Pizza Essays

  • Pizza History

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    IN SEARCH OF PIZZA! It started in Columbus, Ohio, in 1961. Dad brought a hand tossed pizza home, the first pizza I can remember. It had sardines on it, which fired up my appetite! Pizza was such a rarity in our house that we'd long since moved to Pennsylvania before I recall eating another one. That one probably came from The Palms in Emmitsburg, it was likely a frozen crust pizza. The others that followed were probably frozen crusts as well from Corny's Corner or the Ott House, each satisfying

  • Persuasive Essay About Pizza

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    Have you ever thought about diving into a pizza before? I know I have—although it may result in acne and other harmful bodily effects, how could I possibly pass up the opportunity to be one with my favorite food? Unfortunately, I am not talking about your typical, how-did-i-accidentally-burn-this frozen pizza from the supermarket; unless you prefer cardboard over a gooey cheesy goodness, then how are you even alive? On the other hand, if you are interested in an authentic Chicago-style version, then

  • Essay On Pizza Stones

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    There are four different materials used to make pizza stones: clay, ceramic, steel or cast iron. We aren’t going to get into a debate about which material is better for making pizza, they all work just fine so it really just boils down to personal choice. The most common type of materials is clay or ceramic. There are not very many steel or cast iron stones on the market. This is because clay and ceramic are better at absorbing moisture as the pizza bakes which creates a crispy, well-baked crust

  • Wicked Pie Pizza Research Paper

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    As lifelong pizza makers we decided to open a new concept, Wicked Pie Pizza, in the booming downtown neighborhood of Puyallup, Washington. Months before we opened, curious onlookers peeked their heads into the former music shop, and outlandish rumors spread quickly. One person saw a team of masons reportedly brought in order to restore the original 1900s brick. Another person heard they had original tin ceilings, which needed restoration and repair. A reporter wrote a crazy story about a chef from

  • Pizza Hut History

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    Pizza Hut was existing since 50 years ago. It was founded in 15 June 1958 by Frank and Dan Carney which both of them are brothers from Wichita, Kansas. They had been approached by the owner of a small building who wanted a nice neighborhood business, and had read the Post’s article about pizza.The Carneys borrowed $600 from their mother, located John Bender, an airman from McConnell Air Force Base who had worked as a pizza cook, purchased some equipment.The equipment was all second hand and furnishings

  • Contadina Pizza Case Summary

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    • Pizza positioning and customer value are unclear o Positioning could be similar with pasta o Positioning and customer value were unclear because they are in development stage • People underestimate and doubtful with pizza quality (exhibit 14) o Most of people concern with pizza freshness, unsure whether frozen pizza use high quality ingredients, various type of people favorite’s crust, whether the taste will be good and not have soggy crust, also unsure regarding the use of frozen pizza for special

  • Creative Writing: Who Eated Pizza And Ranch?

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    Who eats Pizza and Ranch? When Jenna and I walked into her kitchen on a Saturday afternoon, the pizza that Craig had just cooked was already cut into pieces and waiting for us to devour. Just then Jenna turned and looked at me and with a serious voice she said, “Megan will you grab the ranch out of the fridge?” I’m not sure what was more alarming, the look on my face or the fact that she had just asked me for ranch while we were going to eat pizza. I turned around anyways to reach for the fridge

  • Killer Pizza Book Report

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    Killer Pizza Essay Setting Killer Pizza is by Greg Taylor and takes place in Ohio, where a new pizza place had just opened towards the Suburban Community of Hidden Hills. A fourteen year-old boy starts his summer job at a pizza joint that is actually a front for a monster-hunting organization. Toby is very shy and doesn’t mention very much that he likes to cook and enjoys watching the Food Network. He also struggles to keep a B-average in his classes. Main Characters Annabel is another main character

  • Essay On Online Pizza Delivery

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    Online Pizza Delivery Pizza is a dish that we all love and can never ever deny when someone offers us even a slice of pizza. In that case, whenever we are at home we can actually get a pizza by online delivery as well as when we find no food after returning back from office then getting a pizza ordered is a great option to avail. Here, the truth is that many of us hardly know the benefits of online pizza delivery and its aspects in the contemporary times and that is why we go to the pizza restaurant

  • Pizza Bar Business Plan

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    Positioning PIZZA BAR will position itself as a reasonably priced, upscale, gourmet pizza restaurant. Urban consumers who appreciate high-quality food will recognize the value and unique offerings of PIZZA BAR. Patrons will be both single as well as families. PIZZA BAR positioning will leverage their competitive edge: • Product. The product will have the freshest ingredients including homemade pizza, imported cheeses, organic vegetables, and top-shelf meats. The product will also be developed to

  • Pizza Oven Research Paper

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    taste of delivery pizza and want to try making one yourself. If you want to bake a tasty pie, you 'll need to get a pizza oven. Pizza oven is designed especially to cook pizza and it can cook it fast. It can finish baking one within minutes whenever you feel like having one. It will help you to save time compared to cooking in a regular oven. You will also save money from having to pay for the delivery services. Not sure whether to buy a Conveyor Pizza Oven, Deck Oven, Countertop Pizza Oven, or Commercial

  • Why Is Pizza So Popular

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    Everyone loves pizza – pretty much everyone who tries it develops an instant affection for it – and its history is just as interesting as some of the topping combinations that have emerged around the world, some of which are rather unusual – Tom Yum Kung pizza anyone? The History of Pizza – From Uncertain Origins Came Something Special The history of pizza has long been debated and it would seem as though the world is still no closer to agreeing upon where and when pizza actually came about.

  • Informative Speech: America's Pizza Habits

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    apple pie as America’s favorite food. However pizza has taken over and pushed apple pie aside. Would you believe American’s eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day?* B. RA- Each man, woman and child in America eats an average of 46 slices (23 pounds) of pizza a year. Wouldn’t it be great if we could create our dream pizza in our own home, making it just the way we want it and saving money at the same time. Since 300 billion people enjoy pizza lets take a deeper look into it.* C. Thesis-

  • Little Caesars Pizza Case Study

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    Little Caesars is a pizza chain, estimated to be the third largest in the United States. The Little Caesars headquarters is located in the Fox Theatre building in Downtown Detroit, Michigan. In addition to pizza, they served hot dogs, chicken, shrimp, and fish. Little Caesars Pizza was founded in May 8, 1959 by Mike and Marian. The company is famous for its advertising catchphrase, "Pizza! Pizza!" which was introduced in 1979. The phrase refers to two pizzas being offered for the comparable price

  • Pizza Hut Case Study

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    Pizza hut, one of the leading pizza fast food chain in India was one of the first entrant for pizza in India and was followed by Dominos. Even after so many years the company has been able to maintain its premium image. HISTORY Pizza hut was founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney in Wichita, Kansas. When a friend suggested opening a pizza parlor--then a rarity--they agreed that the idea could prove successful, and they borrowed $600 from their mother to start a business with partner John Bender

  • Being Cool To The Pizza Dude Analysis

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    This article is about being cool to the pizza dude. Some of the reasons why this author says you should be cool to the pizza dude is that it’s a good practice of humility, good practice of empathy, brings honor, good practice of equality. These are some of the reason why you should be cool to the pizza dude. Whenever you see a pizza guy give him some room on the road and if he cuts you off or cuts over 2 lanes of traffic to get to the exit ramp don 't get mad or if he is running a little late.

  • Did Pizza Take Over America And Sushi Took Over Japan?

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    Pizza and Sushi Do you think that both pizza took over America and sushi took over Japan The answer...they did. Some people might argue and say that they don't think so both pizza took over America and sushi took over Japan But I disagree. I think that pizza took over America like sushi took over Japan. First I think that both pizza took over America and sushi took over Japan according to the passage it says ‘’In New York City, Frank Mastro wanted to help. His community—mostly recent immigrants

  • Comparative Study Of Domino's Pizza And Pizza Hut

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    study of Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. Background of Domino’s Pizza Domino’s Pizza was founded by two brothers, Tom and James Monaghan in 1960. The brothers purchases “DomiNicks”, a pizza restaurant in Ypsilanti, Michigan. They borrowed $900 to purchase it. The name was then changed to “Domino’s Pizza”. Today, there are more than 13 800 Domino’s Pizza restaurants internationally. There are 5 000 Domino’s Pizza restaurants outside of the USA. Domino’s Pizza specialises in pizza. They have also introduced

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Differences In Different Cultures

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    Heavenly Pizza It is very easy to find big varieties of food at any corner of the city, it is amazing to think of how many different cultures influenced in the American culinary. Even with so many different options of food, pizza is still my favorite. Ever since I was a little girl, my family and I order pizza at least once a week. There is something about pizza that makes it special every time I eat it, my heart feels warm whenever I smell that amazing scent. The first thing I notice when I walk

  • Italian Restaurant Case Study

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    oldest family friendly restaurant on the Hill. During the decision making of the restaurant, Aiazzi and Rignti wanted to combine Northern Italian food and American food. Rigazzi’s is known for their flavorful toasted ravioli, classic St. Louis style pizza, and their Frozen Fishbowls. After John Rignti ended the partnership with Lou Aiazzi, Aiazzi family took full responsibility for the restaurant. The Old School Italian restaurant is just what it seems like. When you go to Rigazzi’s you do not have