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  • The Problem Of Online Shopping

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    internet user in saudi Arabia (In alhasa) city leads to acceptance of online shopping. This paper investigate the factors that encourage people to use online shopping. This study depends on methodology. There is a questionnaire. A random sample of 100 consumer participants answers it . After analyzing the result, the finding shows that the use of technology helps people try online shopping and know its benefits. Also,consumers online shopping have many characteristics such as (age,education,gender,and

  • Online Shopping Advantages

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    Nowadays, online shopping had become one of the essential and crucial parts in our daily environment. Therefore, it had become trend and also a phenomenon in many countries. Online shopping is a new trend that has been arising due to the internet advancement all over the world. Online shopping involves purchasing products or services over the internet. It is done through an online shop, e-shop, e-store, virtual store, web shop, internet shop or online store. All the products in online stores are

  • Online Shopping Orientations

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    2.4 Potential of Online Sales The development of e-commerce strategies usually starts by getting information from different companies on what they want to sell and how they want to sell it. In the electronic sales platform, some organization may sell their whole product range, or just a few selected items. Many organizations are seeking to realize the potential of e-commerce and to engage in the e-marketplace (Rowley J, 2000). In order to be successful in operating an online business, there is

  • Online Shopping Assignment

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    organization or company. By using internet connection, company used online service such as online shopping. Online shopping is advertising and promoting the products or services of a business over Internet. Today, online shopping is popular with other people anywhere to buy product or service through website or emails were reach to the consumer and it is combined with e-commerce to enable the business transactions. In online shopping, company can promote the products and services through various way

  • Disadvantage Of Online Shopping

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    Visit An Online Shopping Store The Internet has attacked each part of life and rearranged a considerable lot of our errands for us. Going by a web shopping store will give you a thought of exactly how spoilt the present day client is. Practically everything is accessible at a telephone call's notification today. What's more, on the off chance that you wish to sidestep that medium of correspondence also, you can simply sign on to an internet shopping website and request items from thingamabobs to

  • Evolution Of Online Shopping

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    In 1979 Michael Aldrich invented online shopping. His system connected a modified domestic TV to real time computer via telephone line. From his inventions when the World Wide Web came into existence various online stores were developed. Some of them were like online pizza delivery by Pizza Hut, Alibaba’s, etc. In Online shopping customer/user may use any of the web browsers and enter the web address, from which they want to shop. Looking through the list of items provided along with the rate, the

  • Challenges Of Online Shopping

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    To enhance consumer satisfaction and purchase intentions, online stores should start improving the reliability dimensions, such as capability of delivering products as promised, providing up-to date and accurate information, and strengthening the security of online transactions. (Lee & Lin, 2004). Online retail players have a scope to focus on new product delivery models and payment mechanisms, since customers are facing problems with the options available Ernst & Young (2012). Moreover, e-tailers

  • Influence Of Online Shopping

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    CONSUMER ONLINE SHOPPING ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR: AN ASSESSMENT OF RESEARCH Na Li and Ping Zhang A research was done by Na li and Ping Zhang on Consumer behavior towards online shopping. They say that According to UCLA Center for Communication Policy (2001), online shopping has become the third most popular Internet activity. They say that the Internet users, 48.9 percent made online purchases in 2001, with three-quarters of purchasers indicating that they make

  • Privacy Of Online Shopping

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    for online shoppers is their privacy. According to (Luis, Carlos und Migual 2007) Privacy refers to the protection of personal information. While doing online shopping, consumers are asked to fill up the form and for making a purchase their credit card details, bank information need to be provided. Regarding to privacy, most of the online shopping sites are still facing difficulties to protect the private information. This is the reason behind that most of the consumer’s still refuse do online shopping

  • Impact On Online Shopping

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    your last online shopping experience. You saw an advertisement about the double 12 shopping festival. Then you click the website, you saw millions of products and attractive discount. Then you find something you want to buy. After checking others’ feedback, it seemed to be quite good . finally you decided to buy it. And maybe you will go back to the shopping website to score the product after buying it. Choosing , analysis,feedback are the main parts of an online shopping experience. Shopping on the

  • Shopping Online Vs Online Shopping

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    way of shopping. The introduction of online shopping or e shopping had drastically changed the way of shopping people usually do. With this more and more people prefer online shopping to conventional shopping. It made shopping more easier, convenient and hassle free and also provide a platform to the people to do shopping from anywhere at anytime. There are factors, which affect the people to go shop online rather to go conventional market. These factors are as follows. Convenience: online shopping

  • Online Shopping Essay

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    levels of effectiveness. Online retailing is one such strategy and it is continuing to expand quickly. As Information Technology progresses rapidly, consumers can access the internet more convenient and thus they are more interested in online shopping. Retailers who have effectively used the internet to manage their business operations have been able to discover new ways to handle their inventories and save costs.

  • Online Shopping Disadvantages

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    Along with the ease of being able to shop online and pay for the goods electronically with phones there are several risks attached with it too. In the current era of fast networking and with so much being done on the internet in various fields, especially the transfer of information which has never been so rapid. The way how shopping was done has also changed dramatically in the more advanced societies. Unlike the conventional methods of going to a shop people now prefer the ease of being able to

  • Online-Shopping: The Benefits Of Online Shopping

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    According to Gutman, (1982) perceived benefits are attributes that derive beneficial outcomes. The benefits can be physiological, psychological, sociological or physical in nature. In the online shopping setting, perceived benefits of consumers are the sum of online shopping advantages or gratifications that convene their demands (Shwu-Ing, 2003). The principles employed by consumers may be based on attributes and benefits of a specific product being considered for purchase or from the stores where

  • Online Shopping And Web Shopping

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    Web Shopping Web shopping and customary shopping are sharing numerous likenesses, in the meantime, regardless it exists a few contrasts between them, for example, the Internet shopping could give accommodation and intuitive managements, and the conventional shopping could gives clients more happy with shopping environment and great nature of items (Lee and Chung, 2000). Both part of shopping centers are attempting to enhancing their managements by gain commutatively from one another, for example

  • The Advantages And Benefits Of Online Shopping

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    revolution is changing our daily lives. Along with the explosion of the Internet and social networks, online commerce is growing stronger than ever and plays an important role in the modern world (KIYICT, 2012). More than 85% of world’s online population has ordered goods over the internet during the recent year (Cheema, Rizwan, Falal, Durrani & Sohail, 2013). It can be witnessed that, online shopping brings about not only advantages but also disadvantages. According to Cimigo NetCitizens market research

  • Essay On Advantages Of Online Shopping

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    Advantages of Online Shopping was written by Teresa Frady in Fibre 2 Fashion website. Fibre 2 Fashion provides B2B marketplace where buyers and sellers connect to buy or sell their products. Furthermore, the website also provide latest industry news stories about business and products. The article’s source is browse on The Advantages of Online Shopping is an article that describes about how simple and easy online shopping

  • Factors Affecting Online Shopping

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    Online shopping has started be known when English entrepreneur Micheal Aldrich being as a pioneer of online shopping in 1979. He creates a system that can connect a modified domestic TV to real-time transaction processing computer via a domestic telephone line. From that, he believes that this can able “closed” corporate information system be opened to “outside” not just for transaction processing but also for e-messaging and gain information retrieval than can be known as e-business. Then, in

  • Factors Affecting Online Shopping

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    Factors Affecting Female Students’ Behavior When Shopping Via Social Media (Instagram), PSU Surat Thamonwan Chatarat and Suwimol Jitdee Prince of Songkla University, Surat Thani Campus Abstract In the past decade, the development of communication and information technology has played a role in changing people 's lifestyles and changing the way businesses operate, especially the internet. As a result, the internet has become a big marketing channel with the immediate

  • Negative Effects Of Online Shopping

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    internet is online shopping. With seventy nine percent of Americans making online purchases (Weller), it is quickly becoming a new tool for everyday life. This medium attracts every aspect of buying, from office supplies to dog treats. The demand for online shopping stores is increasing rapidly year by year. Because a shopper has thousands of online stores to choose from, larger shipping stores compile products from smaller sites to make it more accessible for the buyers. Although online stores—like