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  • Nursing Research Journal

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    Locate a nursing research journal article that has been written within the last five years and discuss the following questions on your discussion post. Attach the article to the research post. •Does the review of literature build on the research problem, purpose, and question for the research study? The nursing research article titled “Nurses’ personal and ward Accountability and missed nursing care: A cross sectional study” by Srulovici and Drach-Zahavy (2017) adequately communicated the research problem

  • Bullying In Nursing Research

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    Violence is described as “an act of hostility that creates an undesirable work environment that weakens teamwork in the clinical setting”. Managing bullying is the regular assessment of exposures of violence in healthcare facilities. As a junior nursing student I gravitated toward this topic because I will be graduating soon

  • Qualitative Research In Nursing

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    taking from the title “Research and Nursing Research” block 3. Each of the concepts will be explained in terms of meaning, analysis, apply to real life and current research evidence will be done. Concepts will be explained with personal, social or professional life. CONCEPT-1 QUALITATIVE RESEARCH IN NURSING This concept is selected from module 5 of the topic research and nursing research block 3. Qualitative research method has increase in developing nursing knowledge for evidence

  • Quantitative Research In Nursing

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    1. NURSING RESEARCH Research is a detailed study into a particular problem, issue or concern using scientific method. It could also be defined as gathering information usually to answer a particular question or problem. Nursing research is a systematic study that provides evidence used to support nursing practices. Nursing, being an evidence based practice, has been developing since the time of Florence Nightingale till date, where nurses now work as a researchers and as well as in clinical setting

  • Quantitative Research In Nursing

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    Assignment 2 Quantitative Research Paper: Introduction: Haws, J., Ramjeet, J., & Gray, R. (2011). A national survey of GP and nurse attitudes and beliefs towards depression after myocardial infarction. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 20, 3215-3223. The researchers performed a quantitative cross-sectional survey; the purpose of this study was to investigate the different attitudes from healthcare professionals to depression following a myocardial infarction. This article was published on The Journal

  • Nursing Vulnerability Research

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    group, reflect on what contributed to this individual's/group's vulnerability and discuss how this was addressed in practice. Studying vulnerability, three problematic issues recur throughout the literature. Firstly, it is an important concept for nursing students to understand as Daniel, (1998),explains, it is through vulnerability that nurses and patients engage. Vulnerability has implications for and effects on health, (Rogers, DATE). Secondly epidemiology studies report that vulnerable populations

  • Importance Of Research In Nursing Research

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    Research is an important source of knowledge in nursing practice but the same important factors are clinical experience and patients’ value and preference. Nurses can make a decision by consider the research and their own experience but nurses should also concern the feeling of patient. In this essay, there is prove that the importance of evidence-based practice and the limitation in Hong Kong medical system. Research is an examination and investigation aimed at the discovery and interpretation

  • Core Competencies In Nursing Research

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    Introduction Nursing Practitioner Core Competencies create a structure that prepare nurse practitioners to be excellent providers in an ever-changing medical world (Thomas, Crabtree, Delaney, Dumas, Kleinpell, Logsdon, & et al., 2011). Through the context of nursing theory, the competencies give further insight in the role they play in structuring holistic patient care plans for individuals and communities. This paper will review different aspects of varying nursing theories to provide context to

  • Qualitative Research In Nursing Research Essay

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    Nursing research is a systematic review designed for develop knowledge about concerns related to nurses which containing nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing administration (Polit & Beck, 2006). Based on Tingen et al (2009), nurses able to deliver a good quality care for patient by applying evidence based practice through research. Besides, nurses have to be knowledgeable in research and evidence based practice to provide the best outcome for the patients. In addition to nursing research

  • Limitations Of Qualitative Research In Nursing

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    This assignment will critique the strengths and limitations of the research process of a qualitative paper. Nurses have a responsibility to provide holistic quality care to their patients; which must be based on the most up-to-date health information available (Mitchell et al. 2015). Critically analysing evidence is one of the most important steps towards promoting this evidence-based practice (Burns & Grove, 2011). Conversely, the Francis report (2012) declared that nurses need access to precise

  • Nursing Research Barriers

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    In the construction of this essay the writer will read and research the appropriate literature, exemplifying how they understand certain barriers that effect nursing research. Burns and Grove (2010) defined nursing research as being concerned with knowledge that directly and indirectly influences clinical nursing practice. Research is vital in nursing for a number of reasons. According to Maguire (2014) nurses need to be able to account for their actions and show credibility for their performance

  • Sample Nursing Research Papers

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    4 Materials and Methods 4.1 Research approach: A quantitative method of research approach was used to assess the effectiveness of spiritual care training program on spiritual care competence of nurses and its impact on spiritual well being of their patients with cerebral stroke at selected settings. The data were collected for nurses by self rated spiritual care competence scale and for patients by self rated spiritual well being scale and questionnaire on experience of patients regarding spiritual

  • Nursing Informatics Research Paper

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    vital for all healthcare providers to have at least a basic understanding of informatics. Patient safety is the number one goal in healthcare, it is drilled into your heads while in nursing school. So, it is not surprising to see it be a major focus in the role informatics plays. One aspect that we will focus on is how nursing informatics helps reduce nosocomial infections, specifically catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI’s). CAUTI’s are caused by prolonged use of an indwelling catheter

  • Contextual Research In Nursing Research

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    Contextual Project: Research in Nursing Programme BSN to MSN Name Block: BMN004 Student Name: Iqra Yasin Application No: 12908 Due Date 25-06-2015 1. Content List 2. Introduction of Contextual project 3. 10 Concept of Contextual Project 4. References 5. Plagiarism Test Serial No Topic of Contents 01. Nursing Research: 1.1: Personal Context 1.2: Social Context 1.3: Application in current job 1.4: Current research 02. Quantitative Research : 2.1: Personal Context 2.2: Social Context 2.3:

  • Nursing Theory: Evidence-Based Nursing Research

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    Nursing theory provides the framework for nursing practice and education, as well as future nursing research, which is essential to aid in the development of evidence-based nursing practice. Dr. Katharine Kolcaba’s comfort theory is a mid-range theory which promotes focusing on the holistic comfort needs of our clients. According to the comfort theory, an enhanced state of comfort improves healthcare outcomes and encourages clients to engage in behaviors that move them to a state of well-being (Kolcaba

  • Professional Identity In Nursing Research

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    The intention for this is essay is to underline the true concept of professional identity of a nurse working in the private sector of health centres and hospitals; in order to endorse theoretical clarity and examine implications for nursing practice. Professional identity is defined as one's “professional self-concept based on attributes, beliefs, values, motives, and experiences” (Ibarra, 1999; Schein, 1978). Nurses are a specific example of an occupation that one can have within the allied health

  • Nursing Home Research Paper

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    1. Assistance with daily tasks - nursing homes provide assistance to their residents with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, drinking, using restroom, running errands and administering medicine. Typical daily tasks can become increasingly difficult with old age. Many seniors lose their driver 's license at some point and are no longer able to drive to the grocery store or local pharmacy. 2. Social environment - residing in a nursing facility provides seniors with a built-in social

  • Professionalism In Nursing Research Paper

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    as very unprofessional because regardless of the issues that we have with other coworkers, they should be taken with each other in a private manner and if it does not get resolved, then it should be taken to the next higher up position such as the nursing supervisor. Punctuality is just one of the key components in professionalism. As nurses, it is our responsibility to show professionalism in the workplace at all times. Nurses are constantly judged by our behaviors and how we present ourselves to

  • Nursing Intervention Research Proposal

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    Methods of Research The study will use an intervention research method with a pre-test and post-test design. Intervention research seeks to investigate or to test the effectiveness of a proposed intervention to an identified problem that needs to be addressed such as the use of “statement vest” to medication error incidences for this present study. Intervention research is a systematic study of purposive change strategies. It puts emphasis on designing and developing interventions specifying social

  • Nursing Career Research Paper

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    background developed my interest to pursue a career in nursing profession. Several years ago I earned another degree in health care that I challenged myself by obtaining new experiences, and thus developed my education and professional skills. I have been working for several years in the hospital practicing caring skills in different fields of health care profession, as EKG technician, going from Med-Surg, ER, ICU and others.