Paraphilia Essays

  • Paraphilias A Critical Summary

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    Review Research: Strategies in the treatment of Paraphilias: A Critical Review The authors of the article aim to explore the treatment of persons with paraphilias. They have noted that the important thing to do is to figure out the first step in designing treatment programs for paraphilias as a result this will help the doctor determine what needs to be addressed. They also noted that the life history examination of the patient is vital part of the assessment thus it will help assist the therapist

  • Fetishism And Paraphilia

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    Fetishism and paraphilia can be defined as a longstanding and persistent sexual interest that describes a powerful eroticization of a part of another person’s body (feet, hair, breasts), non-living objects (shoes, clothing, objects), (Kafka, 2010) or activities and experiences (sadism, masochism, voyeurism, and pedophilia) (Friedman & Downey, 2000). Many individuals view their fetishes to be a healthy expression of sexuality; however, it is considered a paraphilia disorder if it produces significant

  • Internalized Homophobia In Giovanni's Room

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    In the novel Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin, the protagonist David’s obsession with maintaining a traditionally masculine façade is what leads to the demise of all of his relationships. David’s masculine presentation and insecurity over his own homosexuality are frowned upon by Western society in the 1950s, the novel’s setting. This general societal consensus leads to David’s internalization of homophobia, eventually leading to the ruin of his relationships with family, friends, lovers, and himself

  • Hysteria In A Doll's House

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    Hedda’s ‘hysteria’ is because of the fact she is unsuited to the female roles of society. Her decision of marriage and her unwanted pregnancy has aided a lot in her mental hysteric situation. In A Doll’s House, the protagonist of the play Nora Helmer’s hysteria has released in the Tarantella dance. Similarly, playing of piano by Hedda helps in the release of her hysteria. Being a daughter of General and having military background, hedda is following strict codes of conducts and narrow traditions

  • Paraphilia Research Paper

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    What are paraphilic disorders? Paraphilias can be described as a condition the cause sexual arousal and gratification that is considered extreme. A Paraphilia can focus on particular objects such as children, animals, and inanimate objects or a particular act such as exposing oneself. Surprisingly most paraphilias are more common in men according to (Placeholder1) there are twenty men to one woman. A paraphilia is distinguished as a fixation with an object or behavior to the point of developing dependence

  • Paraphilia Case Studies

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    Paraphilia is a condition in which a person’s sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior that is a typical and extreme. When it comes to paraphilia, it becomes a broad topic for which it can be broken down to several sexual disorders. In the eyes of many experts the most commonly diagnosed with sexual disorders are men, but recent research has shown the increase of women falling under this umbrella. Women and paraphilia are rare and basically almost

  • Tone Clusters Play Summary

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    collection of military literature and pornographic magazine that strongly lead his possibility of being a murderer and also it can be reliable that there is sexual behaviour disorder in Carl Gulicks’s soul. This study would like to expose about the paraphilia as abnormal sexual behaviour in the Tone Cluster which bring Carl Gulicks as the model. To analyse this study, first, the readers should know about human sexual behaviour, it will conduct to understand this study. In this world, human could not

  • Voyeurism Research Paper

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    claimed that voyeurism is a displacement paraphilia, one that "involves a segment of the preparatory phase for an erotic and sexual activity before genital intercourse begins. He hypothesized that a displacement paraphilia is a "love map that goes awry by the displacement of original elements". He also viewed that voyeurism is one of the showing or looking "allurative"

  • Sexual Masochism Disorder

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    Describe the criteria of the disorder Sexual Masochism Disorder is an example of a paraphilia disorder. Paraphilia Disorders cause distress or impairment to the individual these entails personal harm or risk of harm to others (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). The diagnostic criteria for sexual masochism disorder involves two parts they are a) over a period of at least six months where the individual experiences recurrent and intense sexual arousal from being humiliated, beaten, bound, or

  • Transvestism And Gender Identity Disorder: Transexuallism

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    garments of the reverse sex. In these days the term pass-dressing is more generally used for the reason that it does not permit for a mistake of transsexualism, which is a complete gender change from the fashioned intercourse. Transvestism is a paraphilia for which the fundamental characteristic is severe sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving dressing in garb of those of the opposite intercourse. It is tremendously primary to notice that simply considering the fact that an person

  • Case Study John The Pseudo Necrophile

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    The selected case for this discussion is John the pseudo-necrophile a man who pretends to have sex with corpses. He has had fantasies about being with a dead person for some time and in an attempt to satisfy his fantasy of being with a dead person sexually, he has attended funerals and uses online chat room that concentrate on death. John solicites prostitutes to be sexual with on top of graves in cemeteries to help him overcome his fantasies. John has even had these prostitutes to pose as corpses

  • Essay On Pedophilia

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    acting upon pedophilic thoughts is a crime. Other terms to describe sexual offenses against children are hebephilia and paraphilia. Hebephilia extends the definition to sexual contact by adult males with adolescents aged 13-15. Paraphilia is the all-encompassing definition that includes other behaviors along with sexual attraction to children. The key characteristics of paraphilia is

  • Autoerotic Asphyxiation

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    There is no doctor approved method of safely performing AEA and it 's even more dangerous by yourself than having a partner. There are even forums of people over the internet explaining this paraphilia and the issues they have with it and or their partner experiencing the same thing. According to by a member by the name of Kayla2010 him or her describe the feeling of AEA by, "I get turned

  • Literature Review On Hebephilia

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    received much needed attention by various theorist such as Silverman, Reinherz and Giaconia (1996: 710); Glueck and Hammer (1957:326) and Chapman, Dube and Anda (2007: 359). The American Psychiatric Association (APA, 2000 [7]) have listed various paraphilias in the DSM-IV related to child sexual abuse that are recognised as legitimate mental disorders but hebephilia has long been regarded as a normal sexual attraction. Hebephila is an erotic attraction or sexual activity with pubescent adolescents (aged

  • Florida Vs. Jardines Case Study

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    The case of Florida versus Jardines was heard before the Supreme Court on October 31, 2012 and a decision was made on March 26, 2013. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jardines. This case challenged the fundamental core of the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure. The ruling of this case has impacted how law officials handle searches and the use of drug dogs. This case also challenged the boundary line of where personal property starts. This case is regarded

  • Theories Of Psychodynamic Counselling

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    Introduction There are various approaches to counselling and psychotherapy and these therapies generally fall into five categories. These are behavioural therapies, psychoanalytical and psychodynamic therapies, cognitive therapy, humanistic therapies and Integrative or holistic therapy. Most of the approaches to counselling and psychotherapy are based on the Judeo-Christian tradition with Western values and objectives. It is argued that the western value system has a profound impact upon counselling

  • Sexual Offender Recidivism

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    reduction in androgen effects is thought to be the cornerstone of hormonal treatment for sex offenders. In an article written about pharmacologic treatments for sex offenders it states that this treatment is best used “For sex offenders presenting with paraphilias, characterized by intense and frequent deviant sexual desire and arousal, which highly predispose the patient to severe paraphilic behaviors (such as pedophilia or serial rapes).” (Garcia, Delavenne, Assumpcao, Thibaut,

  • Film Analysis: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoos

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    The girl with the dragon tattoo, which has a direct translation of the title “men that hate women”, is a movie that was released in 2011 as an adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s Swedish novel. David Fincher directs the movie and the movie illustrates real life effects of sexual violence on victims and survivors. The main character is Lisbet Salander, a gothic computer hacker with a huge dragon tattoo and a criminal background, which has disabled access to manage her own finances. Her guardian becomes

  • Alan Goldman Concerning Sex Summary

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    especially anomalous (Russo, n.d). Perversion varies from degenerate conduct, in that the last covers ranges of conduct for which perversion would be excessively solid a term. It is regularly viewed as censorious, and, in mental writing, the term paraphilia has been utilized as a substitution, however this term is dubious, and deviation are at times utilized as a part of its place (Goldman, 1977). So according to Goldman, sexual perversions are conditions in which sexual fervor or climax is connected

  • Nine Scottsboro Boys Essay

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    In the 1930s, African American men were believed to have strong sexual desires towards white women so extreme that they couldn’t even control themselves, that whenever they saw white women they would rape them right then and there. The Tragedy of the nine Scottsboro Boys was rumored as “Negros are going to beat up the whites”. When the train got to Jackson County on March 25, 1931, dozens of armed white men rounded up with ropes and weapons in order to beat the nine black youths, and during the time