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  • Essay On Polymers

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    What are polymers? Polymers are long chains of molecules which can also be cross-linked, joining any other chains together. They are made from smaller molecules called monomers. Some examples of polymers are Jelly, rubber bands, plastic bags and chewing gum. Natural and synthetic polymers and their sources There are two different types of polymers know synthetic and natural. Synthetic polymers are obtained from petroleum oil and are made by scientists and engineers. Examples of synthetic polymers

  • Polymer Research Paper

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    Polymers Introduction: Polymers are substances that are composed of subunits. The recurring subunits in polymers are termed as monomers. These monomer subunits are mostly large hence making polymer a macromolecule. Due to their diverse applications polymers are considered to be used a lot in our everyday life for example in adhesives or in rubber. The importance of polymers in nature can be found by their role in biology as DNA which is a macromolecule with repeating subunits. The process of polymers

  • Essay On Natural Polymers

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    NATURAL POLYMERS Naturally occurring polymers in the environment are called natural polymers. Some examples of natural polymers are, • Nucleic acids: DNA, RNA • proteins • Polysaccharides :cellulose, starch • collagen • silk • cotton • wool • natural rubber Cellulose is the most abundant polymer, natural or synthetic, on the earth. Applications of natural polymers 1. Cellulose Cellulose is the most abundant natural polymer on earth since it can be found in cell walls of plants. Applications

  • Synthetic Organic Polymers

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    The word polymer is defined as, "a compound of high molecular weight derived either by the addition of many smaller molecules, as polyethylene, or by the condensation of many smaller molecules with the elimination of water, alcohol, or the like, as nylon" ("Reference"). In laymen terms, a polymer is a chain of monomers. The prefix poly- means "many", and mono- means "one" ("What is a polymer"). Monomers string together to form linear chains through a process called polymerization. Polymerization

  • Advantages Of Antibacterial Polymers

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    related to a bulk or just a surface mass as in Figure )6( Figure (2-3) shows antibacterial polymers: (a) an antibacterial strategy that is fully demonstrated by the body. (B) The antibacterial efficacy shall be on the surface only. (C) Biocides molecules are released from the polymer base material. (D) release of antibacterial agents released from paint [61]. Also, this strategy can come from polymers that contain biologics active repeat units, which have the potential to inhibit the effect of

  • Mechanical Properties Of Polymer

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    Mechanical Properties of Polymers Polymers: Polymer means many parts. Polymers are the long chain compounds. A chemical compound that is made up of many small molecules that are arrange in simple molecular structure to form a large molecule. Types of Bonding in Polymers: i) Cross Linkage ii) Bonding Examples: Polyester, Acrylic, Polypropylene, Teflon Bakelite, Phenol Formaldehyde, Melamine, Duraplastetc What is Mechanical behavior? Mechanical behavior is basically the properties that are use

  • Benefits Of Polymer Nanotechnology

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    being used to generate nanocomposites by incorporating nanomaterials into polymers for property enhancement. Owing to the diversity of their properties polymers find applications in almost all aspects of life and hence are very useful to society. Their performance can be significantly improved by blending them with nanomaterials. In conventional polymer composites, the reinforcement is in the order of microns, but Polymer Nanocomposites

  • Mechanical Properties Of Polymer Essay

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    Mechanical Properties of Polymers Properties: Definition: “Properties are the Characteristics of the materials to classify them on the basis of their behavior.” Polymers: Definition: “Polymer is a combination of two words “Poly” means “Many” “Mer” means “Unit”. So the polymer term means combination of small units to form a larger molecule/compound.” Mechanical Properties: Definition: “The properties which are mostly related to the physical behavior of the materials.” Mechanical properties Include:

  • PVC: The Different Types Of Polymers

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    A polymer by definition is a structure composed by joining small repeating molecules called monomers to form large chains. This class of matter is subdivided into many types based on the way these monomers are attached to the chains or on the way these chains reside with one another. One such is thermoplastic polymers which are linked by intermolecular interactions to form branched or linear chains. Polymers of this category are easily melted and shaped numerous times as they do not go significant

  • Natural Polymer Research Paper

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    Polymer is large molecule formed from the merger of many small molecules known as monomer. The word polymer is derived from the Greek word Poly, which means “many” and Mer, which means “parts”. There are 2 types of polymer: natural polymer and synthetic polymer. The history of natural polymer goes back as long as man has been using wood, which composed of cellulose. Natural polymers exist in nature and can be extracted. Examples of natural polymers are cellulose, starch, glycogen, protein and nucleic

  • Digital Assignment 3: Polymers

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    Engineering Chemistry Digital Assignment 3 - Polymers Name: Prasannakumar Krishnaraj Class: SJT 504 Reg no: 15BCE0985 Semester: 2 Slot: D1 Date: 24/04/2016 Faculty: Prof. Rajagopal D. Conducting polymers: Polyacetylene and Polyaniline - Mechanism of Conduction, doping; Conducting polymers: A conducting polymer is an organic based polymer that can act as a semiconductor or a conductor. The most widely studied organic polymers are polyaniline (PANI), polypyrroles, polythiophenes, and polyphenylene

  • Essay On Role Of Polymers In Society

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    Polymer is a long chains molecules which made up of many monomers all strung together by specify polymerization methods to form various types of products. There are two types of polymers in common which are natural polymeric materials such as wool, silk and synthetic polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nylon and others. Moreover, different kinds of combination of monomers will produce distinct products with characterize properties such as tacticity, crystallinity, tensile strength, Young’s

  • Carboxylic Polymer Research Paper

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    Carboxylic polymers are used as thickeners, suspending agents and stabilizers. They are utilized in a wide variety of personal care products, pharmaceuticals and household cleaners. Most Carboxylic polymers are high molecular weight acrylic acid chains, usually cross-linked with polufunctional allylic ethers, and are available as powders or liquids [1-4]. They are also used to stabilize, suspend, and control the release of pharmaceutical products [5-6]. At low concentrations, suspensions flow easily

  • Polymer Matrix Composite Essay

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    Polymer matrix composites Composites Composite material is a multiphase combination material of two or more components with different properties and different class , it will not appear with the characteristics of main components rather than they show new characteristics that are not possessed by any of component. Composites must have following characteristics: • Non –homogeneous material • Great improvement in performance • Volume fraction of component material

  • Composite Materials: Polymer Matrix Composites

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    POLYMER MATRICES Composite materials, as we know, are composed of a matrix and a reinforcement. Very commonly polymer matrix are used. PMC’S or polymer matrix composites are made up of a variety of short or continuous fibers bound together by an organic polymer matrix. These are designed so that the mechanical loads to which the structure is subjected in service are supported by the reinforcement. The function of the matrix is to bond the fibers together and to transfer loads between them. Polymer

  • Evaporative Polymer Research Paper

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    Ergodyne Chill-Its 6710 Evaporative Polymer Cooling Dew Rag is another product from the Chill-its range. It is high-absorbing cooling towel which can be converted into a headband and headgear. This product is popular in the market with its super feature of acrylic polymer crystals which are highly evaporative. It helps in absorbing the water and sweat to evaporate it and provide cooling effects. This cooling effect in turn cools the body part where this cooling towel is used; be it head, hand, shoulder

  • Fiber Reinforced Polymer Essay

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    CHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction A fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) is a composite material consisting of a polymer matrix imbedded with high-strength fibers, such as glass, aramid and carbon. Generally, polymer can be classified into two classes, thermoplastics and thermosetting. Thermoplastic materials currently dominate, as matrices for biofibers; the most commonly used thermoplastics for this purpose are polypropylene (PP), polyethylene, and poly vinyl chloride (PVC); while phenolic

  • Polyethylene Self-Reinforced Polymer Analysis

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    Analysis of the Interfacial Properties of Polyethylene Self Reinforced Polymer Composite Dipin Raj D K , Joe Varghese Varghese , Nikhil K , Sharan Chandran M SMBS, VIT University Abstract — The composites having same matrix material and reinforcement material but manufactured by different methods is called Self Reinforced Polymer Composites (SRPC). They have comparable shear strength and tensile strength unlike other composites such as glass or carbon fiber reinforced composites. To understand

  • Polymers And Plastics

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    Polymers and plastics take decade to degrade in which it poses serious environmental and health hazard. The causes of polymers or plastics to degrade its form is due to the environmental factors such as light, heat, moisture, chemical and biological processes in which it changes the structure and bond of the polymers (Maes et al., 1986; Donnel et al., 1979). The degradation of polymers causes it to erode, discolor, cracking and delaminating (Viletti et al., 2002). To prevent the plastics from

  • Polyyesteramides Essay

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    group of biodegradable polymer that covers both specialties in the biomedical field and commodity applications. These polymers have amide and ester groups on their chemical structure which give good thermal and mechanical properties. Polyesteramides are polymers with hydrolysable backbones which able to biodegrade under particular conditions. Strong hydrogen bonding interactions between amide groups back up some typical weakness of aliphatic polyester. The properties of polymer like hydrophilic or hydrophobic