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  • Pollution Air Pollution

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    individuals each who live and work in the selected area. The result obtained from questionnaire showed that at institutional and expressway site number of effected person were more. Key word index : traffic, carbon monoxide (CO), black carbon (BC), particulate matter(PM) 1. INTRODUCTION In India high influx of population to urban areas, which led to growing cites, increase in traffic, industrialization and higher levels of energy consumption. This led the problem of air pollution. The main

  • Air Pollution In Saudi Arabia

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    Annotated Bibliography Of Air Pollution in Saudi Arabia Research paper (Bhola, Luisa, & Ojha, 2010) in this book talks about Air Pollution Health and Environmental impacts. The introduction of Air pollution it is the biological materials are in the atmosphere that they may cause harm to human beings as well as to animals and the environment. Indoor air composition has a huge impact on our health and air quality of life. The rapid population growth as well as demanding for increased energy

  • The Importance Of Ecology

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    The term “Ecology” is made up of two Greek words. Oiky means “house” and logy means “study”. The term “ecology” is first discovered by Ernst hackle a German biologist in 1866. While Humboldt is known as “Father of Ecology”. Ecology is interdisciplinary science. Ecology is that branch which is used to make study easier about relationship between biotic components/living things and their physical environment(abiotic factors) . Ecology is not synonymous with environment and environmentalism. It also

  • History Of Noise Pollution

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    List of figures Sr. No. Name of Figure Page No. 1 Relationship among growth, poverty and environment 5 2 Air Pollution 6 3 Estimated Air Pollutants from Industry 7 4 Water Pollution 8 5 Land Pollution 11 6 Noise Pollution 13 List of tables Sr. No. Name of Table Page No. 1 Categories of Pollution 5 2 Development of water resources 10 Abstract Over the years, there was no awareness about environmental pollution. People were unaware about the sources of environmental pollution

  • Smog Problem In China

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    “wumai”, which means toxic smog or haze, especially in Chinese capital Beijing. First thing that we should know is its composition and what cause the toxic smog. The composition of toxic smog in china is very complicated, but its main part is PM2.5(Particulate Matter 2.5), which means particles that can be drawn into lung, which diameter is less than 2.5 micron. The formation of the toxic smog consists of many aspects like climate change, desertification, urbanization, vehicle emissions, burning fossil

  • Sources Of Air Pollution Essay

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    2.3 SOURCES OF AIR POLLUTION From the above discussion we could get a brief idea about the various types of Air Pollutants and now we will study about the fact that what is the source from where these air pollutants arises. Therefore, the brief discussion of the sources of air pollutants is written as follows. The sources of air pollutants is divided into two types one is Natural Sources and the other is Man- made sources. Natural sources of pollution includes dust carried by the wind from different

  • Air Pollution And Health Essay

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    Leow Lay Shiang CEA150061 Group 29 DISCUSS THE EFFECT OF AIR POLLUTION ON HEALTH Introduction Air pollution occurs when the air comprises harmful gases, dust, smoke or substances which impurify the air. Pollutants are the substances that cause air pollution. The substances can be in solid form, liquid, or gases and it can be of natural origin or man-made. Pollutants that are released into our atmosphere and directly pollute the air are called primary pollutants. Carbon monoxide from car exhausts

  • Himalayan Tsunami Research Paper

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    Himalayan tsunami. Why does so good a God allow such horrendous things to happen? Why does he unleash the tsunamis, tornados, and earthquakes? Is he trying to show us that he is more powerful? OK he is indeed all powerful. Is he not the embodiment of compassion, kindness? Are we So evil that he has decided to punish? Anyways god should have handled this with sensitivity and compassion! If the god is taking revenge he should do it only on evil beings, Why the hardship to innocents, harmless and those

  • What Are The Causes Of Air Pollution Essay

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    Air pollution can be defined as the presence of gas, liquid or particles contained in the air until the occurrence of a change affecting life or other materials. Air pollution caused by emissions from vehicle exhaust, industrial discharge smoke or pollutants, and the use of charcoal or wood burning fire control. Air pollution can be divided into two parts: primary and secondary. The primary air pollutants began when production of sulfur monoxide and carbon monoxide resulting from incomplete combustion

  • Mt Pinatubo Case Study

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    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, in Central Luzon on 12 to 15 of June 1991 is recorded as the second largest volcanic eruption of 20th Century. It results in the deposition of Billion cubic meters of volcanic ash over its surrounding area including rivers in Tarlac, Pampanga, and Zambales. These loose materials that composed of volcanic ash, rocks, and debris were rapidly flown by rainfalls in the form of lahar to the surrounding of Mt. Pinatubo

  • Delights Training Kitchen Case Study

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    Faults found in FHTS Training Kitchen are: 1. Vegetables were left outside of the cold store. 2. No arrangement system in the fridge. 3. Pieces of food were left in the sink. 4. Pest control was poor. 5. Floor of the kitchen was poorly cleaned. Task 1B Corrective actions that need to be taken are: 1. Vegetables always need to be kept in cold temperatures. Once left out of cold storage, it can be contaminated. So vegetables always should be taken from the cold store when they are needed in

  • Health Trends

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    4-2 Journal - Health Trends (89/50) Traffic-related air pollutants (TRAP) can be found near highways and major roadways. Thus, when people live or work close to these areas, they are at risk of exposure and developing medical conditions that affect lung function or cardiovascular health (Brugge et al., 2015). Over the years outdoor air quality management activities have caused substantial declines in levels of air pollution and increased health benefits (Giles et al., 2011). In this journal, I will

  • Causes Of Rising Air Pollution Essay

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    A Descriptive Study of the Problem of rising Air Pollution in Delhi: Its Causes, Effects and Measures. THE CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF RISING AIR POLLUTION IN DELHI: A) Air Quality Index Scale and Colour Legend: The table below defines the Air Quality Index scale as defined by the US-EPA 2016 standard: AQI AIR POLLUTION LEVEL HEALTH IMPLICATIONS CAUTIONARY STATEMENT 0 - 50 Good Air quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk None 51 - 100 Moderate Air quality is

  • Coal Mining Research Paper

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    Introduction Coal mining is not a profession that you vision about or get a degree for. The individuals who are coal miners do not selected a life full of danger and suppression, they get trapped with it. There are many threats that come along with coal mining, not simply for the workers, but for the environment. Coal mining and the coal industry have triggered permanent damage to environment. Coal is referred to as fossil fuel that traces back to early times. Coal is a made from the remainders of

  • Mouth V. Spread By Droplet: A Case Study

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    Airborne transmission is where the microorganisms contained in the dust particles or air surrounding. Basically it passed through air and environment and can survive for a long time in the air. As the air or microorganisms ingested into the respiratory tract, it can cause allergic responses. The infectious diseases happened depending on the viability and infectivity of microorganism and their landing sites. Example of airborne transmission are by coughing, sneezing, talking, bed-making that are

  • Particulate Engine Reflection

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    Review on Particulate emission in diesel engines. Characterization of particulate matter emissions Particulate matter emitted from diesel engine consist of both volatile and non volatile fraction. Kleeman et al after analyzing the motor vehicle emissions concluded the composition of organic and elemental carbon, dependent on the size of particle emitted[42]. Ion nucleation was not found to be a major mechanism in diesel engine exhaust[10]. Since the nucleation mode particles are formed from condenstion

  • Characteristics Of Construction Industry

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    1.0 Introduction The construction industry is that the sector of economy which constructs, repairs, alters, and demolishes buildings, civil engineering works and other similar structures. In addition, the construction industry also includes the assembly and installation on site of pre-fabricated components and building engineering services. Due to the amount of industries linked to construction industry and the number of people it employs, it makes up an important part of the Malaysia’s economy

  • Essay On Advertising Light

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    Light pollution is one of the inevitable problems of the prosper cities all around the world, including Hong Kong. The brightness of night sky in Hong Kong is 82 times higher than the International Astronomical Union standard. Average night sky in urban is 15 times brighter than rural area (Daniel, Michael, Marina and Gregory, 2010), where Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway bay are especially severe. Street light, car headlight and advertising light are the major source of it. In between, advertising

  • Essay About Maritime Industry

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    (i) Air Quality Ports are generally situated within or in close proximity to densely populated urban areas that are frequently critically affected by air pollution. In addition, being major nodes linking and bringing together international transport chains and related economic activities, port areas are often part of critical geographical areas when it comes to air quality considerations. Although port-related emissions contribute only for a part to air quality problems in port and surrounding

  • Essay On Particulate Matter

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    Particulate matter (PM) is a composition of inert carbonaceous cores with multiple layers of various adsorbed molecules, including acid salts, organic pollutants, metals and biological elements, such as endotoxins, allergens and pollen fragment (Araujo et al, 2014). Particulate matter can be categorized in a few types. Total suspended particulates (TSP) is used to classify the particles that sizes up to 50μm. The larger particles in this class cannot enter our lungs because the size is too big