Paralympic Games Essays

  • Kerri Morgan Case Study

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    Demographic Kerri Morgan is a forty-three-year-old woman who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Kerri was born in New York, and at a young age her family relocated to St. Louis. St. Louis is unique, for the reason that it has the Special School system. Upon arrival, Kerri’s parents fought hard to have her attend a mainstream school. In the end, her parents won the battle and Kerri attended a mainstream school throughout her primary and secondary education. After high school, Kerri traveled away to college

  • Athleticism In The Ancient Olympic Games

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    The Ancient Olympic Games celebrated culture and politics as much as athleticism. Examining the Ancient Games through these lenses reveals a contradiction between fostering national Greek unity and the rivalries between Greece’s many city-states. Every four years, tens of thousands of Greeks from hundreds of different city-states came together to compete against each other in sports but also to conduct politics and important business. On the one hand, the Games were grounded in religion and myth

  • Ancient Olympics: Today Vs. Ancient Greece

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    the games started but there are some myths. According to these myths, the guardians of the infant god Zeus held the first foot race, or the Zeus himself started the games to celebrate his victory over his father Cronus for control of the world. Another tradition states that after the Greek hero Pelops won a chariot race against King Oenomaus to marry Oenamaus' daughter Hippodamia, he established the games. The Olympic games were

  • Jessica Long: An Incredible Athlete

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    Education of deaf- Blind Children. While at San Diego State she began running and doing high jump. “Runyan began to make her mark as a world-class runner in 1999 at the Pan American Games” (Bussels). In the year 2000 at Sydney, Australia Runyan became the first legally blind person to compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games and at the Olympics she finished 8th in the 1,500 meter run. Also in 2000 “Marla finished as the top American with the second fastest debut time by a women in the New York City

  • Disabilities In Volleyball

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    Sitting volleyball is an official Paralympic sport, with women and men competing at the Paralympic games, since Arnhem in 1980 (Sitting Teams, 2018). The rules for sitting volleyball is based of the rules for able-bodied volleyball with a few adaptations. These adaptations include: a smaller court (10m x 6m) and a lower net (1.15m for men and 1.05 for women) and a portion of the athlete’s glutes must be in contact with the ground at all times while playing the ball. These adaptations are great for

  • Cognitive Observation

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    Today in class we participated in an activity called, sitting volleyball, a form of volleyball that is played in the Paralympic Games. (Olympic style games for athletes with disabilities.) This activity helped me understand the fundamental skills that are needed for disabled players to participate in athletic activities. Some of the adaptations made for this game were lowering the net, decreasing the team sizes, changing the court sizes and changing the way players moved on the court. Even though

  • Essay On Sports Broadcasters

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    The love this world has for sports is something people have never seen before. So many people would die to play the game they love, but why not talk about it or entertain them while the game is being played? A sports broadcaster or sportscaster is a professional who reports on many athletic events on radio or television. In the field, there are different types of broadcasting. Sportscasters who specialize in running commentary can be one of those types, and the majority of sporting events will feature

  • Essay On Bow Hunting

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    Chapter 1: Getting Started Before getting into the details, it is important to reflect on our history. Most think of our human ancestors were nomads, but by the Late Sto¬ne Age, humans were using fire and making tools for various purposes, and thus, settling down. The bow and arrow was one of the tools made for hunting. The oldest known arrows have been found in Africa and are roughly 40,000 to 25,000 years old. The humans progressed gradually and started using wooden arrowheads, fire-hardened stone

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The First Time On A Football Field

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    hard. Then we said hike the ball was handed of to the running we tried to stop them but they still got the touchdown. They tried to make us go to right side on a counter play but we read there play and we stopped them from getting the first. The game was tight until they got down on the 20 yard line and they got stopped by us. Right when they got down it started raining and we had to play in that but the ball was slippery for the quarterback and he keep on stumbling with the ball and he kept on

  • Descriptive Essay Baseball

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    stocky look of most of the players. Although the sport may not be for everyone, it is definitely a sport to enjoy as a pastime. Watching a baseball game can be fun and , if one is to understand the game, interesting. A few things I always find enjoyable at a baseball game is the fun environment and cheering on my favorite team. One thing that makes the game more interesting and invigorating is the crowds’ elation and anger. I have known this sport my entire life and grew up in a family of baseball

  • Deer Hunting Symbolism

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    The Use of Deer-hunting As Way of Speaking About Women The uses of deer-hunting in Wyatt’s «Whoso list to hunt», Spenser’s Amoretti 67, and Dickinson’s «My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun» have different meanings and interpretations due to authors’ different perception of the world and the environment that all three of them lived in and developed their written art. All three narrators allude to the idea where the use of deer-hunting symbolizes a chase for women’s love, women’s power or powerlessness

  • Narrative Speech About Softball

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    “Rodriguez, get off the field!”, these words stabbed through my heart like a dull knife through leather. Since the first practice I attended Softball has always been my life. I look back at my twelve years of experience there was one say that specifically stands out. Not even the the days where I hit my first home run or made my first diving play stand out. For many many years I was always seen as the player the team called on to pull the team out of a rut. To make things a bit more complicated my

  • The Pros And Cons Of Tackling In Youth Football

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    be Banned Imagine a nine year old boy who loves laughing. He is energetic, and it seems like he is always doing something. He is getting ready for the big football game later one afternoon. He has been waiting for this day for two weeks; it is finally here. Three plays into the game, he gets hit in the head. The boy comes out of the game for a couple of minutes, but eventually his coach puts him back in. A few plays later, he gets hit again, but this time he does not get up right away. When he does

  • Imagery, And Internal Conflict In A Long Way Home By Saroo Brierley

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    Former U.S. National Security Advisor, Colin Powell, once said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work”. Michael Jordan put in a great amount of effort and practice every day to become a famous basketball player. Tim Cook always worked harder than everyone else to become Apple’s CEO. Howard Schultz put in extra time and work to become the Starbucks CEO. Hard work and determination always lead to success. In a book called A Long Way Home, written

  • Roles In The Elizabethan Era

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    The Elizabethan Era, named after Queen Elizabeth I, was a period from the year 1558 to 1603. This period is known for the flowering of English literature, music, poetry, science, and theatre, making it the Golden Age of England. However, not everything is perfect, and it shows how the Elizabethan era has been romanticized in various aspects, may it be in televisions, books, movies, and many more. In this essay, I will be presenting similarities and differences of the Elizabethan era and the modern

  • Love And Religion In Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms

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    Religion in A Farewell to Arms The novel A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway is primarily about war and love. A farewell to arms is about World War I and all the disastrous things that come along with the war. Furthermore the novel also describes tragic romance of the two protagonists, the American lieutenant Frederic Henry who serves in the Italian ambulance corps and the English nurse Catherine Barkley who works at an Italian hospital. Reading A farewell to arms, you discover that not only

  • Father-Son Relationships In The Odyssey

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    Throughout all of human history, various pieces of literature usually reflect the nature of people and the current culture of the time it was written. A topic that was frequently written about in Greek Mythology were family dynamics and relationships between family members. More specifically, father-son relationships were an extremely prevalent topic in Greek Mythology. In particular, The Odyssey touched upon this topic greatly. The basic structure of father-son relationships have stayed the same

  • Physics Of Basketball Essay

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    onclusions made during this inquiry to my knowledge of the game. Having never taken physics in my academic career I do foresee some challenges but I hope to expand my knowledge of both basketball and physics. The aim of this investigation is to determine several different values of the projectile of a basketball shot with fixed angles. III) Parameters and Measurements To simplify the process of identifying an optimal shooting angle and initial velocity to get a ball in the hoop, there are several

  • Football Snuff Analysis

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    A beautiful game manifested by the array of sportsmanship, leadership, brotherhood, honor and code, Football as it stands, is a game which unites and seldom divides. The bright side of football is always cherished and focused upon, even rightly so, because the dark side of it, has scars which could haunt ardent fans for a lifetime. Apart from all the last minutes or penalty shootout heartbreaks, which take a mental toll on players and fans alike, football can be utterly and purely 'dirty'. Stuck

  • Dodgeball Should Be Banned

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    many years and students have figured out the strong and the weak. Imagine people in high school or middle school going into a gym where it is hot and sweaty. They are choosing two teams and it ends up as the weak vs. the strong. Then they start the game and all the stronger people start to throw the balls which knock all the weak players out and they fall to the ground. Then that will seem like the stronger are picking on the weaker. Dodgeball should be banned from physical education. In dodgeball