Paralympic Games Essays

  • Kerri Morgan Case Study

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    Demographic Kerri Morgan is a forty-three-year-old woman who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Kerri was born in New York, and at a young age her family relocated to St. Louis. St. Louis is unique, for the reason that it has the Special School system. Upon arrival, Kerri’s parents fought hard to have her attend a mainstream school. In the end, her parents won the battle and Kerri attended a mainstream school throughout her primary and secondary education. After high school, Kerri traveled away to college

  • Athleticism In The Ancient Olympic Games

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    The Ancient Olympic Games celebrated culture and politics as much as athleticism. Examining the Ancient Games through these lenses reveals a contradiction between fostering national Greek unity and the rivalries between Greece’s many city-states. Every four years, tens of thousands of Greeks from hundreds of different city-states came together to compete against each other in sports but also to conduct politics and important business. On the one hand, the Games were grounded in religion and myth

  • Ancient Olympics: Today Vs. Ancient Greece

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    the games started but there are some myths. According to these myths, the guardians of the infant god Zeus held the first foot race, or the Zeus himself started the games to celebrate his victory over his father Cronus for control of the world. Another tradition states that after the Greek hero Pelops won a chariot race against King Oenomaus to marry Oenamaus' daughter Hippodamia, he established the games. The Olympic games were

  • Jessica Long: An Incredible Athlete

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    Education of deaf- Blind Children. While at San Diego State she began running and doing high jump. “Runyan began to make her mark as a world-class runner in 1999 at the Pan American Games” (Bussels). In the year 2000 at Sydney, Australia Runyan became the first legally blind person to compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games and at the Olympics she finished 8th in the 1,500 meter run. Also in 2000 “Marla finished as the top American with the second fastest debut time by a women in the New York City

  • Special Olympics Rhetorical Analysis

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    Special Olympics Approximately 400,000 people in the United States have Down syndrome. Autism affects 1 in 68 children and that number continues to flourish. There is no cure for autism or Down syndrome and they shouldn’t be ridiculed for something out of their control. Aside from the negativity, people with disabilities continue to persevere. The athletes in the Special Olympics are empowered and embraced by the organization, strangers, their family, and their friends. By applying ethos the organization

  • Disabilities In Volleyball

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    Sitting volleyball is an official Paralympic sport, with women and men competing at the Paralympic games, since Arnhem in 1980 (Sitting Teams, 2018). The rules for sitting volleyball is based of the rules for able-bodied volleyball with a few adaptations. These adaptations include: a smaller court (10m x 6m) and a lower net (1.15m for men and 1.05 for women) and a portion of the athlete’s glutes must be in contact with the ground at all times while playing the ball. These adaptations are great for

  • Cognitive Observation

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    Today in class we participated in an activity called, sitting volleyball, a form of volleyball that is played in the Paralympic Games. (Olympic style games for athletes with disabilities.) This activity helped me understand the fundamental skills that are needed for disabled players to participate in athletic activities. Some of the adaptations made for this game were lowering the net, decreasing the team sizes, changing the court sizes and changing the way players moved on the court. Even though

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Skateboarding

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    SKATEBOARDING Why do I love to skateboard? When I was twelve years old I had a good interest in skateboarding and it looked like it was a fun cool active sport. The first professional skateboarder I looked up to was Nyjah Houston he was an amazing professional skateboarder on element skateboards. In 2010 there was a skateboarding contest it was called “street league skateboarding” when I heard about Nyjah Houston entering and street league came on the live stream channel I cheered him on every

  • Summary Of Thomas Henderson's Speech

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    Fans are screaming and cameras are flashing as the football leaves the quarterback 's hand. The spiraling balls seems to float through the air, meant to be caught by only one man, but just before the ball finds the pair of hands it was meant for Thomas Henderson pulls it out of the air and takes off. Once the ball is in Hendersons grasp, no one can take it from him as he dances past the opposing team into the endzone. Thomas Henderson was an incredibly effective football player and now he is an equally

  • What Is The Importance Of Hunting Essay

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    Hunting regulations should or should not be a thing is the topic of what were about to read. Hunting regulations are a big topic amongst hunters because some of the hunters does not want there to be regulations so they could hunt anytime, however that could led to some animals going extinct. Although other hunters want the regulations so we won’t damage the populations of the animals that we hunt. There needs to be regulations on hunting because animals could go extinct or animals could become

  • Persuasive Essay On Youth Football Pros And Cons

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    Youth football is a sport that is played in various places, many people think that it is not dangerous and kids should be able to play, while others think that this sport is too dangerous and should not be played. Based off of all the evidence that I have found through research, it has let me to agreeing with the fact that youth football is too dangerous for young children to be playing. This sport has pros to it, some of which are very good, but the con side outways it with extraordinary pieces

  • Jackie Robinson Racism

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    There are few constants in baseball, it’s a game unlike any other where a fraction of a second or a break in a wind gust can alter the game severely. Each ballpark is unique in it’s architecture, whether punctuated by a crooked outfield wall or a risking interference every pitch by having the bullpen in foul territory, baseball diamonds has as colourful a personality as the men which play upon it. Yet, there is one constant in every stadium; a placard with simply ‘42’ written upon it, overlooking

  • XIX Century Football Game Analysis

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    The rule that changed football By the second half of the XIX century, there were several dozen of informal teams, except for "Sheffield", "Wanderers" and other official clubs in England. Usually, there were groups representing the two villages or two blocks. They were going near the cricket field (or even a parking lot), agreed on the rules of the upcoming match and played while the spectators were placing bets. This usually happened on weekends. Sometimes they played cricket. Earlier the teams

  • Motion Simulation In Disney

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    STIMULATING SIMULATION – UNDENIABLY UNIVERSAL Motion simulators really do make you feel like you are thoroughly immersed in a parallel world which can have you flying or racing through realistic settings, fighting off villains and joining in with all your favourite characters. They have the ability to make you feel both exhilarated and nauseous all at the very same time. In fact, everything that the average thrill seeker feeds on! The Disney franchise does have a fair number of pretty great 3D/4D

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The First Time On A Football Field

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    hard. Then we said hike the ball was handed of to the running we tried to stop them but they still got the touchdown. They tried to make us go to right side on a counter play but we read there play and we stopped them from getting the first. The game was tight until they got down on the 20 yard line and they got stopped by us. Right when they got down it started raining and we had to play in that but the ball was slippery for the quarterback and he keep on stumbling with the ball and he kept on

  • Opinion Essay On Basketball

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    love to watch and play the game, basketball is a very entertaining sport and can be played by anyone. Basketball has many negative and positive things about it based on my opinion. Basketball is a great way of exercise and a great way to have fun with friends. Basketball in my opinion the best thing I can do with my friends to have fun while burning a few calories. I see it as a fun and easy way to have fun rather than sitting on the couch all day playing video games or watching television. One

  • Personal Narrative: My Favorite Place In My Backyard

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    I have picked my backyard because when I was younger it was my favorite place to be at. I used to go out there and play any kind of game, but my favorite thing was playing soccer. My feelings about going out there was something amazing, some other kids would rather play video games and doing some other stuff, but all I wanted to do was to go out in my backyard and just enjoy there. Just like my love for soccer has changed even though I still love it but it is different, and i do not really play out

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Playing The Game Of Baseball

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    Everyone 's at least broken a bone or injured themselves before right? Well this is one of those tragic stories where I unfortunately injured myself. It all started way back in the 5th grade and all my friends and family know I love & play the game of baseball. The baseball season for the little league I play for is about to begin in about 1-2 weeks. I’ve been anticipating the season to start for about the last 5+ months. These past couple of months have been so boring cause I have been doing nothing

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Middle Year Basketball Tryouts

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    to play and a started to do what I did best which is play my game after we played a was pretty convenient in my performance but we still had the whole

  • Descriptive Essay: College Baseball Game Day

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    College Baseball Game Day My rear end is numb from sitting down is this hard seat for too long, but I do have the best in the wonderful baseball park right now as fan perspective, I choose to be right here where I can see all the action row number thirty-four with a clear view of the whole entire baseball field from foul pole to foul pole such amazing view; infact, when people stand up with their number one foam fingers I can still see the game going on with nobody in my way. Furthermore so I am