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  • The Nile Eulogy: The History Of The Nile Comme

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    In the Nile comic, it presents how crucial is the Nile through out the history. For example, our ancient Egyptian culture is initiated because of the River Nile. In the past, men used to more from place to another one seeking the water and food. So that, the Egyptian man settle down nearby the Nile because it supports him with water and fertilized land to farm. Not only did the ancient Egyptians benefit from the Nile, but the Ottoman Empire also did. To clarify, Egypt was controlled by the Ottoman

  • Nile River Dbq

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    The Nile River - Shaped Ancient Egypt The Nile River is largest, longest, and most important river in the world.The Nile flows into Ancient Egypt and provides sources that helped shape Ancient Egypt. The Nile shaped Ancient Egypt in at least three ways. The first way is through transportation, the second is the harvest, and third is trade. The Nile River has helped harvest in and exceptionally in Egypt. According to Document B, the irrigation channels needed the Nile because the Nile provided water

  • Nile River Cycle

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    The Nile river cycle process maintained an Egyptian culture that revolved around flooding, agriculture production and famine. Flooding lead to good agriculture production. A lack of flooding created famine. Throughout the years, Egyptians were able to predict the Nile River’s cycle of flooding, receding and non-flooding as they maintained their cultural practices. The last 750 miles in Egypt of the more than 4000 miles of the Nile River that started deep in Africa was crucial to the development

  • Nile River In Africa

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    considering the significance of the River Nile to the continent of Africa and the people. In terms of length, Nile River is the longest river in the world stretching 4258 miles (6853 kilometers) ranking right before the Amazon River in South America. Overall, the Nile River basin is shared by 11 sovereign states covering almost 10% of all African continent. Also, the river can be divided into two sub-basins, including Easter Nile sub-basin which shares 85% of all Nile water and Great Equatorial lakes that

  • Analysis: Hymn To The Nile

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    to the Nile i) The phenomenon that the “Hymn to the Nile “responds to the dependency of the Egyptian people on the Nile river. The text shows that the Nile river served as a source of life which sustained and provided all for Egyptians “who creates all that is good” (“Hymn to the Nile” stanza 9). The text asks questions about who controls the Nile and why it flow the way it does - the text itself answers that it is the Egyptian god Hapy who controls the Nile. Hapy is the god of the Nile (Professor

  • Nile River Dbq Essay

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    resource supply. The Nile River provided all of the necessary resources for Egypt. You need a stable water supply to keep your population stable. Farmland helps you with trade with other countries for other goods and or money. Transportation will allow you to make those trades as well as to travel to other countries to see how to improve your country. The Nile River allows great farming activity. The overflow of the Nile brings in several activities for farmers. Since, the Nile floods around a

  • Nile Giver Research Paper

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    NILE RIVER ESSAY Did you ever wonder how the Nile gifted its people? The Nile was an amazing source to ancient Egyptians. The Nile was super important because it gave good and bad surprises. It was called ‘’ Giver of life’’ because of its gifts. It was also called the ‘’Taker of life’’ because of its floods and destruction. The Nile had its ups and downs but it was like heaven to the ancient Egyptians, and they appreciated it. The Egyptians are very thankful, why?, because it gave them the following

  • Egyptian Hymn To The Nile

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    HISTORICAL DOCUMENT JOURNAL ONE Historical Document Journal Topic One: An Egyptian Hymn To The Nile The Egyptians believed that the Nile river is what started the Egyptian civilization. They also believed that the good of the Nile river provide them with the necessities they need to survive. They wrote an hymn to the river to show how grateful they to the river. The hymn starts of by giving praise to the Nile and thank the river for being water to the land. They thank Re or the sun god for being light

  • Three Stages Of The Nile Essay

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    The Three Stages Of The Nile Most of the Egyptian Empire is desert, but along the Nile River the soil is rich and good for growing crops. Ancient Egypt was during 3100-2686 B.C. The three most important crops were wheat, flax, and papyrus. Wheat was the main stable food of the Egyptians. They used it to make bread. The Egyptians get all this from the river and its stages. First there is the drought where everything is dry. Second a flooding season happens. Last is the farming season where everyone

  • Explain Why The Nile Is A Lifesaver

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    Why the Nile, Is a Lifesaver Ever wonder how Egyptians got their fresh resources without going to a store and buying them like we do now? Well, during time where you couldn’t go to stores. Egyptians used the Nile River, the Nile River is the world’s longest rivers located in Egypt. The Nile flows 4258 miles northward to the Mediterranean Sea and flows through many parts of Africa, such as Kenya, Eritrea, Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Egypt, Uganda and Ethiopia. The Nile provided fresh water

  • How Did The Nile Influence Ancient Egypt

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    Could the longest river in the world also change how an entire society worked? How the Nile shaped Ancient Egypt in multiple different ways. The Nile changed the way Egypt worked in mainly their settlement distribution, the economy, and their religion. This is how the Nile changed the way Ancient Egypt ran. 3 The Nile had an effect on the settlement and population of Ancient Egypt. The Nile forced the people of Ancient Egypt to only settle beside the river (Document A). People of Ancient Egypt

  • Why Did The Nile Sculpt Ancient Egypt

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    The Nile River is one of the most well-known and iconic rivers on Earth. Empires and many nations were built near the Nile because of the many benefits the Nile provided. The Ancient Egyptian empire lasted from about 3100 BCE to 30 BCE and many cities and farms were built around the Nile at the time. The Nile is located in Eastern Egypt, south of the Mediterranean Sea and is about 4,258 miles long. Even their religion was based on the many bonuses the Nile provided that helped the empire grow and

  • How Did The Nile Shape Ancient Egypt

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    How did the Nile shape Egypt? The Nile through every part of life for ancient Egypt includes; the labor season, food supply, and transportation. Transportations was huge when you needed to get place to place. They didn't have cars back then, so they used the Nile River to get place to place. The ancient Egyptians would travel downstream and upstream. They can travel upstream because in the text it says “In ancient times, boats traveling upstream against the Nile current used a sail or rowers or both

  • Ancient Egypt: The Flood Cycle Of The Niles

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    equations/facts if it weren 't for the Niles existence. Without the Nile’s annual flooding cycle enriching the soil with silt, their fruitful agronomics would not have been attainable. The fertile field provided by the Nile was extremely crucial to the Egyptians agrarian lifestyles. In fact, they worshiped the Nile river and their idea of the afterlife paradise was called the field of reeds which was also supported by the Nile(Doc D). Not only did the Nile river provide crops for the Egyptians but

  • The Nile River Gave Egypt Life And Prosperity

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    The Life of Egypt The Nile River gave Egypt life and prosperity. The Nile provided fish trading opportunities, water for crops and livestock. The Nile also provided water for cleaning, bathing and cooking. The Nile is the longest river in the world at over 4,000 miles long. The Nile starts as the Blue Nile, in the mountains. And the White Nile starts in the marshes of Africa The Nile cardiac protects invaders from the south. The Nile's floods are gentle and they allow farmers to grow lots

  • How Did The Nile Shaped Ancient Egypt

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    "Oh hail to you, oh Nile,spring from the ground, come to keep the land alive.” The Nile shaped ancient Egypt in an abundance of ways that are important to the people and their way of life like food, transportation, and religion. Religion was very important to the ancient Egyptians. When the Nile flooded the banks, all Egyptians celebrated the Opet Festival. They also used religion as a way to explain natural phenomenon such as the bad fortune experienced by the Egyptians. They did not worship

  • How Did The Nile Shaped Ancient Egypt

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    Cyrus Waldrop #27 2-3-16 How the Nile Shaped Egypt The Nile was the most important part of Egypt because it influenced agriculture, created a boundary for safety, and was a highway for travel and trade. It also meant Life or Death for the people of Egypt. They depended on it for things like food, water, a place to wash their clothes,etc. The Nile influenced agriculture for the egyptians because it created fertile land. In source one it states,” Egyptians used the Nile’s floods to become better

  • How Is The Nile River Different From Ancient Mesopotamia

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    The Nile River is compared to both the Mesopotamia and the Indus valley due to the rich soils, population of people and social order. While it is similar to other large populated area it differs in its geography, culture, dynasties, religion, scribes, and prosperity which lead to its creation (p. 63). The Nile is the longest river in the world, it stretches 4.238 miles from central Africa to the Mediterranean Sea (p. 63). The annual floods give the basin moisture and a rich soil which brought many

  • How Did The Nile Shaped Ancient Egypt

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    story to tell but this one is like no other. The Nile shaped Ancient Egypt in such a way. The four “river civilizations” are China, Mesopotamia, India, and Egypt. The Nile is 4,258 miles long. It originates in Burundi, south of the equator, and flows northward through northeastern Africa, eventually flowing through Egypt and finally draining into the Mediterranean sea. None of the accomplishments in Egypt would be the same without the Nile. The Nile is like a seed and begins the blossomed tree or

  • Why Did Nile River Shape Ancient Egypt?

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    How Did the Nile River Shape Ancient Egypt? The Greek historian Herodotus once wrote, “Egypt… is, so to speak, the gift of the Nile.”(Doc. E) Ancient Egypt was one of the most important river civilizations. It was located around the world’s longest river, the Nile River. The river was full of important resources. It was made up of the Black Land, the fertile lands around the Nile, and the Red Land, the dry deserts beyond the Black Land. The Nile River shaped Ancient Egypt, both figuratively and