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  • Personal Values In Life

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    special one person from another one. When someone tries to find and define their personal values, they discover what is really important to them. Each person has different values that were developed and are constantly improving throughout their lives. There are people who act with different values in some occasions and there are others who are able to follow their values in every situation they face. Throughout my life, I have learned that values are what makes every person who they really are. Also

  • Personal Improvement In Daily Life

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    out of a life of despair and change our lifestyle so that we become happy and contented with ourselves. It helps us develop our own personality and our mind in a manner which is fruitful to our health. Self improvement is necessary elements in shaping our lives. It is always said that if a person wants to create a perfect personality and a cheerful mind he must put himself through various challenging emotional and physical problems, which help create appreciation of the smaller things in life, things

  • Personal Crisis In My Life

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    The personal crisis that I have most recently experienced was one that almost had life changing effects due to the way things happened throughout. My crisis began by me making choices that were not thought through enough to see the consequences that may come from my actions. These actions began the crisis cycle by taking me from my rationalized thoughts to making choices that were not financially and educationally smart. From making those actions I now found myself in phase two of the crisis cycle

  • Personal Essay: My Life Is Like On A Family

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    Imagine that your life was such remarkably busy that it seemed like you were occupied with something different every second. It could be chores, projects, sports, or school. Could you imagine your life being that busy? Well, I can. That is an accurate description of what my life is like on a daily basis. Every day I am doing school, chores, sports, volunteer work, lending a hand at home, or carrying out jobs to help my relatives. I have accomplished countless actions to go towards improving

  • The Benefits Of Personal Life

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    keeps life moving forward. Taking risks is also what makes life worth living, because without them, there is no room to grow. Life is what you make of it, even when you have so much on your plate. In business, we are usually met with high demands for the sake of the company, but we have personal lives too. You may have deadlines, meetings, conferences, a pile of responsibilities, but how do you strike the right balance so that you are advantageous personally and in business? Your personal life and

  • The Absence Of Stress Management: Personal And Social Life

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    STRESS MANAGEMENT Stress is a situation that arises, when there are excessive demands on the personal or social life of an individual. When we experience stress, we consider that change to be a real or imagined threat, and this is when our body and mind reacts. It is the body 's way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a hard situation with focus, alertness, and strength. Conflicts, worries and fears cause stress but it is in our hands to either give importance or not.. Living in the

  • Personal Mission Statement And Personal Philosophy Of Life

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    Statement and Personal Philosophy Shannon Girnun 12Q Personal Philosophy My personal philosophy of life is to be kind, generous, helpful and honest. I strive as much as I can to be like this and go by the saying if I want other people to be nice to me I must be nice back, “ what goes around comes around”. I believe that life is about growing, whether it be physically or mentally, by doing this we continually learn more and more about ourselves, who we are and what we are about. Life can be scary

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Most Beautiful Moment In My Life

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    I know is that I witness one of the most beautiful moments in my life. I feel the sun touching my closed eyelids, while the salty air is running through my fingers. What I see through my now narrowed eyes is divine: all the shades of blue create a unique mixture of perfection and bless my day as each wave overlaps one another. A seagull flies over the sea and cheers us up as if it knew it was our last day in paradise. Often in life, we learn the most about ourselves unexpectedly. Let me introduce

  • Personal Events In My Life

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    Lifeline In the process of completing this lifeline exercise, I experienced a wide range of emotions that corresponded to what I consider to be important impactful events in my life. As I progressed through my lifeline, the primary emotion I felt was contentment. I feel that I’ve lived a rich life thus far and am a very optimistic person, so a sense of satisfaction is my overall feeling. I certainly felt emotional highs and lows while doing this activity as well. I developed some feelings of despair

  • Personal Lessons In Life

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    Some lessons in life are taught through hardship and pain that come in the form of challenges. Some could be financial, physical, or family related- there are so many different adversities that you could face, from as small as a broken pinky toe to as big as you or a family member having cancer. What defines us a humans is our ability to face a problem head on and overcome any obstacle. We learn best from adversity, the brain is wired to remember any tragic even longer than most happy ones, that's

  • Personal Essay: How To Live A Healthier Life

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    Life is stressful, days are short and hours speed by faster than seconds. Sometimes it is easy to feel like the world is swallowing you whole. Throughout different times in your life, it is even more difficult to keep up because your body is dragging you down! Hormonal shifts and changes influence how much we need to eat, how much sleep we require and how clearly our brains can function. When this happens, it can feel like there is nowhere to turn. But I am here to tell you that you aren’t alone

  • My Life: My Personal And Personal Goals In Life

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    purposes and to know our purpose of living is decided by ourselves. Thus, I believe setting goals in life will make people acknowledge about their purpose of living. However, it is still not worth if we just set our goals without efforts towards it. For me, setting goals with the SMART theories will be one of the best way to achieve the goals. SMART goals will allow myself to not be a day dreamer of my life goals but to be a productive person with goals to be work for. According to a psychologist and author

  • Personal Essay: A Moment That Changed My Life

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    A moment that changed my life My life has been characterized by highs and lows. Some moments have made me completely happy, while others have left me feeling sad and disappointed. However, I have learnt to take everything positively and try to move on as fast as possible. After finishing high school in 2005, my life seemed to spiral to the negative side. I felt sad most of the time, mainly because I did not perform as expected. There were no chances for me to join a college at the time and this was

  • Personal Essay: Enjoy Happiness In Life

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    Enjoy Happiness Throughout life, there have been various forms or opinions about what makes a person happy or not. The forms about how to be happy, always results in controversies since each person is different and for that reason, each person finds their happiness differently. Happiness is a state of mind where there is a very strong satisfaction. Happiness is understood and achieved in different ways because in order to have happiness in life one must first be happy. Being happy is when a person

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Ideas Of Life

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    Life is a hard concept for everyone. It is not easy until you realize that it is not for pondering, but for living. Soren Kierkegaard puts it this way, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” In simpler terms this means that life is for living. I perceived this idea on an annual ski trip with my family. Every year we make the long, 6 hour drive to Beech Mountain, North Carolina. We left school at noon and arrived around 5:30. The majority of the ride up was spent either

  • Personal Essay: The Worst Days Of My Life

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    I would not say that I am a sensitive person, I just feel a lot all the time. One of the worst days of my life started out just like any other day. It was Friday and I had woken up dreading having to drive to Tennessee after school. When I say I am not a morning person I mean it. I woke up slowly, but then remembered my sixth grade class was having a pool party and was suddenly energetic. I ran out of my room and quickly packed my bags for later. My mom however did not share the same energy that

  • Personal Reflection: The Meaning Of Life

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    As someone who has been living for only 17 years, there have been instances where I have questioned myself and society as a whole. I have tried to seek answers and tried to find myself through my conscience and my life. The meaning of life has been a mystery to me, and I want to explore through experimentation and creation. I seek the mysteries of the world, especially how human nature connects with a formulated society. I want to figure out why humanity is how it is and what I can do to change the

  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Experiences Of Alzheimer's Life

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    May 15th 2014 The sombre ceremony drew to an end as the teak coffin was clamped shut and lowered into the ground. No trumpets blared and no guns fired. No one shed any tears and no one cared except me because no one was there. With a heavy heart, I turn away and begin the long walk home. As I look at the overcast sky, so grey and unfeeling, I am hit by waves of nostalgia as vivid memories of the day I met her overcome me. January 1nd 2014 Today is my first day at work. I got a new job as

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Life In Today's Life

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    Living for 16 years without encountering anything bad, without any regrets or confusion and without any hardships is what some would call ignorant and others a blessing. I have a wonderful family with parents and two siblings. We aren’t necessarily wealthy; however, we do not have any troubles. We are what others would label as middle class. My family is rather close to each other and we spend our time together laughing. My younger sister is cute and loves it when I spoil her. My big brother goes

  • Personal Essay: The Definition Of Life

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    definition of life is an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction; the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual. When we all think about life, we don’t think about the exact definition, we think about what makes our lives so great, and what makes us, us in everyday life. Everything we do in life is base off our choices, so depending on what choices we make, is how well our life will turn out