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  • The Pros And Cons Of Norm-Referenced Tests

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    Norm-referenced tests are created by professionals, researched and published. They are used to compare a student with others that are similar to them. These comparable students are a norm reference group that is compose of those with similar culture, background, ethnicity, sex and other characteristics. Furthermore, students with disabilities should be included in this sample of student so that it will be a valid comparison for disabled students, too. Norm groups provide standard scores used

  • Ghost's Purpose In Hamlet

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    The Ghost's Purpose and Meaning in Hamlet by Gibea Arian-Tite professor Bottez Alina Group 9, Series 2, Polish A - English B Hamlet is perhaps one of Shakespeare's most popular works, being the favorite of numerous readers. This play succeeds in depicting revenge and the consequences it has on a man and those around him. It manages to keep the audience in a veil of mystery at first, then in a burning anticipation, all of this with the use of the ghost, portrayed by Hamlet's late father. In this

  • Uncertainty In Friendship In Hamlet

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    “There are no small parts, only small actors,” as once stated by Constantin Stanislawski, illustrates that not every character has to have an abundance of stage time in order to play a substantial role. In William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, King Hamlet’s Ghost, although only present in a modest number of scenes, proves to be a significant presence among several of the leading roles. The ghost is trapped in purgatory, unable to repent his sins, therefore seeking revenge for his murder through

  • Literature Review On Reading Comprehension

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    Reading comprehension skill among children in Malaysia is extremely going down from day to day. As stated in the Malay Mail Online (2015), ‘In the 2012 edition of the PISA, Malaysia ranked 52nd overall out of 65 countries due to a dip in reading ability and science’. Therefore, some solutions need to be taken to overcome the problem. This chapter reviews literature relevant to the proposed study. It will be recalled that this study aims to identify the effectiveness of 5 Finger Retelling Strategy

  • Jean Piaget's Theory On Moral Development

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    Jean Piaget is exceptionally known for his contributions to the world of studying developmental psychology, especially in children. He is most known for his four-stage theory on cognitive development, a widespread theory about the development of the human intelligence. His “stage theory” is a form of discontinuous development, which means that opposed to continuous development, it is not an ongoing progression of gradual changes throughout life; rather certain behaviors and skills occur within distinct

  • Persuasive Speech On Perseverance

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    What is perseverance? Perseverance is when you don't give up on your dreams or your careers or anything really. For example, if you had a dream to get a good education, but you got kicked out of school what would you do? Well, if you really did want a good education than you would go straight to homeschool no matter how difficult it is with your parents teaching you or any other problem your having with home school. That would be perseverance, that would be not giving up on your dreams. But that's

  • Argumentative Essay: Should Schools Start at Later Times?

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    Should schools start at a later time? Do teenagers have a better work performance in later times than in early times? I'm pretty sure most teenagers hate getting up for school.Most teenagers have trouble waking up and leaving their comfortable beds just to wake up early for school.Not getting enough sleep can lead to mad tempers and poor performance in class and here is why. Early school times prevent many adolescents from getting the sleep they need.It is more difficult for teenagers to go to

  • Fitness Goal Essay Examples

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    My fitness goal is to gain muscular strength (endurance) and to be flexible. I want to at least get a 40 on the pacer. I choose this goal because I want to improve my muscular strength as well as my flexibility and endurance. In this, my short-term goal is to never give up while I am trying any of these techniques so that I can slowly improve on my goal. My previous goal was to get at least 25 pacers and to get 30 inches in sit and reach. I accomplished muscular strength and endurance because I

  • Attitudes Towards the Use of Technology in Second Language Learning

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    ATTITUDES TOWARDS THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNING The development of technology in our lives has had an impact on society and the lifestyle nowadays. For this reason, the learning process has had to adapt to these changes, implementation of new curriculums involving technology to develop the understanding of technology to take advantage of different resources we can find with it. The incorporation of technology in the education is necessary to the development of the society, however

  • Bilingualism: The Benefits Of My Language Around The World

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    There are more than 6500 language around the world. We cannot control or decide where we are going to be born or we cannot decide our mother language. But we can choose which language we are going to use as our second language. Bilingualism can be defined as having some ability to use two or even more languages. The bilingual programs have goals vary widely. Some bilingual programs target to develop proficiency in two languages. However at the beginning of twenty first century, monolingual is not

  • Essay On Overcrowded Schools

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    Issue 1 – Overcrowded schools In Malaysia, many of government schools have risk of overcrowded pupils in one classroom. For example, in one classroom there are more than 40 pupils which is quite a lot for a teacher to teach in that classroom. The pupils also will not feel comfortable during learning and teaching process. There are more enrolment of pupils than it was designed to accommodate. The classroom supposed to be filled by the pupils that fix the classroom itself. The classroom should at

  • Importance Of Physical Education

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    Thomas Jefferson once said that “Exercise and recreation is as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary, because health is worth more than learning.” As a result, physical education is both critical and important to the everyday lives of students. To many, the term physical education or PE is known as powerful education. There is evidence, facts and information indicating the relevance and importance of Physical education to the daily functioning of everyday life. Likewise, because

  • Arguments Against Standardized Testing

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    Standardized tests are tests that are used to compare the relative performance of individual students or groups of students. A standardized test requires all test takers to answer the same questions, or a selection of questions from a common bank of questions, and is scored in a “standard” or consistent manner. These questions are usually in a multiple-choice or true and false format which can be scored quickly and consistently, but can also include short-answer questions, essay questions, or a mix

  • Standardized Testing Case Study

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    The first tests were made around 2200 B.C. by the ancient Chinese. While Plato and Aristotle did not design tests, they did write on the intellectual differences from person to person. Many of the early tests were spoken. It was not until the late 1800s and early 1900s that test began to become more important. The first intelligence tests were developed in 1904 by Binet and Simon to determine which children were not fit to

  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Standardized Tests

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    Standardized Tests and Final Exams: The Assessments Which May Determine a Student’s Future Intro: Excellent test scores show excellent schooling, while poor test scores show poor schooling. That has become the value of standardized tests in schools over the years (Popham, James). Additionally, those tests can write the entire future of a student, starting at the point when doing poorly on a standardized test can ruin your hope of getting into a good college. But the question is: is the stress

  • Pros And Cons Of SAT Testing Essay

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    SAT test scores often can determine your chances of admission in a good college. The Scholastic Aptitude Test also ensures that a student's impressive grades are not borne out of amplified grading standards. Though the SAT test might appear challenging for college admissions, it is a standardized testing system that provides a fair platform to access a student's reasoning and test-taking skills. Compare the SAT with your GPA- while you might have to opt for multiple courses to raise your GPA by a

  • Essay On SAT Scores

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    a college? Since the early 1900s, the SAT test has been administered each year to high school students in the United States of America (College board 1). The SAT is a standardized test based on a students’ proficiency in math, reading and writing. In recent years questions has been raised about whether or not the SAT test can be used to measure any high school students’ skills. It have been argued that colleges should not use a simple four-hour test determine someone’s intelligence or future

  • Social Conflict Theory In Education

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    Social conflict theory in its classical form is the struggle between different parts of the society over valued and scarce resources in a sense that they have been centralized and controlled by a few elites (Allman, 2001). As a result of social conflicts, scarce resources turned a small group of people into capitalists in the nineteenth century. Capitalists are people who are in possession and control the factories and other businesses in pursuit of profits gains. For this reason, capitalism turned

  • Leadership Identity Development Model

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    "Nothing in a doctor’s medical education qualifies him to be a leader" - Larry L. Mathis (1). Although based on Leadership Identity Development model, the first step to develop leadership skills in students is forming the identity of being a leader, but there are little investigations on this issue in TBL as a ground to practice leadership. The Komives et al (2) Proposed a model for developing leadership aim to help educators in facilitating leadership development in students. In the Leadership Identity

  • On The Rainy River Analysis

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    In the short story, “On the Rainy River” by Tim O’Brien, the author develops the idea that when an individual experiences a feeling of shame and humiliation, they often tend to neglect their desires and convictions to impress society. Tim, the narrator, starts off by describing his feeling of embarrassment, “I’ve had to live with it, feeling the shame”, before even elaborating on the cause of the feeling. Near the end of the story, he admits he does not run off and escape to Canada because it had