Pinniped Essays

  • Marine Biology Personal Statement

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    interested in working with marine mammals, with an emphasis on pinnipeds. I hope to go to work either for a government agency or private company as a researcher and eventually transition into marine policy. My interests include the ecology and conservation of marine mammals. I believe it is important to look at the ecosystem as a whole when doing ecological studies. I am specifically interested in studying the interactions between pinnipeds and man, in particular when it comes to competition and bycatch

  • The Galapagos Dumber Seal

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    swallow their prey whole. “The Galapagos fur seals are one of 16 species of marine mammals” ( in the eared seal family that includes sea lions. The semi-aquatic family is known as pinnipeds, or fin-footed can live on both land and in water. These seals are the smallest of the pinnipeds. Otariidae also known as eared seals, are different form other seals, because they have small external earflaps and back flippers

  • Essay On Brown Bears

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    I have chosen to write about brown bears. Classifying about brown bears, brown bears belong to Kingdom Animalia. Not only are brown bears, other animals also belonged in Kingdom Animalia. In Kingdom, prokaryotes are not contained, and instead it contains eukaryotes. All animals belonged in Kingdom Animalia, are multicellular, mobile, reproduce sexually and heterotrophs. (Myers, 2001) The definition of heterotrophs is an organism that is unable to synthesize its own organic carbon-based compounds

  • Do Polar Bears Keep Warm

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    Penguins and polar bears live in some of the coldest climates on earth. In order to survive they need to be able to insulate and keep themselves warm. For the last couple of weeks my class have been investigating how penguins and polar bears keep warm in the coldest temperatures. I am going to report how they do this and how polar bears keep warm and how this relates to penguins keeping warm. How Penguins keep warm Penguins use their feathers as insulators on land, instead of having the large

  • Plastic Paradise The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Analysis

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    Name: Chan Hiu Ching Student ID: 4020618 Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a documentary directed by Angela Sun in 2014. This spectacular documentary is about the devastating drawbacks of plastic production and offers a glimpse of garbage island in the North Pacific. Near the beginning of the documentary, the director interviews some citizens at a beach and finds out they do not realize the extent of the problem. In order to investigate the problem

  • Harp Seal Research Paper

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    Overhunting has had an effect on several different species, the one I will be telling you about is the Harp seal. The harp seal is located in the “west ice” of eastern Greenland, in the “east ice” of eastern Russia, and off the cost of east Canada and are currently being over hunted by humans. Harp seals, and others like the Namibian cape seal, are currently slaughtered more than any other marine mammal in the world. Harp seals are usually 3 weeks to 3 months old when they are clubbed (being hit

  • Emperor Penguin Biome

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    An Emperor Penguin has only one biome. The biome the Emperor Penguin is Arctic Tundra. The Emperor Penguin also lives in the water for hunting animals. The Emperor Penguins can slow down their metabolism down when necessary so they don 't get cold. They do not migrate to warmer places in the winter. The Arctic Tundra is cold and windy. The Arctic Tundra has low precipitation. It only gets less than 10 inches of rain a year. The winds are dry. Having the winds dry and the weather

  • Zoos And Aquariums Argumentative Essay

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    Argumentative Paper Zoos and aquariums have been around since the times of the Romans and the Egyptians. Although the zoos and aquariums have adapted since those times, they still have the same concept behind them. Although zoos and aquariums have been around for ages, over the decades, controversy about these two places have grown. Although most people don’t think anything of it, there is a huge debate as to whether zoos and aquariums are acceptable or not. This topic can be very touchy to some

  • Emperor Penguin Research Paper

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    The emperor penguin has multiple adaptations that has allowed it to survive in the harsh winters of Antarctica and pass on their genes to the next generation. Physical, behavioral, and morphological features that have developed throughout the evolution of a penguin to make it into what it is today. When looking at the physical features of a penguin, there are many characteristics that enable it to survive. Webbed feet, streamlined bodies, and flipper like wings, contribute to their ability

  • Arctic Ecosystem Research Paper

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    Imagine a world with no Arctic ice cap, no Arctic animals, and no Arctic ecosystem. Climate change, which is also known as global warming, is taking a toll on the Arctic ecosystem and endangering many different animal species and wildlife living in the Arctic. To understand why the Arctic animals as well as the Arctic ecosystem is threatened, an understanding of climate change is needed. By definition, climate change is the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth, mainly due to the burning

  • Polar Bears: The Evolution Of A Polar Bear

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    Evolution of polar bears Polar bears have very interesting history, they evolved from bears. Polar bears have black skin but there fur is white because they adapted to the arctic ocean. They use the sea ice to platform to hunt their prey. They hunt seals for prey. They have 45 teeth that help them tear seals skin. Polar Bears have adapted to their environment by many reasons. The main reason is by their fur because they have thick oily fur coat. They also have have a layer of fat under their skin

  • Polar Bear Environment

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    Polar bears are the largest land carnivores in the world. Polar bears are marine mammals, and spend much of their time on Arctic sea ice. Many adaptations make polar bears uniquely suited to life in icy habitats and Polar bears feed almost exclusively on ringed seals and bearded seals. They are also known to eat walrus, beluga whale and bowhead whale carcasses, birds’ eggs, and (rarely) vegetation. Polar bears travel great distances in search of prey. (defender,2017). Polar bears succeed in catching

  • Polar Bears Persuasive Essay

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    Polar bears are seen as being one of the most beautiful bears around the world. With their white coated fur, and have footpads that are like non-slip shoes (National Wildlife Federation 1). Polar bears have been around for over a million years, and are evolved from the brown bears which moved to the arctic area in the world. The reasons why polar bears matter are because they have a very important role in the marine environment, but to keep the marine environment healthy we need to keep these polar

  • Informative Essay On Kermode Bears

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    I don’t know if you have ever read, touching spirit bear before, but if you have, you know what a spirit bear is A.K.A. Kermode bear. First, Most Kermode bears live on Princess Royal and Gribble islands in the rain forest near British Columbia. There has been only one sighting, which has been in Minnesota.Otherwise the Kermode bears live in Canada. Near British Columbia about one out of a million black bears are white.WOW that is a lot of bears . Kermode bears are the rarest bears.They aren’t seen

  • Northern Fur Seals: A Short Story

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    My Introduction to Jared I was taking a walk on the beach to clear my head, when I saw an animal that look like it could be a small seal struggling in a net. When I got close enough to see it clearly, I noticed that it was in large fishing net of sorts. I walked up slowly from behind, and saw that the net was digging it to the skin around his neck and that it was extremely close to choking it. I looked for the sharpest rock I could find and tried to be as gentle as I could while sawed at the coarse

  • Compare And Contrast Haia And Inuit

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    Haida and Inuit Comparison Essay It must be hard to live up in the Arctic Circle or in British Columbia, but somehow the Haida and Inuit know how to survive up there. Although the Haida and Inuit are different, they have many similarities. They share a remotely similar lifestyle with what they eat, hunting methods, and trading. But remember that they are very different from each other. Both of these tribes face many challenges in their life, like hunting, trading, and making tools. The inuit

  • Why Do Polar Bears Live

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    Could you imagine going from the warm sunny beaches of Florida to the harsh winters of Antartica? It would take some serious adaptions to be able to survive in such drastic changes. Anglerfish and polar bears have made some pretty sufficient adaptions that allows them to be where they are today. If these organisms were not capable to make such vital changes they would not be here today.      The anglerfish are some harsh and scary fish, but they do what they need to survive. Anglerfish are gray to

  • Grizzly Bear Essay

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    Grizzly Bear The Ursus arctos horriblilis mostly known as the Grizzly bear is a mammal and an Omnivore. At around the height of 2 meters it is a historic type of bear. It is famous for it’s massive claw’s and it large intake of food per day averaging at 30 kilo’s. As omnivores, Grizzly bears will eat anything nutritious that they can find, gorging foods ranging from roots to sheep. Their diet adapts depending on what foods are available for the season. The Grizzly bear is one of the biggest and

  • Questions About Polar Bears

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    Polar Bears Have you ever wondered how Polar bears swim and never freeze to death? Or what they eat? Polar bears live in the coldest parts of the world I know everyone with a brain probably Don’t be so rude to me it’s rude knows that but if you look further into these questions you will find out why Polar bears can love to be in the cold. I will be explaining these questions and more in depth in this paper so all your questions about Polar bears disappear and you can go to your mom and dad and say

  • Gentoo Penguin Research Paper

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    Freezing cold, 100 km per hour winds, -40C temperatures covered in snow and ice. What kind of animal would not only survive in, but thrive in that kind of environment. Penguins are one of the most known animal in the antarctic. There unique swimming abilities and survival skills are impeccable for there size. Some may be small and some may be large but they all share similar traits with each other. The Gentoo penguins have a very small body structure compared to the Emperor Penguin. The Gentoo