Niihau Essays

  • Essay On Hawaiian Culture

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    Imagine that Hawaiians and their culture had vanished for example Hawaiian culture had been dying out for many years. It started around 1778-1780 when captain cook put the Hawaiian islands on the map and everyone far and wide started to come to hawaii. This research paper will inform the audience on how the Hawaiian culture started to die out ,what caused it to start dying out ,why it is bad ,and how it can be prevented or solved. Hawaiian culture started to die out for many years, but the question

  • Maui Legend

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    The fish's body comes up and turns into the islands, Hawaii, Niihau and Kauai. When the rest of the fish's body is out of the water they turn into the islands of Oahu lanai and Molokai. The rest of the whole fish comes up to creating kahoolawe and Maui. Maui is so excited and tells his mom and sister. There proud