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  • The Telephone Pole Poem

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    There’s this sense of isolated detachment present in the poem “Telephone Pole” amidst all this communication. By using the center source a telephone pole through which all communication flows Hadara Bar-Nadava creates a powerful message. There’s this contradictory theme running through this poem, the object the poems about has this indifferent air, but it shows bouts of awareness and emotion especially in lines thirty-four to thirty-eight. The word choice appears to have a simple meaning but has

  • Robert Frost Figurative Language Analysis

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    Figurative Language Demonstrated by the Idea of Choice in “The Road Not Taken” Choice can be defined as making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. Robert Frost composed “The Road Not Taken” for a friend, Edward Thomas, intending for the poem to be a joke. Although Frost had opposite intentions, many critics in the modern day interpret the poem as a complex writing about making meaningful decisions and choices. “The Road Not Taken” was created in 1916 and originally titled “Two

  • Edward Taylor From Preface To God's Determination Summary

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    Helping someone does not have to use physical touch. Such as, someone's day can brighten up by saying anything positive or doing a positive gesture. At Chick-fil-A there was a self-conscious little girl hunched over her tray of food when out of nowhere someone no one knew sat by her. The little girl’s face brightened up as bright as the sun everyone sees every day. Edward Taylor once wrote a poem “From Preface to God’s Determination,” that anyone can put into perspective on any fast or slow going

  • The Importance Of Inertia In American Football

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    In American Football, quarterbacks throw the ball on the major axis, spirally to pass the ball to a person in a long distance. The quarterbacks increase precision and accuracy as they throw spiral because of two reasons. As the ball rotates until it reaches to the receiver, the ball is able to go through the air, instead of going against and blocks wind, which means that it stops wind from affecting it better than it being thrown in normal ways. The ball can experience this due to the moment of inertia

  • The Physics Of Baseball Pitching

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    and keep strengthening the arm. When many do it right they should be throwing in the high 80’s and maybe low 90’s by college. In the MLB the range is from about 49-106 mph.The fastest pitch ever recorded is 106mph. That is very fast from the pitching mound which is 60.6 feet away. The reaction time to a 100 mph pitch is 33 milliseconds. Next, stride is the complete opposite of a stride. Without a stride it decreases speed, there is almost no movement toward home plate. It also increases the chance

  • Chopin Nocturne Analysis

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    In this essay I will dicuss Frederic Chopin and his contribution to the noturne and the developments he made to the nocturne. I will provide a written analysis of one of Chopin’s later nocturnes opus 48. No.1 in C minor. I will critically analyse the score and comprise a brief discourse of the nocturne. Firstly, I will dicuss the nocturne and what is typical in Chopins nocturnes, finally I will critically analyse his nocturne in C minor. A nocturne is a short composition that is usually composed

  • Essay On Fastball

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    thrown to disorient the timing of the batter’s swing so that they do not hit it as hard. An off-speed pitch is any pitch that is thrown slower than a fastball. There are hundreds of types of off-speed pitches. In order to understand how a baseball moves and spins, the fastball, curveball, and changeup have to be analyzed. The first pitch that will be explained is the most basic pitch in baseball, the fastball. The two seam fastball is usually thrown about 90 miles per hour (MPH) by major

  • Mirror Day Break Essay

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    Autumn First movement of Rocking Mirror Day break, Toru Takemitsu The piece includes many elements makes it sounds mysterious, elements such as timbre, dynamics, tempo change, and short silences, however, the opening theme which is the primary theme of this movement appears throughout the movement and holds it together. In addition, Taksemitsu used subsets derived from octatonic scale, and due to the nature of the octatonic scale, any transition or inversion of this sets might leads to other

  • Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep Analysis

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    “Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep” is the only known poem written by American poet, Mary Elizabeth Frye. “Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep” is one of the most popular poems in the English language. Mary Elizabeth Frye was a Baltimore housewife who knew nothing about poetry and never got a formal education. Frye and her husband were hosting a guest when they lived in Baltimore, a German Jewish woman named Margaret Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf’s mother was ill in Germany and later passed away, leaving

  • Creon The Tragic Hero In Sophocles Antigone

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    The play Antigone by Sophocles, translated by Paul Roche, was first performed in 441 BC focuses on the life of Antigone who is the daughter to the ex-rulers of Thebes. She has 1 other sister who is not supportive since she is manipulated by her uncle Creon who now rules after her 2 brothers killed each other in a fight for the throne. Creon and Antigone are the protagonist and antagonist who don’t seem to get along very well despite being related. Creon believes one thing and is very firm on his

  • Psychoanalytic Analysis Of The Raven

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    Let’s start by looking at the protagonist of the poem who illustrates a lot of psychoanalytical issues in his ordeal with the raven. From the start of the poem to the end, the reader can recognize and identify many defenses. Some of them include selective memory, selective deception, selective perception, denial and displacement especially towards the end. The most significant issue presented in the poem is the fear of being abandoned. Let me delve deeper into the subject. The poem presents a sad

  • Cuckoo's Nest

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    One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a film by Milos Forman released in 1975, based on an adaptation of the 1962 novel written by Ken Kesey. The film stars Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, and Will Sampson. The movie tells the story of Randle McMurphy, a criminal who was sent to a mental hospital to be evaluated if he is really mentally unstable or if he is faking it to avoid hard labor in prison for raping a 15-year old. Upon arriving at the hospital, McMurphy finds that the ward is run by the hard

  • Imagery In Katherine Mansfield's Miss Brill

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    Katherine Mansfield wrote about an aged woman, Miss Brill who is isolated from the real world. Miss Brill attempts to build a fantasy life to protect herself from the harsh facts of her existence. The short story “Miss Brill” is very descriptive and has decent examples of imagery to help readers better understand and see what is happening. Robert Peltier mentioned that “Miss Brill” has a rise and fall in each paragraph, so in his overview of “Miss Brill”, he also “chose the rise and fall of every

  • Rc Stenhouse Theory

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    Introduction A qualitative study focuses on natural settings that are associated in everyday life. Typically, qualitative researchers often do their study on smaller sample sizes as they are not looking to establish a statistical generalization in their findings. Qualitative research does not involve statistical measures or quantity of any kind, instead it is the study that involves lived human experiences. A lived human experience can be interpreted as gaining personal knowledge in everyday life

  • Theme Of Independence In The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time By Mark Haddon

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    One becomes independent when they are able to adjust anywhere with little to no guidance or reassurance needed. Being independent is an exceeding character trait, which transforms one’s initiation, ultimately leading them to achieve their true ambition. The constant theme of maturation and developing independence appears in the novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, written by the English novelist, Mark Haddon, which follows the life of a fifteen year old boy, Christopher John

  • Mother Tongue By Amy Tan Analysis

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    Amy Tan is a writer who is fascinated by language in daily life. Amy starts aware of the different English she does use. It is a speech about her book and she had already given to half a dozen groups of people. But the main difference is her mother is there too. She realizes that it is perhaps the first time her mother had heard her give a lengthy speech using the Standard English that she learned at school and through books. A kind of English she had never used with her mother. Amy realizes

  • Argumentative Essay On Volunteering

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    Volunteering is when you freely offer to do something without pay. In a person’s life, they have at least participated in community service one time. Whether it be working the concession stand at a ball game, picking up the mail for an elder, or even babysitting. For some people, volunteering helps them feel like they play an essential role while they are giving back to their community. Although volunteering is purely an act of kindness, it can also be very helpful in some people’s lives, such as

  • Paul's Choices In Tangerine

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    Is Paul's whole life a secret? In the novel, Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, Mrs Fisher keeps so many secrets from Paul and makes so many decisions that change his life! She makes three wrong choices in the book that changes Paul's life forever. The choices she makes were to keep a secret how Paul got his glasses, tells Paul’s new school that he is legally blind, and chose to support Paul with his soccer dream. All choices made by Mrs. Fisher was to only protect her son, but Paul did not see it that

  • Essay On Field Hockey

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    Field hockey is a game of skills with a ball and stick. It is an 11 a side game with similar formation to soccer. There are many ways of striking the ball in hockey; hit, sweep, push, drag flick. The speed at which the ball travels is an essential factor of the game. The player has to hit the ball while moving, focusing on a target and defending from the opposition. To score a goal, the player must hit the ball from inside the semi-circle marking known as the D. The speed of the ball comes mainly

  • Why Is Soccer Better Than Football

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    Soccer means a lot in many countries all over the world because it actually means something to them. It is an honor to represent your family in the pitch and during the pitch. Leaving a lot of people speechless on how well you play because not everybody can control a soccer ball with their feet and there's tournaments that bring every teams all over the world together. Football's major event is held here in the