Pittsburgh Pirates Essays

  • Roberto Clemente Research Paper

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    Clemente wore the notorious Pirates’ black and yellow uniform. In his early seasons and even into the prime of his career, Clemente was many times overlooked and undervalued (Mendelson). This motivated him to play harder than ever and it showed on the field. Clemente was famous for his spectacular defense and his never before seen rocket of an arm. In 1960, a red hot Clemente and the Pirates faced off against the New York Yankees in the World Series (Baseball Reference). The Pirates ended up winning the

  • Roberto Clemente Impact On Society

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    Roberto Clemente: One of the Greatest to Ever Live Roberto Clemente once said, “Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on Earth,” (Big Think Editors). The grand majority of people on Earth would not devote themselves to impacting the world forever. In fact, many people today shun the needs of those who need their help most. However, Clemente based his entire existence upon this single quote, and consequently left an ever-lasting

  • Pittsburgh Pirates: One Of The Worst Teams

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    Pittsburgh Pirates may have been one of the worst teams through the past 20 years but this team has been on the rise and you should watch out for them. Pittsburgh Pirates Have won many championships, have one of the best parks, and some of the best players to ever to play baseball. The Pittsburgh Pirates have won many World Series and Pennants. The Pirates Won their first ever World Series in 1909 and also winning the pennant. Pirates win World Series in 1925 also but in 1920 Pirates had one of

  • Gospel Of Wealth Vs Andrew Carnegie

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    The late nineteenth century was a pivotal moment in American history. During this time, the Industrial Revolution transformed the nation, railroads had dissipated all throughout the country, and economic classes began to form, separating the wealthy from the poor. One of the wealthiest men of this generation was Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish immigrant who fled to America to make millions off the railroad, oil and even steel businesses. Carnegie is considered one of the richest men in history, and even

  • Alligator Point Research Paper

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    Alligator Point is a small, unincorporated town that is not well known by most vacationers. Although it is a bit off the beaten path, it holds great allure to those who want a quiet vacation spot that is devoid of the typical frenetic pace that often accompanies other beach towns such as Destin and Ft. Lauderdale, as well as the amusement parks for which Florida is so well known. If you are looking for someplace with more quietude than excitement, visiting the beach at Alligator Point may be just

  • Pittsburgh Renaissance Public Health Case Study

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    Question: How did the Pittsburgh Renaissance effect public health and safety in 1945-1970? • What was it like before ww2? Before the world wars, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was the textbook example of an industrial society. In the year 1900, Pittsburgh produced 41% of Americas steel and almost 30% of the steel consumes worldwide. It was a time of economic prosperity as the United States rose quickly through the ranks to the imperialist powerhouse that is glorified today. While Pittsburgh was known as the

  • Social Injustice In Fences

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    In the play Fences, August Wilson follows the struggle of a family that deals with injustice and racial segregation that creates a hardship that leads to a personal lack of self-esteem and uncontrollable circumstances. Troy, forced his family to deal with his struggles of past life experience. Troy was a hardworking man who did his best to provide for his family. Rose explained this to Cory, "Your daddy wanted you to be everything he wasn't...and everything he was...he meant to do more good than

  • Analysis Of Andrew Carnegie's The Gospel Of Wealth

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    The late nineteenth century was a pivotal moment in American history. During this time, the Industrial Revolution transformed the nation, railroads had dissipated all throughout the country, and economic classes began to form, separating the wealthy from the poor. One of the wealthiest men of this generation was Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish immigrant who fled to America to make millions off the railroad, oil and even steel businesses. Carnegie is considered one of the richest men in history, and even

  • Personal Narrative Essay: When I Am A Pittsburgh Sports Fan

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    In all ways I am a Pittsburgh sports fan. I am a die had Pittsburgh sports fan, whether it be Steelers, pirates, penguins, or Pitt panthers I ride or die with them. They affect my day if they win or lose, I grew up watching all of them as a kid and I am emotionally attached. Being a Pittsburgh sports fan definitely has its ups and downs. Like last year the wild card game for the pirates which I went to, we got shut down by the Cub’s pitcher and didn’t post one run the whole game. Or in 2010 when

  • Michael Jackson: A Tragic Hero

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    In the year of 2009, a breakthrough occurred when America obtained its first African-American President, Barack Obama. With our new president also came an improvement in our health care organization. Two Outstanding Sports Franchises, reclaim their glory by winning championships in their respective associations. Super Bowl 43, voted the greatest Super Bowl in history, was a heart breaker. Also, tragedy struck, with a massacre at a military base and a railway collision near the White House. With tragedy

  • SWOT Analysis: The Pittsburgh Steelers

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers have arguably the most passionate fan base in all of football, making them a marketing and business giant, however, these key strengths for the Steelers are somewhat counterweighted by their weaknesses. To the naked eye the Steelers really have no stand-out drawbacks, they sell out practically every game at Heinz Field, but when taking a closer in depth look at the organization it appears that the Steelers suffer from the same downfalls as the rest of the National Football

  • Pittsburgh Steelers Research Paper

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    (working tiitle) The Pittsburgh steelers has a lot of history behind it, from the uniforms logo and even the name.The Steelers are owned by a man by the name of Art Rooney who bought the franchise in 1933 for 2 thousand 500 dollors. Since they were found in 1933 they are the 5th oldest franchise in the NFL. Since the Pittsburgh has the steel mark and iron institute they gave a suggestion to Art Rooney about the logos ( Injury-report .com). But since Art Rooney no name for the franchise that he bought

  • Personal Narrative: Why I Love Football

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    can 't tell you what just happened in a play, but I assure you I can. For years I loved football, but it was about sixth grade when I first started to like it. My dad was really into it, he 'd watch it every Sunday, Monday or Thursday whenever the Pittsburgh Steelers played. I used to hate it so much. The games were always so long, and all I wanted to do was play with my dad but he would get mad if I even talked. But that 's how almost every football fan is. For me, it was a tad bit boring. But now

  • Ben Roethlisberger's Performance In The NFL

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    Rewrite Ben Roethlisberger curious about the Steelers performance if they were to remain healthy Pittsburgh Steelers offensive last season finished in the second place in the NFL in terms of yards per play while they emerged fourth in scoring despite the power trio of Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell and Ben Roethlisberger never playing in the whole game together. What is extremely enthusiastic is the fact that Roethlisberger who is entering his thirteenth season as the Pittsburgh’s starting quarter

  • Leonard Nimoy Analysis

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    Compare and contrasting the lives of Leonard Nimoy and Brent Spiner Both of these amazing actors: Brent Spiner and Leonard Nimoy starred in Star Trek over there lives but there lives are different in many ways. The three ways are: Early life/childhood, Career before and after Star Trek, and there Personal lives. Leonard Nimoy and Brent Spiner have different early lives and some similarities from childhood. Leonard Nimoy was born in 1931 to Max and Dora Nimoy in Boston Massachusetts. He is the

  • The Ransom Of Red Chief Short Story

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    Annoying Children and Bad Kidnappers, a love story Are you ever just in the mood to kidnap a kid for lots of money? That’s exactly what “The Ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry is about. Two grown men decide to kidnap a little boy, but by the end of the story they end up paying to get rid of him. When you read this story you might find the characters confusing and slightly annoying, therefore you probably should save yourself some time and just not read this story. Along with the dilactate that makes

  • Personal Narrative-My First Baseball Player

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    It all started a year ago when my name got called in the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York. “With the first overall pick in the 2016 NHL entry draft the Carolina Hurricanes are proud to select Samual Cane.” It was a dream come true for me and for the organization and the fans. My draft stock went up throughout the year from being projected not to be drafted, to a clear number one above players like Austin Matthews, Matthew Tkachuk, and Jacob Chychrun. This was a miracle to most people, but

  • New England Patriots Essay

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    When Robert Kraft became the owner of the New England Patriots, he had to pocket $172 million – a record amount back then for a sport team. Looking at the team’s latest $2.6 billion valuation by Forbes, it seems like Kraft’s risky business investment has paid off big time. For the Patriots to get to where they are now, there are lots of reasons and lots of people to credit for but there are two names you can never leave out. In fact, they deserve to be mentioned first and foremost: Head coach Bill

  • Concussions In Professional Football

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    Early January, I’m watching the AFC wild card playoff game, the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburg Steelers are going down to the wire. With under thirty seconds to play and the Steelers down just one point, they are invading into the Bengals territory. On First and ten, the Pittsburg quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger drops back to throw. Antonio Brown, the Steelers star wide receiver and one of the league leaders in receiving yards starts his route. After running vertical for ten yards, he makes a hard

  • Peyton Manning Biography

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    Peyton Manning has just recently announced his retirement from the NFL. Everyone is sad to see this football star go, and we saw it fit to honor his leave with a ranking of his best achievements. In honor of this great footballer’s career, we have finally come to present you with his top six career highlights! Number Six: Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl XLI During the star player’s ninth season on the field, he made a record Super Bowl win against South Florida. With a swift, 53-yard touchdown