Otto Frank Essays

  • Informative Essay On Otto Frank

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    1 million children were murdered in the holocaust. Anne Frank was one of the 1.1 million children. ("Anne Frank." She died in the concentration camps at the age of fifteen. The typical problems for a fifteen year is figuring out what career they want to pursue or what college they want to go, not wondering if today is going to be the day they die in a gas chamber or wondering if their family members are still alive. Anne Frank and her family are important to history because of the reason

  • Effects Of Otto Frank On The Holocaust

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    Opekta company working for Otto Frank making jam, Miep instantly became friends with the Frank Family. Miep Gies was married to Jan Gies they

  • Otto Frank Research Paper

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    One family, The Franks, were affected by this unnecessary hatred. The Franks were a total of four people, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Margot Frank, and Anne Frank. The Franks lived a normal life in Germany but decided to move as Jews were given less and less freedom because of Hitler 's laws to oppress the Jews. Even when the Frank Family left Germany to the Netherlands the Nazis invaded there and they were in the same situation once again. The Franks decided to go into hiding behind Otto 's business,

  • Similarities Between Otto Frank And Anne Wiesel

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    were murdered. Anne Frank was a young girl who had to live in a secret annex with her family starting July 6Th. The Van Pels family joins them a week later. The two families already know each other: Otto Frank and Hermann Van Pels are business partners. Four months later, Fritz Pfeffer is the eighth person to move into the Annex. He 's Miep Gies ' dentist. Anne and the rest of the people hiding in the secret annex had to live the end of their lives in the holocaust. Anne Frank received her diary for

  • Otto Frank Speech

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    In The Diary of Anne Frank, Otto Frank is a reliable leader and caring father. From the beginning, readers see that he is the head of the annex. He responsibly gives rules and keeps the annex in order. Being kind and thoughtful, he is highly regarded by his daughter Anne. Mr. Frank improves the quality of life in the annex through his actions, morals and personality. Mr. Frank improves the quality of life in the annex through his actions. He is welcoming to the Van Daans and Dussel. He offers the

  • The Holocaust: Otto Frank

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    people, six million of which were Jewish. The Frank’s couldn 't get out of the due to the Nazi occupation, so they did the next best thing, which was to hide. Otto Frank was the one who helped arrange it, due to his ties with some people in his company. Otto Frank is an example of survival because he was a natural leader, selfless and caring. Otto was a natural leader because he made his own company and was the director of it. This could be shown as leadership because he made something out of nothing

  • Was Otto Frank A Survivor

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    Did you know Otto Frank was the sole survivor of the Holocaust within the group hidden in the annex, he displayed leadership within the annex when things were tough and he survived WWI. Even after surviving so much, he did not come out unscathed. He was a survivor because he survived WWI, he survived the Holocaust, and showed leadership in the annex and still carried on. One reason that Otto Frank was a survivor was because he survived the Holocaust when every other person in the annex with him

  • Otto Anne Frank Essay

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    Going into hiding, Anne Frank and her family got prepared for when they would have to go into hiding months in advance. They had planned to go into hiding July 16th, even if there was no immediate threat to their family. It wasn’t until July 5th Edith opened the door and got a letter stunned. The summons to labor service, Edith thought the letter was going to be addressed to Otto Anne’s father. The letter was addressed to Margot Frank she was Anne’s sister; she was ordered to report to the Central

  • Otto Frank: A Good Example Of A Survivor

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    Otto Frank The Holocaust took place in World War Two. Otto Frank was a Jew who was in World War Two. He also hid in the Secret Annex with eight other people including his wife and two daughters. Otto Frank is a good example of a survivor because he survived the Holocaust, he was in another war, and was good at medicine. Otto Frank is a survivor because he survived the Holocaust. He found Anne’s diary after the Holocaust (Hackett and Goodrich). That is how we know about Anne Frank’s Diary. He needed

  • Expressionism In John Munch's 'A Censored Soul'

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    A Censored Soul Expressionism is classified as a movement of modernism. This art form initially started in poetry and later working into painting, starting in Germany and Eastern Europe in the 20th century. The basis of expressionism is to convey the world as it is seen through a personal perspective, usually being distorted in order to arouse ideas and emotions, it aimed to show the meaning of emotional encounters rather than reality itself. A Censored Soul (Figure 1) has a meaning that the opinions

  • Otto Frank In Margaret Atwood's The Man Of The House

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    Motivations- Throughout the play, Otto Frank’s goal is to protect the families and make sure that they are safe until the end of the war. Mr. Frank is what some people would call “The Man of the House” because he is always acting like a leader and takes care of everyone. When Anne passes out, Mr. Frank doesn’t hesitate to risk their concealment by getting water for Anne, which shows how committed he is to helping his family. He argues, “If they’ve found us, they’ve found us. Get the water...”(542)

  • Lies In The Dust Analysis

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    Set fourteen years after the Salem witch trials, Lies In The Dust is a graphic about historical figure Ann Putnam coming to terms with the damage she dealt to Salem and the remorse that moved her to publicly apologize. Over the course of the narrative, Ann extensively reflects on her family's involvement in abetting the trials and consequent ostracization from the surviving members of her community. As the setting bounces between the present year of 1706 and the past in 1692, the full extent of Ann's

  • Annene Frank: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Marie “Anne” Frank (June 12, 1929 to March 1945) was a world-famous German-born diarist and World War II Holocaust victim. Her work, The Diary of Anne Frank, has gone on to be read by millions. Fleeing Nazi persecution of Jews, the family moved to Amsterdam and later went into hiding for two years. During this time, Frank wrote about her experiences and wishes. She was 15 when the family was found and sent to concentration camps, where she died. Anne Frank in 1940 Photo Anne Frank at school, 1940

  • Early Life Of Anne Frank Essay

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    The person I have chosen to write about is Anne Frank, a young German girl who died as a result of the Holocaust. In my essay i will be discussing her early life, the society she grew up in, her death and her legacy. Early life Annelies Marie Frank was born on the 12th June 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to parents Otto and Edith. She had one older sister, Margot. The Frank family were Jewish. Anne was given a necklace as a gift for her birth, which had hebrew inscription on one side of it

  • The Girl In Hiding Anne Frank

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    Anne Frank The Girl in Hiding Anne Frank wrote, “If the truth is told, things are just as bad as you yourself care to make them.”(Frank, April 14) Many people know that Anne was a girl who lived during the Holocaust, but she was so much more. Anne Frank changed the world by writing about her feelings through her diary in hiding during World War II. She showed optimism and appreciation through the horrible events of the Holocaust and the fear of being killed or sent to concentration camps. Anne

  • Research Paper On Anne Frank

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    Anne Frank A Young Girl With an Impactful Diary John F. Kennedy once said, “Of the multitude who throughout history have spoken for human dignity in times of great suffering and loss, no voice is more compelling than that of Anne Frank.” Anne Frank is mostly known as a young girl who wrote a diary throughout her time being discriminated by the Germans during World War II. However, her story was like an intricate spider web full of emotions. Anne Frank gave the world an inside look of the Jewish

  • Research Paper On Anne Frank

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    Anne Frank The Voice of the Holocaust Writer, diary, and inspiration are some words people often think of when they hear about Anne Frank. Many people know that she wrote a diary and was a Jewish citizen during World War II, but she was so much more. As a Jewish girl in hiding who experienced suffering and fear at such a young age, her story inspires hope and resilience in the face of death and destruction. Anne Frank changed the world by showing what life was like from the inside out of affected

  • Holocaust Heroes: Miep Gies During The Holocaust

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    she chose to remain with them, living the rest of her life in the Netherlands.Miep became the biggest support for the family while they were hiding for 2 years and the One who found Anne’s Diary after the war ended.Miep Gies helped hide Otto and Edith Frank, their daughter Margot and Anne, Herman and his Husband Auguste Van Pels, their son Peter, and Fritz in several upstairs rooms in the company 's office building on Amsterdam.Gies said she was glad to help the families hide because she

  • Miep Gies

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    Miep Gies was just one of many amazing women during the Holocaust. During the start of the Holocaust Miep worked in the office of the very well known Otto Frank. Miep was a very close family friend of the Franks’. When the Frank family decided to go into hiding they turned to Miep to hide them away in the secret annex, of course Miep agreed. When the Frank family went into hiding, Miep was responsible for providing them with food, water, everyday essentials,

  • Anne Frank's Life During The Holocaust

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    Annelies Marie Frank, or mostly known as Anne Frank was born on June 12,1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. She lived with her family during World War II in Amsterdam. Many of the Jews were fleeing from the persecution of the Nazi’s under the orders of Adolf Hitler at the time. This devastating time was during the Holocaust that lasted from 1933-1945. They quickly went into hiding with seven others including her mother, Edith Frank, and her father, Otto Frank, and her sister, Margot. The Van Pels also hid