadenomas, however given their ability to metastasize and their high level of local recurrence it is important to distinguish between the two.(1,2,6) Phyllodes tumours are” characterized by “leafy stromal fronds capped by benign bilayered epithelium.”(1) b. Phyllodes tumours are classified as benign, borderline or malignant.(1,6) The classification is based on multiple histological criteria.(1,6) These

  • Essay On Radiation Therapy

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    Today’s morning one of the most wide-spread diseases is cancer. It is a complex of related similar diseases. In all of its types, some special cells start dividing without a pause in an enormous amount and spread into surrounding tissues. This way, cancer cells become invasive. However, there are several ways to treat it and radioactivity is one of them. Around 500 000 patients benefit from radiation therapy produced by only Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization each year, which

  • Essay On Carcinoid Tumors

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    Carcinoid tumors may sometimes be asymptomatic, but in a certain number of patients they may present with certain symptoms. The signs of the illness are not definite and depend significantly on the location of the tumor. Hormones released into the blood by one out of ten carcinoid tumors are responsible for causing the symptoms of the illness. Factors including stress, heavy exercise, and alcohol consumption lead to symptoms in several patients with carcinoid tumor. Food containing tyramines (such

  • Neuroendocrine Tumor Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) encompass diverse types of tumors arising from neuroendocrine (enterochromaffin) cells found throughout the body. While NETs often have a relatively indolent course, there is a propensity for metastasis to the liver producing the classic carcinoid syndrome of diarrhea and flushing. Metastasis to other sites such as the peritoneum and mesentery is also common {Woodside 2004; Akerstrom 2005} however primary mesenteric NET is rare. We present a 64 year-old man

  • Meningioma Research Paper

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    A brain tumor, “is an abnormal, excessive growth of tissue in the brain...Primary brain tumors are classified as either benign or malignant” (“Brain Tumor”). There are over 130 different types of tumors and each one is classified by the type of cell that they develop from. One specific type of tumor is a meningioma. The specific origins of this type of tumor are unspecified, but have been associated with radiation or some type of genetic alteration. The meningioma, has distinctive methods of diagnosis

  • Cerebrum Growth Research Paper

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    Irregular development of the cells in the mind is named as cerebrum tumor. This kind of tumor may start in the cerebrum itself or emerge as a branch from different sorts of growths. Essential tumor or disease that begins in the mind is of numerous sorts, for example, meningioma, acoustic neuroma, pineoblastoma, ependymoma and oligodendroglioma. The name of the disease is gotten from the kind of cell that the growth starts from. Cerebrum growth is quite often deadly and could prompt to a suite of

  • Essay On Cancer Chemotherapy

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    CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Cancer or cancer chemotherapy Cancer is abnormal growth of cell division that has potential to spread to other body cells. There are two types of cancers. One is the benign cancer don’t spread to other body cells and malignant cancer can spread to other body cells. Cancer chemotherapy is the branch of medical oncology and used for the treatment of cancer. The principle of chemotherapy is that by using of chemotherapeutic agents or drugs, cancer cells can be removed. These

  • Informative Speech On Pancreatic Cancer

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    What is pancreatic cancer? Pancreatic growth happens when unusual cells in the pancreas uncontrollably grow, framing a mass of tissue called a tumor. It can happen in the head, body or tail of the pancreas. Causes Of pancreatic cancer? Tumor is eventually the consequence of cells that wildly develop and don't die. Ordinary cells in the body take after an organized way of development, division, and passing. Customized cell demise is called apoptosis, and when this procedure breaks down, malignancy

  • Classification Essay On Super Food

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    Everyone is searching for a way to eat right, stay healthy and save money. But what can you do when you are told you need extra vitamins and expensive supplements to boost your health and stay in shape? Well, you might want to consider the possibility of using some of the items that are now listed on super food lists. A food that is Super may sound as though it is something should be on the breakfast table of real super heroes, right? Well, maybe we had all best take another look at what these

  • Essay On Osteosarcoma

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    Cancer has been recently claiming more lives than it did in the past. I have had friends and close relatives die from various types of cancer in their prime ages. People have been blaming the out break of cancer on the food we eat and the chemicals that are added to them, whiles others claim the air and water we drink is heavily toxic. Cancer begins in the cells that are found in the body and then grow out of control by spreading all over the other parts of the body. Any type of cells in the body

  • Bolus Material Analysis

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    Comparison of three alternative bolus materials to Superflab in providing the maximum dose buildup (Dmax) Many superficial tumors are treated using 6 Megavoltage (MV) photons, but often require a bolus to bring the depth of maximum dose closer to the skin surface. A bolus may also be used to compensate for uneven skin surfaces or irregular contours in the patient. The depth of maximum equilibrium describes the depth in which the maximum dose of the formulated radiation is deposited (Washington &

  • Lateral Meningioma

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    In the case of meningiomas, the tumor origin can be found anywhere along the surface of the dura. A general rule is that the neuraxis is displaced to the side opposite to the tumor origin. Therefore, posterior meningiomas put pressure on the spinal cord anteriorly and for this reason are better approached directly with a laminectomy. Posterolateral and lateral meningiomas displace the neuraxis anteromedially and medially, respectively. A posterolateral approach is advocated, by laminectomy possibly