Open Mind Essays

  • The Importance Of Being Open Mind Analysis

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    one 's mindset can open up a new level of intelligence. Many articles such as “7 Benefits of Being Open-Minded” by Dani Dipirro and “The Importance of Being Open-Minded” by Sydney Dreason shows that being willing to change can help someone overcome various problems. The best way to respond to conflict is by being open-minded. By being amenable, people’s eyes may be open to new ideas, provides active listening, and builds communication skills. One might say that being open to new ideas is pointless

  • Atticus As A Father

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    white. But this is a truth that applies to the human race and to no particular race of men”(273).Over and over in the novel Atticus shows that he believes that everyone is equal no matter the color of one’s skin. By saying this Atticus rubs off this open mindedness onto his children which, makes them into great people like Atticus

  • Mr. Bracey's Constraints

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    with one another.” He then identified his open mindedness and honesty as a support. Stating this is a support because many individuals appreciate when he is honest and is open-minded. Mr. Bracey stated, “A lot of people like to be around me because I am very honest. I tell people the truth, just like I would want them to tell me the truth.” He followed this statement saying, “I also accept people for who they are, so I try to approach everyone with an open mind.” Therefore, it is clear Mr. Bracey appreciates

  • The Pros And Cons Of Self-Disclosure

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    Self-disclosure to me is allowing people to see who I am and how I really feel. For instance, allowing people to see me be vulnerable by telling my personal thoughts and showing my emotional side. Disclosing myself is a way to let people in emotionally, psychologically, and mentally. In other words, I will have to tell others how I perceive or feel about intimate topics. When I was younger I used to say everything I felt, however as I got older I realized everyone do not have pure intentions. For

  • The Importance Of Being Educated: An Open Or Closed Mind

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    Scrolling through the campus of Winthrop University I catch a glimpse of many diverse students. As I stroll, my mind tends to wonder why are we here? Why did we choose to attend college? Some of us chose to go to college to be a part of different organizations such as Greek life, sports, the school newspaper, honors society’s, etc. Several of us chose to attend college to enjoy hanging out with friends, occasional partying, attending campus events and cheering on the school basketball teams. While

  • Personal Swot Analysis Examples

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    individual’s life. My personal strengths is my ability to be innovative & creative, with open mind. These 3 things enable me to be a efficient & effective in my every way of life. Being open to new ideas is very fantastic ways. Compared to those of my peers with others in my life. Being open minded is very good way the adapt & grasp things easily in less time. Adaption is

  • Auditory Learner

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    neighborhood as Bailey and I. It’s uncommon except for the kids who went to Tarver before Century. Which there are few people here. Of course I notice them all I had classes with them last year, so I know who’s from there or not. One way I’m not being open minded is with Hannah Roberts. She just breaks my personal space bubble all the time, but I don’t think she gets how much space I need. I went to Tarver with her and she was the same way. Its just challenging for me. She is definitely either 1 or 4

  • Persuasive Essay About Off Campus Lunch

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    just need a break to recharge. Off-campus lunch provides money for our community, the students mature and learn to become responsible adults, not to mention they get a nice break from their learning environment. According to the Berkshire Eagle “Open-campus lunch leads to students putting money back into the economy. Local establishments like Teddy’s restaurant would likely be out of business if not for the hundreds of students that pass through their doors every week at lunch.” When students eat

  • Mindfulness Literature Review

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    your head right, everything else would follow. In this busy world, we have so much to worry about that we have stopped focusing on the tasks on hand. You open a pack of snacks, take one, then after a few moments you realize that you have eaten up all of it. But when did that happen? You just opened it and now it’s gone! This is because your mind wandered far off to your past and different situations or your worries that you forgot to focus on the present. Meditation

  • Why Did The Four Men Survive In The Open Boat

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    What does it take to survive? In “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane, there are only four men- an oiler, a captain, a cook, and a correspondent. They find themselves on a sunken ship off the coast of Florida trying to fight for their lives. The four men who get in the life boat after their ship sinks have to work together to survive. The men try to navigate the giant ocean waves in a ten-foot skiff on the open ocean. The four men on the ship all have different strengths. “The cook bails out the boat

  • Symbolism In The Open Boat

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    “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane features a small dinghy holding four men are stranded at sea, fighting off the ocean’s treacherous obstacles near the coast of Florida. In the midst of chaos and fear, the men soon realize that they are unable to reach safety, which results in the belief Nature is defying them. In this story, several themes may be perceived, including these: mankind versus Nature, forming brotherhood in time of helplessness, and humankind’s meaninglessness to the universe and its

  • Why Guns Should Be Banned Research Paper

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    Merriam-Webster defines gun control as a set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of fire arms by civilians. No matter what, this topic seems to always bring up controversy. Some people believe that the banning of guns will significantly reduce crime rates and other incidents gun related. While others strongly believe that gun control will not at all help reduce crime rates whatsoever, and criminals will always find a way to carry illegal

  • Girls Raised By Wolves Analysis

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    In the short story Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell, nuns at St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised by Wolves try to turn a pack of young girls, including Claudette the narrator, whose parents are werewolves, into proper humans who can fit into society. Claudette struggles with balancing her wolf upbringing with the teachings of the nuns, and ends up conforming to the standards and morals of humankind. Her change from being a pack member to a human individual is seen in many places throughout the

  • The Important Themes Of Tragedy In Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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    Nothing brings people together more than a shared tragedy. In Kafka’s novella The Metamorphosis, this important theme of tragedy is highly present, where the struggle is what causes bonding between the family members. Gregor, having metamorphosed affected his family greatly. Over time, his family had to adapt to the tragic transformation of Gregor, in order for them to live a comfortable and pleasant life. Having each understood that change is difficult to endure, they all metamorphosed, though instead

  • Crane's Short Story, The Open Boat

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    The short story, “The Open Boat,” gave life that the lives of the men were inconsequential to the world. Nature’s did its wrath upon the four men. Without mercy, the four men would become stranded upon a dinghy. The world would continue to push the men away from civilization. As the story continues, the men would come far and hard forward to land. However, the world would trick the men into thinking that help has come. That the ounces of help for them would be swept away by the ocean waves. The men

  • Examples Of Individualism In The Open Boat

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    The Open Boat In Stephen Crane’s short story “The Open Boat,” he uses a lot of imagery to portray how cruel nature is and how man must fight to stay alive and reach land. Man must battle the sea in which he refers to as gray and the only green is the land that the men must reach in order to survive. The short story evolved from Cranes real life experience and what he went through being stranded in the Atlantic Ocean. The story captures both brotherhood and individualism Writer Stephen Crane got

  • Against Gun Control Debate

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    Enshrined in the United States Constitution, there is perhaps no debate that permeates the contemporary socio political landscape with as much fervor as the right to bear arms. In recent times, the rise of gun violence has brought the issue of gun control to the forefront of political discourse. Gun control has been hotly contested by political leaders, liberal and conservative adults, and even teenagers in high school. While there are many articles online regarding this topic that appear to be reliable

  • The Open Boat Symbolism

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    bathtub; the danger and uncertainty of a powerful, unrelenting sea; and four men who have nothing but each other to rely on in their quest for survival. This sounds like the plot of a thrilling, dramatic tale – and it is – but Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat” is more than that: it is a retelling of Crane’s own brush with death and a stark consideration of the meaning of life. Stephen Crane was the youngest of fourteen children born to Johnathan and Mary Helen Crane. His life – although typical of

  • Group Therapy Research Paper

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    Counselors should themselves practice the following and encourage patients to also abide by the following things during therapies. 1) Respect confidentiality: Therapist at all times must keep any identifiable information of the participants confidential and should encourage the patients to do sotto. Unless there is a direct threat to the patient, any parties involved or the patient or the law demands it, information must be kept confidential by the therapist. Ensuing confidentiality from the patient

  • Analysis Of Short Story 'Boys And Girls' By Alice Munro

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    The story that I had presented for my oral presentation in Task 1 is ‘Boys and Girls’ is a by Alice Munro. This simple short story is about a young girl’s resistance to womanhood in a society infested with gender roles and stereotypes but have to accept the gender stereotyping in the end of the story. The story takes place in the 1940s on a fox farm outside of Jubilee, Ontario. The relevant theories of literary criticisms that can be applied to the ‘Boys and Girls’ short story are historical criticism