Oral and maxillofacial surgery Essays

  • Traumatic Neuroma Case Study

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    Traumatic neuroma is not a tumour that is malignant. It is a swelling that occurs due to trauma to a nerve during surgery. The swelling occurs as a reaction of proliferation of neural tissues of the nerve to rejoin with the severed part. It is intra orally found to be encountered in the tongue and the mental foramen region .Oral traumatic neuroma is most commonly seen after tooth extraction or during administration of a mental nerve block.. Most of the dentist are unaware

  • Implant Dentistry Case Study

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    Procedures Regarding Contemporary Surgical and Radiographic Techniques in Implant Dentistry. The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, 29, pp.78–82. Cassetta, M. et al., 2011. Depth deviation and occurrence of early surgical complications or unexpected events using a single stereolithographic surgi-guide. International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 40(12), pp.1377–1387. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijom.2011.09.009. Chen, S.T. et al., 2009. Group 4 Consensus

  • Dental Implants Annotated Bibliography

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    Hosseini, MDM is a professor of clinical oral and maxillofacial surgery at Temple University School of Dentistry. His is involved in curriculum development, outcome assessment, and integration of technology in education. The chapter on dental implants in Darby and Walsh book discuss different types of dental

  • Pros And Cons Of Bachelor Of Dental Surgery

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    Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS Course: BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery is an undergraduate degree course. After the completion of the BDS program, the student designates the degree of the dentist. Dentists are the doctors of dental related problems. BDS degree is equivalent to MBBS and a BDS degree holder also owns Dr domain. In India, BDS is the only UG program specialization in the dental problems. BDS is the most sought medical course after the MBBS program in the medical field. Also, check

  • Microleakage Case Study

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    lesions particularly at the adhesive - enamel interface: white spot lesions and decalcification. The presence of fixed orthodontic appliances impedes oral hygiene and facilitates plaque accumulation. This in turn increases the bacterial counts in the plaque around the attachments and the production of organic acids2. In the presence of a low pH in the oral environment, the calcium and phosphate ions diffuse out of enamel resulting in demineralization and white spot lesions3. Despite advances in orthodontic

  • Essay On Periodontal Therapy

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    CONTEMPORARY TRENDS IN PERIODONTAL PLASTIC SURGERY ABSTRACT The goal of periodontal therapy is to establish and maintain the dentition and periodontium in health, comfort and function with optimal esthetics throughout the lifetime of the patient. This represents a modification in the thought processes of many dentists because the “dentition” now includes both natural teeth and dental implants. Although treatment parameters still include the basics of health, comfort and function, “esthetics” has

  • Esthetic Smile

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    1996;11:18–28. 9. Peck S, Peck H. A concept of facial esthetics. Angle Orthod 1970;40:284–318. 10. Vig RG, Brundo GC. The kinetics of anterior tooth display.J Prosthet Dent. 1978;39:502–504. 11. Gerona S, Ataliab W. Influence of Sex on the Perception of Oral and Smile Esthetics with Different Gingival Display and Incisal Plane Inclination. Angle Orthod

  • Examples Of Cultural Autobiography Essay

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    Cultural Autobiography I am Feena. I am a local year-one student studying Business Administration. I was born in Hong Kong. When I was a child, I was a shy and introverted girl and I seldom talk with my classmates or relatives. I had no friends and I was alone during the rest. Also, I was ignorant with English. I had no idea what the teachers were talking about during English lessons. At that time, I was empty and helpless. It was also formidable for me to cope with a substantial amount of homework

  • Importance Of Tooth Decay Essay

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    Title 1: Importance of Going to the Dentist Regularly Oral care is definitely very important for people of all ages that you should really consider taking the time to go to your dentist on a regular basis. Doing so gives you the following benefits: Tooth Decay Prevention Through the professional preventive care offered by Tooth Spa Dentistry's dental care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, you can be confident that your teeth are well maintained and you are away from any early signs of tooth decay

  • An Essay On Cosmetic Dentistry

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    Today’s Dentistry not only deals with the dental problems, but also it makes significant improvements in the aesthetics of teeth or gum or thefunctions of the teeth. The cosmetic dental treatment process creates a lot of positive changes on the teeth or gums which ultimately improve the appearance of the teeth. A trained, experienced, and skilled Cosmetic Dentists can help the people to improve their appearance, smile, and confidence. In this modern age,the aesthetic-centered Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Shaving Bumps Speech

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    INTRODUCTION I am back! This is Louis and I am back to share with you the long awaited formula. Got Shaving Bumps? Ingrown Hairs? Shaving Rashes? If you are a man of color, which we all have, and have thick or thin, coarse or fine curly hair on your beard and other unmentionable places, then, you probably have them. If not then count yourself as being very fortunate. Hello! I’m Louis and let me be the first to say congratulations on taking your first step in the battle to fight shaving bumps, ingrown

  • Dental Assistant Advantages

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    A dental assistant is a dental health practitioner who works closely with the dentist, providing him with tools and equipment needed for dental procedures. Dental assistants support dental specialists or dentists in performing administrative and laboratory tasks, taking care of patients and preparing them for treatment. A dental assistant is not the real dental operator that performs on patients but only an assistant to the licensed dentist. However, becoming a certified dental assistant is not

  • The Importance Of Forensic Odontology

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    Forensic odontology is that branch of forensic medicine which in the interests of justice, deals with the proper examination, handling and presentation of dental evidence in the court of law. This branch is an investigative aspect of dentistry that analyzes dental evidence for human identification. (1) Sex determination is imperative in determining the biological profile of a person by a forensic investigator and becomes the first priority in the process of identification in the cases of natural

  • Dental Emergencies Case Study

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    problems demanding immediate intervention are termed as dental emergencies. Situations which can wait for normal dental appointments are not emergencies. Conditions demanding an emergency call are classified as: I. Oro – facial pain 1. Cuts or wounds to oral tissue 2. Prolonged tooth ache 3. Pain in wisdom tooth 4. Dry socket 5. Ludwig’s angina 6. ANUG –Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis II. Restorative emergencies 1. Lost filling 2. Lost crown or cap 3. Objects wedged between teeth 4. Lost tooth

  • Benefits Of Whitening Mouthwash Essay

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    Having good oral health and following proper oral hygiene on a daily basis is extremely important. Those that practice good oral hygiene will have a drastically reduced level of plaque and bacteria on their teeth and gums, which could help to reduce the chance that they end up getting gingivitis or any other serious teeth or gum disease. When most people think of oral hygiene, they naturally think about brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist. However, many people frequently overlook the importance

  • Dentistry Personal Statement Essay

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    Personal Statement Dentistry appeals to me as a career because it allows a great deal of practical application of sciences along with patient care and the need to incorporate my manual and communication skills. Over the years, I have also developed an interest in dental health and also how dentists can help to improve one’s life quality, not only from the clinical aspect, but also from a psychological, social and spiritual aspect by adopting a holistic approach towards patient care. I especially

  • Dental Database Case Study

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    Dental Database A dentist is a dental doctor who is specialized in diagnosing and preventing disease associated with teeth & gums. They are also responsible for oral cavity issues and other dental issues. They use radiographic to study the condition of teeth so as to perform surgery if required. We Data Marketers Group believe that even small things matter in business. It is bad decision to avoid to small issues when it comes to business. Focusing & taking right decision paves road to success. For

  • Essay On Wisdom Teeth

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    overall health. You’d be surprised how much it reveals about your well-being. But there are plenty of myths about dental health, as well. Think that tingly sensation from using Listerine is a sign it’s working? Or that bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene? Or that fluoride is bad for your health? Research suggests you could be wrong. Here are the 10 most common myths we encounter — and links to the studies where you can learn more. Myth #10: Beauty salons are a good choice for whitening your

  • Dental Caries Essay

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    The first tool that oral professionals use for caries detection is done visually by using their eyes. The oldest method for detecting the changes within the tooth structure is the microporosity of enamel, which is done with the transmission of light through the enamel. Next

  • Dynamic Occlusion

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    Occlusion: Occlusion can be defined very simply:”it means the contact between teeth”. the concept can be further refined by defining those contacts between the teeth when the mandible is closed and stationary as the static occlusion, and those contacts between teeth when the mandible is moving relative to the maxilla as the dynamic occlusion. [1] • there are few terms in occlusion which needs to be explained in ordr to understand occlusion in detail. • Static Occlusion: static occlusion is the contact