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  • Null Hypothesis

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    Is Null Hypothesis Significance Testing Significant? Introduction Null Hypothesis Significance Testing (NHST) has been one of the most commonly used methods of analysing data collected in biological and psychological fields for over 80 years. There are numerous references in the scientific literature that warns of the limitations NHST brings (Anderson et al). Debate on the efficacy of NHST has been prominent in the social science field, while the ecological and biological sciences have lagged somewhat

  • Pumpkin Seeds Lab Report

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    on the alternate hypothesis that suggested pumpkin seeds would release the most energy, the results shown support the statement. Although the pumpkin seeds are shown to have a higher energy content than the croutons, there was no drastic difference between the mean or total energy content of both, therefore the null hypothesis can not be entirely refuted. It is evident how the calorific content of the foods are dependent on their constituent molecules, yet the alternate hypothesis was based on the

  • Disadvantages Of Ict In Education

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    One of the biggest changes in educational systems around the world has been integration of information and telecommunication technology (ICT). In concrete terms, ICT has the potential to accelerate, enrich, and deepen skills; motivate and engage students in learning; helps to relate school experiences to work practices; helps to create economic viability for tomorrow’s workers; contributes to radical changes in school; strengthens teaching, and provides opportunities for connection between the school

  • Uni-Planar Osteotomy Theory

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    determine the length of the osteotomy and opening gap at the anterior and posterior side, 2) compare between uni- and bi-planar osteotomy, and 3) evaluate the relationship between extent of the osteotomy and change of the posterior tibial slope. The hypothesis of this study were that 1) anterior cortical osteotomy would be larger in the uni-planar osteotomy, 2) gap ratio would be larger in the bi-planar osteotomy, and 3) maintenance of the slope would be closely related to the length of posterior cortical

  • Yum Brands Swot Analysis

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    Yum brands: Taco Bell • Taco Bell is the nation's leading Mexican-inspired quick service restaurant brand. From breakfast to late night, Taco Bell offers a wide range of Mexican menu items, and serves more than 36.8 million consumers each week in approximately 6,500 restaurants worldwide. They serve made-to-order tacos and burritos, among other foods. Taco Bell and its more than 350 franchise organizations proudly serve over 42 million customers each week through nearly 7,000 restaurants across

  • Potato Osmosis Lab

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    and eventually shape of the potato subsequent to the exposure of osmosis. It is important to have equal and consistent shapes and lengths of the potatoes. The potatoes are to remain in the beakers with the sucrose solutions for around 30 minutes. Hypothesis: I prognosticate that the pieces

  • NT1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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    where $x_i,i=1,2, cdots ,n$ are the states, $underline{x}_i=[x_1,cdots,x_i]^{T} in{R}^i$, $i=1,2, cdots ,n $, $uin {R}$ is the input, and $f_i(cdot)$,$i=1,2, cdots ,n $ are the unknown smooth nonlinear functions which satisfy the global Lipschitz condition. It is assumed that the output $y(cdot)$ is sampled at instants $t_k,k=1,2, cdots ,n$, which represent the sampling instants. $T=t_{k+1}-t_k$ is the sampling interval which is a positive constant. The output signal is available for the observer

  • Coacervates Lab Report Essay

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    and number difference of coacervates when the concentration of gelatin and gum arabic are changed. Research Question How can changing the percentage of gelatin and gum arabic from 1% to 5% affect the size and number of coacervates. Research Hypothesis If gelatin and gum arabic are combined in an acidic environment, and the concentration is changed from 1% to 5%, the coacervates will increase in number and size. Independent Variable The independent variable in this experiment is the different

  • Essay On Jumping Jacks

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    jumping jacks activate more muscles when performing the exercise compared to pushups so the heart rate will be more.To insure success in a experiment the scientist must make a null hypothesis. For example, the heartrate will not increase when doing jumping jacks rather than push ups. A good experiment always has a null hypothesis, this experiment is no exception. Step One:Everyone who is particating in the trails must find a flat surface to do the exercises on.One paricipanmt must record the time using

  • Pt2520 Unit 4 Paper

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    The table “Hausman Test – Model 2” shows that the test statistic is not significant, and we cannot reject the null hypothesis. One should mention that this is a really marginal decision, because the p-value amounts to 7% and that is why we could not reject the null hypothesis at a significance level of 5% or 1%, but it would be possible to reject the null hypothesis at the 10% level. We decided to work with 5% significance level and therefore we decided to use our random effects

  • Bottling Company Case Study Summary

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    deviation), the equations above are called the z scores. Therefore in our case we use . Hence for bottle 19, , = 0.346. Using Moore’s table the p-value = 1, and significant level = 0.1. Now since p-value is greater than the significance value, then the hypothesis is considered rejected. It therefore negates the claim that the mean number of ounces in each bottle is less than sixteen (16) therefore it is not true. It therefore follows that the customers’ complaints may be right but not all soda bottles have

  • Wgu Statistics Assignment 7

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    explained, descriptive discussion of the variables, possible errors and critique of research methods and implications for research and nursing practice will be provided. Research Scenario A: Question 1: Step 1 selection of test statistics Null hypothesis The null hypothesis is a statement that explains there is no difference between two variables (Salkind, 2013). Using the research question, a

  • The Chi-Square Test

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    compare observed data with expected data based on a specific hypothesis known as null hypothesis. The Chi-square test test, what are the chances that an observed distribution is due to chance? It is also known as goodness of fit statistic, as it determines how fine the observed distribution of data fits with expected distribution when assuming the variables are independent. It is used for categorical data. Null Hypothesis Null hypothesis is that the variables are independent. If the observed distribution

  • Psy 315 Week 4 Case Study

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    14.665 - 15.075 ounces. Step 3: Crete a hypothesis to test the claim that a bottle contains less than sixteen ounce is correct. Be sure to clearly state the logic of the

  • Psychometric Assessment Essay

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    8) CSR_Awareness CSR_Awareness Frequency Percent Valid Percent Valid Most Important 40 81.63265 81.63265 Somewhat Important 9 18.36735 18.36735 Total 49 100 100 More than 60% of respondents consider CSR Awareness as an important factor. So it should be a part of psychometric assessment tool. 9) Legal_Knowledge Legal_Knowledge Frequency Percent Valid Percent Valid Most Important 21 42.85714 42.85714 Somewhat Important 15 30.61224 30.61224 Very little Important 12 24

  • Logical Reasoning Theory

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    Findings did support the hypothesis; that there would be an effect of validity and ontology on logical reasoning. Prediction that in an analysis of variance incorporating ontology, participants would endorse ontologically correct problems more than ontologically incorrect problems

  • Bbc Risk In Fish

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    Cancer risks will be considered “essentially negligible” where the estimated ILCR is 1-in-100,000 (≤ 1 x 10-5) (Health Canada 2004). If the ILCR is greater than 1 x 10-5, the risk assessment should either be refined and/or risk management measures should be taken. In this study, ILCR is greater than 1 x 10-5. ILCR values in different tissues such as mussels and liver 3 species of coral island of Persian Gulf were in the range of 0.032677 - 0.044428. Thus documenting high potential carcinogenic risk

  • Nt1310 Unit 6 Lab Report

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    In this lab there were five different stations. For the first station we had to determine an unknown mass and the percent difference. To find the unknown mass we set up the equation Fleft*dleft = Fright*dright. We then substituted in the values (26.05 N * 41cm = 34cm * x N) and solved for Fright to get (320.5g). To determine the percent difference we used the formula Abs[((Value 1 - Value 2) / average of 1 & 2) * 100], substituted the values (Abs[((320.5 - 315.8) / ((320.5 + 315.8) / 2)) * 100])

  • Advantages Of Iso Ahola Theory

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    2.3 The basic idea of the Iso Ahola theory Iso Ahola sets out the idea that experiments are only able to show evidence of phenomena but never can prove a negative. This makes it impossible to falsify psychological ideas like the ego-depletion effect. He argues that reproducibility in psychology is unattainable and that psychological phenomena, by their nature, are not fully reproducible because humans can be astonishingly simple or irreducibly complex at various times. Besides that, Iso Ahola further

  • Effects Of Consanguineous Marriage

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    SECTION II ASSESS THE LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE REGARDING CONSANGUINEOUS MARRIAGE AND ITS GENETIC EFFECTS AMONG YOUNG ADULTS. TABLE - 02 ASSESS THE LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE REGARDING CONSANGUINEOUS MARRIAGE AND ITS GENETIC EFFECTS AMONG YOUNG ADULTS. S.No Level of Knowledge Range Frequency % 1 Inadequate knowledge 0 – 10 38 38 2 Moderately adequate knowledge 11 - 20 59 59 3 Adequate knowledge 21 - 30 3 3 Fig 1; The pyramid diagram shows the level of knowledge of young adults. The Pyramid diagram shows that