Pokémon Essays

  • Creative Writing: Pokemon Tales

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    Pokemon Tales By: Jonathan and Jonathan and nobody else Hey hey now, so this is the efddv oops my bad lemme try dat again. Oh no where is my grammar! Wait, wait, wait, let me start all over again. I mean oh my gosh can I try that again? So, this is the tale of a young kid named Jonathan who was on his quest a become a pokemon master. “[yawn] Finally! I get to start my journey to become a pokemon master! ”I say as I get out of bed. Hi, yesterday was my tenth birthday and now I finally get to start

  • Pokeball: A Short Story

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    fresh, green grass next to a cave that used to be used as mining. There, many different types of Pokemon call it home. One Pokemon named Eevee used to live there. This was not a normal Eevee. She was a white, shiny Eevee, which is considered a rare sight. This Eevee lived in a hole in a tree. One day, however, the Pokemon Trainer Brendan was looking for rare Pokemon.He traveled looking for rare Pokemon. Eevee was taking a stroll through the tall grass, but her fur coat sparkles at random times, making

  • Pokémon Go Vs. Pokemon Go

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    different applications is also in the trend, one of which is Pokémon Go. There are a lot of blogs that talks about the whole fuss about Pokémon Go and if I get to be asked if personally, Is Pokémon Go Good? I would most likely give a big thumbs up because I am, indeed, convinced that more than the disadvantages of using the app and playing the game, from worse to worst, the advantages far outweigh the bad ones. Wikipedia defined Pokémon Go as an augmented reality game that works through GPS (Global

  • Pokemon Characters

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    The Pokemon Eevee evolutions are probably the most popular of all the Pokemon characters. The eight little characters have captured the hearts of fans all over the world. Eevee, Umbreon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Espeon, Flareon, and Leafeon have become every childs obsession. But with so many people wanting them, how can I find them? And what items are out there? Due to their extreme popularity, the Eevee evolution characters have become quite nearly impossible to obtain. Since everyone wants

  • Pokemon At Auschwitz Analysis

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    It’s wrong to play Pokemon at Auschwitz Is it wrong to play pokemon at Auschwitz? Leonard Pitts writes how there are people in the world that are trying to catch “digital creatures’ in the most sacred places in the work, where the worst of the worst happened. He was shocked to hear that Arlington had to tweet “We do not consider playing ‘Pokémon Go’ to be appropriate decorum on the grounds of ANC.” as if that already isn’t common sense. Pitts states that Pokemon Go, a global sensation game that is

  • Persuasive Essay On Pokemon

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    Calvin LaRue Period 2 English Competitive Pokemon is for Everyone. Pokemon, something commonly considered only for adolescents and children, is a game that holds enjoyment that anyone can take part of no matter what age. Many people think of a children’s game whenever they hear “Pokemon,” but I believe that no one should judge a book by its cover. The game itself is very complex and takes a decent amount of knowledge to be successful. No matter how mature you are, there is no reason not to

  • Persuasive Essay On Pokemon Go

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    Have you given any real thought to the game, Pokemon Go? The trend has not settled as players continue the craze of hunting down this character. While the game may seem harmless on the surface, some people think Pokemon Go has some dangers that players should consider. The fact that Pokemon Go brings a crowd of people, not just kids, to a particular place and time simultaneously, is a tremendous reason why you should worry about Pokemon Go, especially when playing the game at night. It makes

  • Pokemon Go Argumentative Essay

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    When Pokemon GO first released, I heard some say it is better than the other video games because at least people are walking around. Is that really the problem some parents and adults have with video games; a lack of exercise? If that is really the case, why is book reading viewed in such a positive light? When you read, you just sit there. The pages get flipped every few minutes. Yet, no exercise. Either people are really saying, "It is just as bad as the others, but at least there is exercise

  • A Pokemon Trainer: A Short Story

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    but the land was vast, full of many Pokémon. Gabby never went to see them, though. To see them was against the rules, but she knew someday she'd finally have to see them. At the age of six, she sounded out the words: 'A Pokémon Trainer catches, names, and trains many types of Pokémon.' That lone sentence fascinated her. A Pokémon Trainer. To catch all sorts of cool Pokémon and train them to be completely fierce. That . . . sounded awesome! To be a Pokémon Breeder like her father didn't sound

  • Pokemon 4ever: Film Analysis

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    thorough research. In Pokemon 4Ever, Sammy Oak, Ash Ketchum, and his friends stop a Pokemon hunter from destroying the environment and enslaving pokemon. The movie is similar to how hunters in the real world destroy environments by showing how the imbalance of hunting creates and how people and nature must work together to combat it. The opening scene shows how hunters are willing to take endangered species from their homes. A Pokemon hunter is hunting down a small, green Pokemon named Celebi in a forest

  • Pokemon Go Research Paper

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    Pokemon GO or No Go What if there was a way to get your kid out the house everyday and play outside; what if I told you that other adults are trying to ban it, without knowledge on the topic. Pokemon Go is an app where people can catch pokemon from the popular franchise. The kick to this is that in order to catch them the player needs to go outside and walk. The app is powered by google maps and tracks the distance you walk, location, and notifies when a pokemon is nearby. The thing that is important

  • Pokemon On Iphone Persuasive Speech

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    Information about How to play Pokemon on iPhone Perhaps you 're searching for a few sentiments of sentimentality how to play Pokemon on iPhone. Possibly the (moderately) late declaration of Pokemon Go has you energized. In any case, on the off chance that you tapped on this, you 're hoping to play Pokemon on your iPhone. Fortunately for you, late improvements in the iOS madding group have made it really simple to play great Gameboy or Gameboy Progressed Pokemon titles from your iPhone gadget! Simply

  • Five Dangers Of Pokemon Go

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    5 Dangers of Pokémon Go A growing trend is a growing danger According to the USA today, Pokémon Go has over 15 million downloads. And while the numbers are not concreted (as there are more downloads every minute), it is clear to see that the application is growing to a global viral status. Pokémon Go allows the user to interact between the real work and the virtual world. It is a new form of augmented reality and gamming. Primarily, the user has to find real world locations which house the virtual

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Sport Of Pokemon

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    Somehow,a simple game managed to get a depressed 10 year old to flourish into a amiable,sociable and confident person.Someone who advocates his love for animals and sports,but I still can’t play soccer for my life! Eventually,I had grown tired of pokemon pearl and it had gave me the right,according to my parents,to get more games.The white rectangular box of entertainment and amazement had entertained me(and implanted years of forcing to do at least 3 hours of studies and sleep at 9:30pm everyday)

  • How Does Pokemon Go Affect Society

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    If asked how Pokemon Go is affecting business and society the simple answer would be that Pokemon is killing the market.If this statement is to be contraindicated just ask Gamestop with its 14% increase in stocks since July 6.Pokemon Go has had many effects on the market such as boosting stocks like Sprint, RadioShack, and many other electronic stores.These effects on these different business have been credited to increased selling of phone charges and increases of visits to these stores to have

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Pokemon In The Real World

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    Pokemon GO had been all the rage lately. Everyone, including adults, children, teenagers, and even grandparents, was hooked on the game. If you’ve been living under a rock, allow me to explain the app. Pokemon GO was essentially a game where you walked around attempting to find and catch Pokemon in the real world. You could later use these Pokemon to fight other opponents and their opponents. Of course, there’s probably more to it than that, but I assume its the basic premise. Although I didn’t play

  • Persuasive Advertising

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    smartphone being held in a person’s hand. The screen of the phone features an app known as “Pokémon GO.” The pictured Pokémon, or animal, is an endangered giant panda. The ad read “Pokémon are real. Save ‘em all.” Lastly, down at the bottom right is the World Wildlife Fund logo. Pandoudou uses bright secondary colors, clever minimalist design, and sentimental pop culture to persuade young adults who play Pokémon GO to participate in wildlife conservation. The color scheme in an advertisement can induce

  • Robert Frost's Poem Nothing Gold Can Stay

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    life for me back in the day was so much better than today. I miss the good old days. It's just not the same anymore. I miss the days where i would wake up every saturday morning watching cartoons, waking up and watching pokemon on CN, play with my DS, etc. I miss playing Pokemon and Yugioh cards in

  • Nothing Gold Can Stay

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    Childhood Essay In the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost, Robert Frost makes references about his childhood and how amazing his childhood memories are. Robert Frost also mentions in “Nothing Gold Can Stay” that childhood doesn’t last forever and will eventually go away. My childhood memories go without saying were more than just an experience, they are my best memories. As a child, I lived and grew up in the San Fernando Valley. I lived in a decent size brown and white house in an old

  • Ash Ketchup: A Short Story

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    Walking up was tough for everyone. It was amazing that few people could manage it without something or someone to wake them up. But people with Insomnia? They have it the roughest. It would not only cause mental problems but also physical problems as well. Such was the condition of one Ash Ketchup. This left Ash in quite the fix. He couldn’t sleep without any of his medicines and his health was constantly sick. Professor Oak, the Kanto region’s most acclaimed professor decided to give the boy a