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  • Patent Law In China

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    Patent is a right given by a sovereign state to the owner of an invention that prevents others from using the invention without the inventor permission. A patentable invention can be a solution to a specific technological problem. It can also be a product or process that provides a new approach of doing something or a technical improvement on how certain objects operate. Patents are a form of intellectual property. The procedures for apply patent, requirements for the invention to be able to apply

  • The Four Types Of Intellectual Property

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    are copyrightable, new discoveries and invention. Usually, assets that are going to be protected are non-physical. The four types of intellectual property are Copyright, Trademarks, Patents and Trade Secret. Intellectual property has a given set of time of expiry date to encourage further innovation. Copyright and patent usually are not enjoyable for too long while, handled at the state level under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, can last for a longer time since it is meant for gaining competition against

  • Food, Inc.: Film Analysis

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    In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, castle-guard Marcellus spots the armed apparition of the recently deceased King Hamlet haunting the castle grounds and warily remarks “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” No offense to Marcellus, but Robert Kenner, director of Food Inc., doesn’t need to see a ghost to sense a similar kind of foul play in the state of America’s food industry. Food, Inc., reveals the dark, corporate underside of America’s food industry that nobody seems to acknowledge. Through his

  • Medtronic, LLC: Legal Case Analysis

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    that its products do not infringe on the licensed patent, the licensee does not bear the burden of proof. The burden of proof lies with the patentee, who must show that the licensee’s products do in fact infringe on its patent. The Facts Medtronic, Inc., is a firm that makes and sells medical devices. Mirowski Family Ventures, LLC is a firm that owns patents relating to implantable heart stimulators. A 1991 agreement licensed several Mirowski patents to Medtronic and that Medtronic several options

  • Trademark Dilution Case Study

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    Trademark Dilution (Victoria Secrets Case) In today’s world consumers purchase products on the basis of brand name and trade symbol which accompanies the product, rather than buying the product on the basis of usefulness and quality. Therefore the protection of the trademark is important. Trademark dilution is a claim which owner of well-known trademark can make to prohibit others from using a mark which decreases or lowers the value or distinctiveness or defames the reputation and uniqueness of

  • Falstaff Brewing Case Summary

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    Melanie Garcia, Joey Esquivel, Jessica Lemus, Ana Lomeli, Lisa Odom BUS 18A, SECTION NUMBER 1072 CASE BRIEF: Due 11/24/15 (481 words)               1.     Case Name, Citation & Court: Miller Brewing Company, Plaintiff-Appellee, V. Falstaff Brewing Corporation                                    655 F.2d 5   211 U.S.P.Q. 665 (1981), U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit   2.     Key Facts A.    Miller sold and advertised reduced calorie beer under the name “Miller Lite” since 1972. B.    Falstaff Brewing

  • Nanotechnology Advantages And Disadvantages

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    1. Introduction Nanotechnology has the potential to solve problems related to human civilizations pertaining to both basic needs and aspirations for comfort life. The basic needs of human being are food, drinking water, energy, cloth, shelter, health and clean environment. The aspirations for comfort life are realizing the automation in every field, space travel and expanded lifespan and so on. Due to continuous efforts of scientists and engineers during last 30 years, there is a substantial progress

  • Copyright Law: Vanilla Ice Vs. David Bowie/Freddie Mercury

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    INTRODUCTION Now with the copyright law, Copyright Act, Chapter 63 established on 1987 with the new revised version on 2006, any author who creates their own original works automatically has the privilege to have copyright protection. Original works means works that are created with own effort and through processes of developed ideas and their whole new way to express their ideas in their final product. Not only are the works protected in their own country but also countries that signed the international

  • Why Are Cell Phones Dangerous

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    Are cellphones dangerous? In 1971 Henry Sampson co invented the Gamma electric cell. Then in 1983 inventing portable telephones since then cellphones has been a big sale, conversation, and show. Cellphones are not dangerous they are helpful they make information easier to access. Over the years there has been statements blaming cellphones as a dangerous device that it causes cancer, people texting and driving people walking around on their phones and not checking their surroundings. Almost everyone

  • Pan's Labyrinth Film Analysis

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    For the love of food: Best Meals in Films. Warning: Please avoid these films if you are hungry. Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola, 2006) The 18th century France greets the new queen Marie Antoinette who arrived from Austria for the arranged marriage with the heir to the throne. Young and beautiful, she quickly becomes an icon of French fashion and a symbol of the country's wealth. However, her love of luxury turns out a disaster for the economy and this leads to revolution. Even in this grim context

  • Copyright Original Work

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    How to copyright your original work? Preface 1. Define Copyright? Copyright is a branch under intellectual property. Usually, copyright means the absolute right to an original or reproduced work. Copyright also applies to subject-matters other than the works such as sound recordings, communication signals, and performers’ performances. 2. What copyright protects? Works Copyright applies to all literary, musical, dramatic, and artistic original works that met all the conditions provided in the Copyright

  • Critical Thinking Development

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    Critical Thinking Development Critical thinking can have different meanings, depending on the person. To me, critical thinking means advancing ones thinking to the level that one can properly certain situations and self-examine, as well as take a more in-depth view of the world’s complexities. Developing one’s critical thinking takes more than simply understanding the components of critical thinking. Studying and demonstrating the components help to better understand the concept and improve one’s

  • Patent Eligibility Essay

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    question being raised about a patent being granted to a certain product. There is a large section of experts who are in favor of the agreement that the “eligibility test” should be done primarily whenever a product has come up for patenting. The three main criteria to be passed by a product before it is granted a patent are (i) uniqueness; (ii) innovativeness; and (iii) its practical utilization in the industry. Therefore, whenever there is a case arguing the grant of a patent to a certain product as per

  • The Pros And Cons Of Patents

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    Patents are granted by national governments to applicants who establish that an invention is new, useful, and not "obvious" to someone in the same technical area as the inventor. But are patents a tool for promoting the development of medical treatments for patients or merely a roadblock to access to health care? This is a perennial question to which there are often strenuous opinions. The increasingly important intersection between patents, health care access and innovation has further made the

  • Roche Products V. Bolar Case Study

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    company which made and sold Valium, the active ingredient of which was protected by patent. Before patent expiration, Bolar used the patented chemical in experiments to determine if its generic product was bioequivalent to Valium in order to obtain FDA approval for its generic version of Valium. Bolar argued that its use of the patented product was not infringement under the experimental use exception to the patent law. The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit rejected Bolar’s contention holding

  • Plagiarism In Engineering Ethics

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    argued that Google should pay 8.8 Billion Dollars for unlawfully using Oracle patents.7 The United States appeals court ruled in Google’s favor by describing Google’s use of Oracle’s patents as “fair-use”.8 It is evident from these incidents that no one is immune from patent infringement and plagiarism cases; however, there is a definite potential for the legal tools available to combat plagiarism to be unlawfully used to “patent troll” other companies in the professional

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Patent System

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    the studies of the patent system conducted by economists assume that the agency in charge of granting and managing the system functions with perfect efficiency-that is, that there are no transaction costs imposed by the patent system. Thus, in theory, the patent acquisition and enforcement system, as a whole, is a black box that works perfectly. In practice, however, the Patent Office has been subject to harsh criticism over its procedure for granting patents. First, the Patent Office's process

  • Prospero's Influence In The Tempest

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    In William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, his own brother deceived the character Prospero and had his dukedom stolen from him. Prospero was the Duke of Milan but got distracted from his priorities; he showed more interests towards books and education, giving his brother Antonio the benefit to work behind his back. Antonio was able to get help from the King of Naples, in exchange for money and respect to get rid of Prospero. Prospero was kicked out of Milan one night with his daughter and landed in an

  • Semiotic Analysis Of Frank Rippingille's Patent Cooking Stoves

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    Introduction This is a semiotic analysis on two images, the first is an illustration for “Summer at the Cape of Good Hope – Afternoon Tea on the Stoep” and the second is an advertisement for “Frank Rippingille 's Patent Cooking Stoves”, by describing the denotative meaning and offering an interpretation of the connotative meaning of the images by drawing on the knowledge of the Victorian values (Walvin 1987). Semiotic analysis 1 Figure 1 Charles Stanley Reinhart (illustrator), “Summer at the

  • Arbitration: International Commercial Dispute Resolution

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    Kingston proposed mandatory arbitration of patent disputes along with legal aid to the party that does not appeal the ruling to the courts. Kilb (1993) also recommended arbitration as a “…quick, efficient form of patent dispute resolution”...adding that “[A]n arbitration hearing before experts in the field allows the parties to avoid lengthy litigation that could leave the disputed patent out-dated before it reaches its