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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Crisis In My Life

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    The personal crisis that I have most recently experienced was one that almost had life changing effects due to the way things happened throughout. My crisis began by me making choices that were not thought through enough to see the consequences that may come from my actions. These actions began the crisis cycle by taking me from my rationalized thoughts to making choices that were not financially and educationally smart. From making those actions I now found myself in phase two of the crisis cycle

  • Sociological Imagination In My Personal Life

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    In Sociology, “Sociological imagination is a person’s ability to connect his personal experiences to the society at large and to a greater extent, to historical forces. Sociological imagination allows a person to question customs or habits that seem natural to him. It is a person’s ability to think away from the familiar routines people take in everyday life.” (“What is The Sociological Imagination, 2016). In other words, the sociological imagination focuses on the idea of someone understanding on

  • Personal Narrative: My Life As An Outsider

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    really belong to any one group—no matter where I go in life. Whether it was elementary school where girls and boys would call me ugly and refused to have others participate with me in any kind of way. I knew I really wasn’t ugly, but they were mad because I was not like them. They didn’t like me because I was different, I was black, I had kinky hair, and I was … strange. Some people say that they hated high school, but high school was a piece of my life where I actually fit in with a group. I was lucky

  • Personal Mission Statement And Personal Philosophy Of Life

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    Statement and Personal Philosophy Shannon Girnun 12Q Personal Philosophy My personal philosophy of life is to be kind, generous, helpful and honest. I strive as much as I can to be like this and go by the saying if I want other people to be nice to me I must be nice back, “ what goes around comes around”. I believe that life is about growing, whether it be physically or mentally, by doing this we continually learn more and more about ourselves, who we are and what we are about. Life can be scary

  • Personal Narrative: My Enjoyment Of Life

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    Success I define success as the enjoyment of life. Success shouldn’t be how wealthy you are or how long you live it should be about the quality of life. Not everyone wants wealth or power but, everyone wants a happy life. Spending time with you family and doing the things you love is successful. Four people who have shown enjoyment of life are myself, Walt Disney, Tony Hawk, and my father. I demonstrated enjoyment of life when I joined band. I wanted to expand my horizons in school and I loved music

  • Personal Narrative: Build Our Parachute-Reclaim Life !

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    Build our parachute - reclaim life! For most of us, things go on straight forward most of the times in life, but then a sudden turmoil comes which leaves scars in our minds and hearts. When things seem to be going smoothly, we suddenly feel tired, or angry, or sad with many negative thoughts going through our mind. Our mind then creates imaginary scenes, which become almost like an adhesive, and we cannot dismiss them from our mind despite all efforts. When we focus on them, they lead us to feelings

  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Haiti

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    I had been flying for only a few hours, and I couldn't wait to step off the plane, grab a Starbucks, and start a great adventure in Haiti. When I caught my first glimpse of this country I quickly realized that I was in for a rude-awakening. I had gone to Haiti hoping that somehow I could "change" the world, starting with this small country, but the exact opposite happened. Haiti changed me. What I saw in the week to come was nothing less than heart breaking. I saw an oppressed people and a country

  • Personal Narrative: Life On The Front

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    say that I’m going all right up until now, and I hope to stay healthy till the end of the war. What we were told about war was very untruthful. There is no glamor to war, and thanks to the war our entire generation will be wiped out very soon. The life at the front is terrible. It’s been a month since I have been here but it didn’t take much to realize the difference between our training they gave us and the actual war we had to fight. Within the first week I could tell that the training we received

  • Personal Narrative: A Life In Washington

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    A Life In Washington When I was young, Washington seemed like an endless world of nature and industry clashing together. This world had a very distinct diversity and lifestyle, which would have the drastic affects on my look on life. Without Washington, I would not have developed my appreciation of nature, my ability to put myself back together and the importance of family. Washington is known as the Evergreen state because of our forests that span nearly the whole state. No matter where you go

  • Personal Narrative: My Life Of A Fish

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    that day, I still retain a powerful conscience which actively molds my personality. One cannot dispute the frightening potential of the human race to induce the permanent extinction of every life form on the planet. As the ability to change the world on a global scale is arguably limited to one breed of life, so, too, is the force which impedes instinctual and conscious action, the human conscience. My own sense of strong moral principle reaches far beyond simply averting Armageddon, however. I often

  • Personal Narrative: My Hero's Life

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    's time that he must die on behalf of my sins. His sins are entirely my own. I failed him; I failed to take care of him, so he turned to the arms of another to fulfill what I could not do. Despite my love for him and my words to confess and live his life, I try to push them down and advise him to make this decision for only himself. He declares he will confess, and happiness fills my soul and body. Aye it may be different with our neighbors, but we shall only focus on our family. How will they treat

  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Book

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    Amy Purdy asks “If your life was a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go?” To start off, every person is born into different situations in different parts of the world. Some people are able to choose our environment and community others have limited mobility. People have different rights and social abilities around the world, but we all want to achieve happiness. Despite there being different levels of control over ones situation, the one thing we are in control of is

  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Veteran

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    Being a Veteran means to sacrifice yourself for your country, miss firsts in your families lives, and go on a never ending deathly adventure, you live petrified throughout. A Veteran is someone who is content when they free the world from despair. Veterans suffer traumatic experiences during endless days so we can take for granted our spoiled lives. Contributing service to our country is how we remember veterans, but we must remember them also for their character. I look to my father, the strongest

  • Personal Narrative: A Challenging Life Transition

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    A Challenging Life Transition No matter how prepared an individual may be or expecting of a death, to lose a family member to death can be a traumatic experience. The grief process is a difficult process. However most understand that death is a natural and expected life event (McBride, and Simms, 2001). With that said it usually does not make the death of family member any easier to absorb emotionally. Although I have familiarly and awareness because of the deaths of my Father and Sister, it does

  • Personal Narrative: Fixing The Disorders In Life

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    Fixing the Disorders in Life: Death Disorder can be experiences by numerous people in numerous ways—vicious or innocuous—but I experienced disorder in the most fatal way: the death of a parent. Disorder, to me, is when an event changes the way you live and view your life; while in the process of change, turmoil persists. On July 1st, 2010, my mother, spending hours outside, received the most appalling phone call. Not thinking anything of it, I stayed in my room chatting with a friend on my new Facebook

  • Personal Narrative: A Real Life Test

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    day would offer a real-life test. As Carla Berkowitz walked up to classmates Jessica Quaggin-Smith and Max Kazer on Monday afternoon at Lake Shore Park, not far from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, she noticed a shirtless man in gym shorts and black sneakers leaning back on a nearby bench with his head tilted back. "He looked really uncomfortable. His mouth was open and he was just in a really awkward position. Something didn 't look right, didn 't feel right to me," said Berkowitz, 23, who lives

  • Personal Narrative: Write My Life

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    Did you know that, thanks to ME you are able to read my “Write My Life”? Well, yes, computer chips are made up of ME! Let me talk about who I, silicon, in depth am. I am so proud of myself for being the second most abundant element of Earth by mass! I make up 27% Earth’s crust. Yet, first, I will talk about my origins (discovery). I was born in Switzerland in a solid state of matter at room temperature, by the reaction of potassium fluorosilicate with potassium to produce amorphous silicon. My father

  • Personal Narrative: Lessons In Life

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    emphasizes on the importance of not working 24/7 and being sure to make time for adventures. He understands that life is not only about work and money but more so the experiences that you gain from travel and adventure as well as the moments you spend with loved

  • Personal Narrative: How My Mom Has Changed My Life

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    My dad leaving me and my mom has changed me into the person I am today because when I was a little younger I would never listen or even show respect to anyone. I was always so bad and I just cared about myself that was it even in school I was disrespectful to my teachers and I didn’t care. I would always get in trouble and talk back once he left I thought a lot about myself and I would tell myself that he left me and my mom because of me and because I was so bad and disrespectful and I hated myself

  • Personal Essay: Having Balance In My Life

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    was very ill and she was not able to take her dog to the hospital or be able to pay for her bills. Melany would probably say I am a person who cares a lot about the future and plan ahead. When Melany was getting ready to transition into her college life, I helped her set a monthly budget, helped do her research on which colleges to pick and gave her some helpful books to read to prepare for what is about to come in the next few years. The third person, Ani would say that I am a great listener and