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  • Personal Narrative: If I Am An Ordinary College Student

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    If anyone looked at me they would think I am an ordinary college student. I wake up every morning wishing to get a couple more seconds of sleep. I make my way to school I listen, I learn, I make my way back home and I study, or depending on the day I go to work. Some days are as simple and relaxing as these, but some are not. Some days I wish to get hours of sleep, I can sleep for 9 hours and still manage to not want to get out of bed. If I could I would just lay there all day and cry. But it is

  • Scrolls Vs. The Three Perfection

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    This is when the medium of the scroll painting-poem reached its zenith. Scrolls were in use long before the Song Dynasty, and even silk scrolls were used before paper was invented during the Han Dynasty, but with the influence of The Three Perfections, the examination of scrolls became a dearly loved and long anticipated event. Much unlike western art, which is meant to be viewed often and by many, and can be viewed by large crowds all at once, scroll paintings were extremely intimate. It was meant

  • Persistence And Retention

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    Transition: a change in status from behaving primarily as a student to assuming adult roles in one‘s community (Halpern, 1994). Persistence: the re-enrollment of a student from one semester to the following semester (Summers, 2003). Retention: completion of a certificate or degree program in the same institution (Berger & Lyon, 2005). Successful: the first-year student who navigates his/her transition into college by making connections on campus, earning credits by completing coursework, and persisting

  • Reflective Essay On My Experience In Education

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    I gained some experience in dealing with finance. Working in a big team allows me to decide on which part of the project I will work. This allows working comfortably with maximum effort. During the system week, I discovered that the process of notetaking process is helpful, as it ensured that I listened carefully and allowed me to remember the key aspects of the project. One thing I found on this system week that I like to help resolve the team issues through research and communication. I believe

  • Benefits Of Study Skills

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    Study Skills D NO: L0033AHAAHA0817 FULL NAME: ELMEHDI SDIRA 19/10/2017 There are a lot of skills needed to achieve good grades and to have an excellent academic level. In order to be successful, students need good study skills. Study skills are a set of skills which help students become effective learners (Oxford Dictionaries | English, 2017). This strategy of study helps students become more effective and make the studying easier by using a lot of skills and a productive learning method. It

  • Technology Dbq

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    Modern society has revolutionized the way in which we use technology. Our daily lives seem to be jam-packed with television, computers, and cell phones. Not only have people become more distracted in the workplace or at home, but they have become more distracted in the classroom. Some claim that technology has educational benefits, yet others believe this is simply absurd and that technology creates more problems than it diminishes. Back in the day, students didn’t have the technological luxuries

  • Technology Affecting Education

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    To What Extent Does Technology Affect the Future of Education? 1797 words not including the candidate details, appendix, the bibliography or this sentence. Introduction: Potential students or learners have different learning needs and styles which every learning institution is addressing to effectively help every student. One of the ways to address multiple intelligences is by introducing technology inside or outside of the classroom. Many educational institutions and educators has given similar