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  • Police Brutality Outline

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    Police Brutality and the Effects it has on Athletes I. Introduction a. The snare drum starts to play, and the audience hears the national anthem starting to play as the fans look at the sidelines they see every player except one standing with their hand on their heart looking at the American flag. Colin Kaepernick making a bold statement by sitting during the national anthem but why? b. Police Brutality has been a problem in America for the past couple of decades. c.

  • Police Brutality Report

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    Police brutality is one of the most serious human rights violations in the United States. In the past five years the police have murdered and seriously injured unarmed and in some circumstances innocent people and have made people all over the world upset even resulting in the start of movements such as “#BlackLivesMatter and #HandsUpDon’tShoot”. Unreasonable shootings, fatal beatings, brutal choke holds, and excessive force has been some of the recent cases of police brutality in America. The problem is that more cases go unreported, than the ones that actually are.

  • Police Brutality Against African American

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    So far in the year of 2015, 66 unarmed African Americans have been killed by police authorities. Ever since the death Michael Brown in August 2014, the world has become much more aware of police brutality. According to wisegeek.org, police brutality is “a form of police misconduct in which officers engage in an excessive use of force.” Police brutality against African Americans is an issue that has been causing a lot of controversy in the past year. This issue needs much more awareness than ever before, since there have been many startling cases during and after the Ferguson protest.

  • Police Brutality Cases

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    The police have always been people you can call when in an emergency. They have always been seen as the good guys who are there to ensure your safety, which is why it is very important to trust police men as well as firefighters because if you don’t it may be hard to follow their instructions when in a dangerous situation. They are the few brave citizens who risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure their communities safety, so why do people have such a hard time trusting them? Perhaps it may be because of the recent police brutality assaults, which have become more and more recent, for example; the very popular and over publicized Eric Garner and Michael Brown brutality cases, which have become a major topic of controversy. Some other major police brutality cases are; the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, which ignited many protests within the community, as there had

  • Police Brutality Cases

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    Issue paper: Eric Garner Was Choked to Death for Selling Loosies (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/12/03/the-policies-behind-eric-garner-s-death.html) Name University Issue paper: Eric Garner Was Choked to Death for Selling Loosies Violations by police officers, noble cause corruption, selective administration, misuse of power, perjury, and many other misconducts leave no stone unturned to make public crazy and exasperated for irrational policing. However, the balance in police’s power and duties remain the question of consideration with the passage of time and it seems to be unresolved.

  • Police Corruption Essay

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    Corruption is a type of misconduct and offense in which the police break their contract and oath by abusing their power for personal gain or even for departmental gain. Examples of types of police corruption a. Bribery- police officer receives bribes so that they cannot write tickets for people who have gone against the law for example, from prostitutes and gambling, bribery does not only affect the united states but its world spread, examples of other countries with highest percentage of bribery are Pakistan and France. b. Assault on suspects- police officers use excessive force on suspects leading to injuries and at times suspects end up dying in their custody. Some police officers have been charged with murder of suspects in their custody.

  • Police Discretion And Police Brutality

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    Great job! I enjoyed reading your post; it was well thought out and articulated. Furthermore, I believe your post offer keen insights into police discretion and police brutality, as shown in Michelle Jordan’s case; and to an extent, I agree with most of what you stated regarding the circumstances of the use of force on Jordan. To begin with, it is important to note that the penalty for texting and driving usually consists of just monetary fines—in a few states, criminal misdemeanor charges. Jordan’s crime was only a minor violation and therefore did not warrant such excessive force from the officer.

  • Essay On Police Misconduct

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    Police misconduct denotes to illegal or inappropriate actions that police officers take in association with their formal obligations (Palmiotto, 2001). It can lead to an injustice and at times involves the obstruction of justice or discrimination. In a bid to regulate police misconduct, a fast-tracking trend for citizen agencies to go past the review to take part in investigations directly and have more input into disciplinary choices exist. With the increase in mobile devices that can record alleged misconduct, prosecution bodies, in some jurisdictions, are leveraging current spying laws to indict civilians, while, in other situations, police will unlawfully delete or seize evidence (Palmiotto, 2001). In this paper we will see the cause and effect of police misconduct leading to civilian complaint review board, and what resolutins are addressed in law enforcement departments and agencies throughout America.

  • Police Brutality In African American Essay

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    Police brutality on African-American’s is violent and harmful. In our society today many police are unfairly treating African American people. There is a lot of evidence and statistics here that can help me prove what I 'm saying is the truth. Police brutality on African Americans is a terrible social injustice that must end.

  • Racial Disparity In Police Violence

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    This article was written by Cody Ross and published in the Social Forum journal, a peer reviewed journal. It is reliable as it has already been peer reviewed and cites many other sources throughout it. In the article, it says that there is a racial disparity in police violence against white people and black people. It attempts to support how black people are unfairly the victims of police brutality as compared to white people. It brings up statistics as to how unarmed black people are much more likely to be shot than unarmed white people are when it comes to dealing with the police.

  • Police Brutality Against African Americans

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    The treatment many police officers have towards African Americans is unjustified. Police officers have certain protocols and rules to follow certain scenarios. This is to prevent casualties as much as possible and to protect bystanders. However, when do some of these actions go overboard? Recently, there have been many cases involving police brutality against African Americans in which some had costed their lives.

  • Police Brutality Case Study

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    In the early 1960s numerous inner-city riots occurred within the United States. These riots were triggered by law enforcement officers, the police, murdering multiple citizens. Police use of deadly or lethal force was not publicized until the 1960s following these events. Since the 1960s, any level of force exchanged between police officers and citizens must have probable cause (Scharf & Binder, 1983). Various scholars have attempted to study the use of deadly force amongst officer-citizen interactions.

  • Police Brutality Thesis

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    Police Brutality: The Spawn of Racism Police Brutality is one of America's most talked about and highly publicized problems today, that is not only the result of the main cause of Institutional Racism but is also due the lack of accountability that police officers face after the crime of police brutality is committed primarily towards minority groups. In order to identify the causes of police brutality we have to understand what police brutality is, the definition of Police brutality is “the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians” Law Dictionary: What Is Police Brutality? . Institutional Racism as described by The Oxford dictionary as “Racial discrimination that has become established as normal behaviour

  • Police Brutality Issue

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    A social issue is an issue that influences society as a whole, and also gets opposed by many individuals. Social issues range from local to national to international. Specific examples of social issues include Gay marriage, Sexism, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, etc. Out of all these issues, the one that will be discussed in this paper is police brutality (social problem. 2013, October 18).

  • Police Brutality On Black People Essay

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    Why the police officers are brutality on black people? There are highest percentage of statistics that police officers; white people are racism against black people and they killed them without the cautions while some of black people unarmed that means they do not have any weapons on them. Black people have some struggled to understand why every year the police officers always killed black people without negotiation and why against black people while they are innocent. There are several ways are complication situations between the police officers against black people because of racism. I noticed the police officers killed the article Called Policing the Police talked about the highest percentages of black men who unarmed.

  • Racism: Portrayal Of Police

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    Hey Sammi, I agree with your perspective of racism. I like how you gave an example of the portrayal of police officers in other states and the shootings of African Americans. It’s unfortunate that police officers would open fire even if the person is unarmed. Your statement of how people are judged within 10 seconds of the meeting is quite accurate, because I’ve heard things from people about others from the first time they meet someone. It is nice knowing how in the Bay Area there aren 't much racial discrimination occurring, because all the cultures has came together and merged.

  • Police Officer Violations

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    After I terminated the relationship with the Chief of Police’s niece he approached me several times and spoke about the relationship. He advised me on more than one occasion that his family wants me to be fired from my position as a police officer because of breaking up with her. Shortly thereafter the Chief attempted to discipline me for violations of the department that either did not occur or were not rules or enforced. The Mount Carmel Township Police Officer’s Union and I were forced to argue the decision he made.

  • Police Brutality In African American Era

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    The Plague of the United States era, society is insistently assured by police and their apologist, is not the extensive abuse and other frequent misconduct by law enforcements officers, but the expanding “disrespect for authority” that is being encouraged by “liberals” and those more extensive individuals called “libertarians” The widespread media coverage of police brutality has become too common within our societies everyday life, thus causing destruction of the communities trust. Savage treatment is continually afflicted among African Americans as a replacement form of punishment. A substantial number of casualties of police brutality are African Americans, for instance during August 9th within a house of Brooklyn, an African American

  • Police Brutality Rhetorical Analysis

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    In the essay titled “Police Brutality”, Danna Hernandez uses rhetorical devices to declare that police brutality is dreadful. She utilizes anecdotes to support her claim, pathos to persuade the audience to agree with her argument by producing an emotional response, and imagery to illustrate her hardships caused by police brutality. Danna does this in order to make the general public realize that police brutality is a significant issue that should not be treated as a trend. Danna Hernandez uses anecdote to support her argument. The vast majority of the essay is an anecdote that tells of the tragic death of her son due to unjustified gun usage by a police officer(which constitutes as police brutality) and the emotional consequences that followed.

  • Police Brutality In The Black Community

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    This report is showing light to the communities’ response to police brutality particularly in the black communities and also their encounters with police officers. Police brutality is physical violence and great cruelty demonstrated by a police officer. Police brutality and misconduct have existed for many decades and it even has been broadcasted in news stories over America, but nothing has changed. It has happened predominantly to African Americans in lower-income states. Police officers are given slaps on the wrist for taking a life or injuring an innocent person.