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  • Operating Systems: IOS Vs. Android Operating System

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    IOS v/s Android Operating System What is an Operating system? An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs. The operating system is a component of the system software in a computer system. Every general-purpose computer must have an operating system to run other programs and applications. Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the

  • Windows Operating System: The Evolution Of Windows Operating System

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    THE EVOLUTION OF WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 1 It was released in November 1985. Microsoft founder Bill Gates spearheaded its development and ran on top of Ms DOS which relied on command –line input. It was notable because it relied heavily on the use of a mouse before the mouse was a common computer input system. Microsoft included a game that relied on mouse control not the keyboard, to make the people used to moving the mouse around and clicking on screen elements. Windows 2 It was released

  • Importance Of Operating System

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    important to have an operating system as it is a program that manages a computer’s hardware because it acts as an intermediary between the user of the computer and the computer hardware. It controls the hardware and manages its use between several application programs for the numerous users. This essay will examine different pertinent subtle elements regarding the operating systems for example, such that those viewpoints to working systems, those capacities about operating systems, those parts about

  • Disadvantages Of The Operating System

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    Operating system provide the environment in which the program run and the services for the users of the system. In the operating system we run the program it is very important program to run the computer. It performs the basic tasks like take the input from the keyboard and change into the output. It keeps the track on the files. The five services which is given by the OS are: 1. Program execution 2. I/O Operations 3. File-System Manipulation 4. Communication 5. Error detection These five services

  • Operating System Assignment

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    An operating system is a program that acts as an intermediary between the user of a computer and the computer hardware. It is an essential part of the computer system and provides an environment in which the user can execute programs. The main functions of an operating system are: 1) To provide an environment where a computer user can execute programs on computer hardware in a convenient and efficient way. 2) To allocate the different resources of the computer as and when needed to solve a given

  • Five Types Of Operating Systems

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    need operating system which responsible to manage computer hardware and software resources. In this assignment, we need to explore and study five type of operating systems which are Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS, Apple iOS and Google Android. The objectives of this assignment are to learn and discover the functionalities of each operating systems, to explore the history and timeline and sharpen the usage and knowledge of different type of operating systems. This five-type operating system

  • Operating System Assignment: Switching Systems

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    OPERATING SYSTEM ASSIGNMENT-I Name: K. Sri Sirisha Class: CSE-3A, Rollno:13951A0539 1.Explain about context switching with necessary diagram? Switching the CPU to another process requires “performing a state save of the current process and state restore of a different process”. This task is known as a context switch. A context switch is a procedure that a computer’s CPU follows to change from one task to another while ensuring that the tasks do not conflict. A context switch may occur without changing

  • Linux: The Linux Operating System

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    Linux as an operating system for the Intel 80386 microprocessors. Linux is fast, stable and open source operating system for PC computer system .The Linux operating system has become one of the major Linux distribution, complete set of internet applications and fully functional desktop interface. Linux is being adopted as the operating system in many products beyond its traditional applications. Today, Linux is ready to accept challenge .Today Linux is a fully-fledged operating system and it is mainly

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Operating System

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    Operating system is a system software that is manages a computer hardware and a computer software provides resources and a common service of computer programs. Operating system provides all computer program and other devise including firmware to perform any function. Time sharing is an operating system that perform schedule task for used the system this may include various types of software such as accounting software that is used for the cost allocation time of processor mass storage printing and

  • Four Types Of Operating System

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    nearly all computer users will be utilizing operating systems with their equipment. These operating systems consist of both supervisor programs & language processors. It gives an execution environment for running programs. The execution environment provides a program with the processor time and memory space that it needs to run. The execution environment gives interfaces through which a program can use storage, networks, I/O devices, and other system hardware Components. Interfaces give a simplified

  • Advantages Of Embedded Operating System

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    Embedded Operating Systems for Real-Time Applications ABSTRACT The advent of the microprocessor discovered several features of the product that simply did not exist before. These intelligent processors have invaded and embedded themselves in all areas of our lives be kitchen (microwave oven), living rooms (TV sets, air conditioners) or work places (fax machines, beepers, laser printer, credit card readers). how to increase the complexity of embedded applications, use of the operating system brings

  • Essay On Android Operating System

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    An operating system is a suite of programs that powers a device and tells it what to do. The Android Operating System is a mobile operating system that is developed by Google Inc. for use on their Android devices. The most common way someone will encounter the Android operating system is on an assortment of mobile devices from a variety of different companies that are all part of the Open Handset Alliance. These include Motorola’s Moto G, Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphone and HTC’s Butterfly 2. These devices

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Operating System

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    INTRODUCTION The operating system is the most important program that runs on a computer. It is the component of system software in a program. It manages the computer hardware and software . The operating system is a component of the system software in a computer system. Operating system performs the following operations . *recognizes the input from the keyboard or mouse *sends output to the monitor *keeps track of files and directories on the disk *controls the peripheral devices such

  • Advantages Of Multi User Operating System

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    What is a multi-user operating system? It is a software that approves multiple users of computers. In addition to time sharing, multi-user systems are systems. The prospect of most systems can also be considered to be known as multiuser users in large computers and to avoid cpu idle while waiting for input and output. On the other hand, sharing technology is open by other people on the system, located on a variety of terminals, using some computer systems that are the same. There are also some call

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Linux Operating System

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    The UNIX operating system was created in the lab of AT&T Bell Labs and came out in the early 70's. Originally the UNIX operating system was free and the source code was released so people that wanted to use it were able to edit and make changes to the system as fit their needs. In other words you could freely use the UNIX system as a foundation for creating your own version that fit your specific purpose. The UNIX system is still used today though it is no longer free. Now however we have the Linux

  • Pros And Cons Of Linux Operating System

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    free? Generally, Linux operating system is an open source operating system as everyone knows. Open source software means it is freely distributed and can be downloaded from somewhere else. When it is freely distributed to the public without paying any license fees, it is categorized as an open source software. It is a free license in the sense that all the individual has the rights to modify it. For example, there are various types of operating system such as Microsoft Windows and Apple

  • Computer Operating Systems Case Study

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    type of operating system, all computer operating systems performs the following main tasks:  Process Management  Memory Management  File System Management  Device Management Process management Process is defined as an instant of a computer program that is being executed or in other words a program in execution. Application software being executed by user or a printing task carried out by the system are considered as processes. Below is the image of processes running on windows operating system:

  • The Pros And Cons Of Windows Operating Systems

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    It is common knowledge that computers run on operating systems. These operating systems are software made up of small programs. These programs use data and information in the PC to run the OS. The same is true for Windows operating systems. The computer stores all these data in the hard drives. You might have seen the hard drive partitions as ‘C’, ‘D’, and ‘E’ and so on. In most cases the C drive has Windows, while the other drives have stored images, movies etc. There is a reason for that. A separate

  • Computer Systems Assignment 2 P3: Purpose Of Operating Systems

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    Computer systems Assignment 2 P2, P3 Purpose of operating systems An operating system is an important program that runs on every computer. The main purpose of having an operating system is to run programs. The operating system performs basic task, reorganising input from the keyboard and sending output to display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disk. Also controls peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers. If you have a large system, the operating system has greater

  • Android Operating System Research Paper

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    A RESEARCH PROJECT ON THE ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM Author: Chris Corcoran Student ID: C00129492 Date: 27/11/2014 Lecturer: Caroline