Pool Essays

  • The Pool Monologue

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    Hello, and welcome to the pool. No, you can 't run around it. Just get in it. I don 't understand why kids love running around the pool. You can run on concrete at school. But you don 't have a pool at school. Just swim in the pool and be happy. Hey, don 't push her Because I said so. I 'm the lifeguard, and what I say goes. God damn kids, they never listen. I guess I didn 't listen when I was a kid either. I want to believe that their ears are filled with water, and that 's why they can 't hear

  • Memory Laps At The Pool Sedaris Analysis

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    “Memory Laps at the Pool” a person essay written by David Sedaris to show the reader a experience from when he was a child. Sedaris uses first person and multiple forms of writing. The main writing forms were literary and expressive. In his essay, Sedaris makes the reader imagine the story he is telling by using description and emotion throughout his whole story. David Sedaris begins his story telling the reader that when he turns fifty he told himself that he would discover opera but sooner to

  • Swimming Pool Case Study

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    A swimming pool is a place where you can have fun during your leisure time. It is a place where you can swim with friends and your relatives. However, these swimming pools need to clean it from time to time. A swimming pool requires proper cleaning, servicing and maintenance. A slight negligence in maintenance can be detrimental. Removing the debris and maintaining a balance of water is not enough. Equipment such as the pool pump, filter among others require servicing from time to time. There are

  • The Great Gatsby Pool Analysis

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    In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby’s pool is typically mentioned in conjunction with displays of his fortune. Gatsby’s pool represents the temptations of excess and luxury that accompany a life of wealth. Initially, Gatsby is able to distance himself from this lavishness—while he enjoys a privileged lifestyle, he acknowledges the need to distance himself from excess. However, as the summer continues, he fails to maintain this internal restraint, leading him to lose the morals that

  • Poem Analysis Of We Real Cool By Gwendolyn Brooks

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    meter and verse to add to the story she's conveying. The pool players in this poem are rogue youths and Brooks attempts to understand their lives. The tone conveyed in the poem adds a slightly ominous tint to the picture of the pool players. Brooks uses this poem to convey the plight of the pool player’s existence and urge the reader to see the fun the pool players have and also the looming consequences. The speakers of this poem are all pool players gathering at a bar to indulge their rebellious side

  • Argumentative Essay On Riviera Maya

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    adults and two children and has two bathrooms. All rooms and suites have and LCD TV and a Jacuzzi tub and a terrace with a view. The one-bedroom suite has two TVs and a kitchen and dining room. The two-bedroom suite has three TVs and a private plunge pool as well as the kitchen and dining room. You will find all the amenities you would expect in this gorgeous, luxury accommodation.

  • Ocean Descriptive Essay

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    The ocean… The sound of the waves applauding and hugging the shore.The internal sounds of the body out in the world’s biggest swimming pool. The echo of my sister’s laughter. The salty smell so strong that one can taste it dancing on ones taste buds. The ocean looked like an enormous pool of wonder. It was exceptionally blue that day with a slight green undertone. The surface looked as though it was covered with millions of diamonds crashing with the waves and kissing the sand. I remember the sand

  • Truth And Consequence Analysis

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    ever lied and had a consequence because of it? In Truth and Consequences, by Brendan Gill, Charles finds out the truth about the girl’s life which makes him face consequences with his life . Charles finds out the truth by talking to the girl at the pool who was unlike anyone he had ever met. The plot of the story helps the readers visualize the features of the girl Charles talks with. The tone of the story helps the readers see the different ways that Charles and the girl live. The actions in the

  • Chamberlin Pines: A Short Story

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    lifeguard pack and my whistle I greet my fellow lifeguards and ask “how is it down at the pool.” Both of them reply “the kids are getting pretty crazy.” I begin to walk down to the pool through the clubhouse, I think to myself “I expected that these kids are acting insane it 's summer and it 's boiling hot out here.” As I exit the clubhouse I put my sunglasses on and begin to walk down the walkway toward the pool. Now

  • Archetypal Criticism In John Cheever's The Swimmer

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    emotion, passion, and turmoil which promotes feeling, and is what makes humans, humans. Set on a midsummer Sunday afternoon, the “The Swimmer”, by John Cheever, follows the journey of Neddy Merrill, who decides to get home by swimming across numerous pools in Bullet Park, the suburban neighborhood where he and his family reside. Neddy contributed the name of this route “Lucinda” after his wife (Cheever 2). Neddy’s journey home starts off positively as he “find[s] friends along the way” (Cheever 2) through

  • The Importance Of Swimming Twim

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    worked, my foot slipped, and I fell into the water. Everything seemed to go slow motion, although the second I hit the water everything speed up. I had fallen into the deep end of the pool. I began to panic, frantically waving my hands trying to stay afloat, I tried to tread the water and to make to the edge of the pool. I tried to call the lifeguard but water filled my mouth, choking me. My legs burned. I need to keep going, I couldn’t be on the swim team if I couldn’t even make it here. I didn’t know

  • Persuasive Essay On High School Swimming

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    Many Americans spend all summer at the lake, beach, or public pool. However, a survey for the Red Cross found that while 80 percent of Americans said they could swim, only 56 percent of these people could perform basic skills that prevent drowning (Red Cross Launches Campaign to Cut Drowning in Half in 50 Cities). Children learning and using water skills could save their lives as an adult, but for many the price of swimming lessons is high. Incorporating swimming as a high school sport in South Dakota

  • Personal Narrative: My Family Trip To Disney World

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    It all started by deciding on where we wanted to go.At first we wanted to go to the beach. Our second choice was to go to Disney World. At the end we finally made a decision on where we were going. We were finally going to Disney World I would have preferred the beach just a little bit. But at the end i'm finally able to go on a family trip. Two days have passed every day has been more and more exciting for my brother and I. My brother was so excited one day that he was already in the car because

  • Persuasive Essay About Swimming

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    “Legs kicking, arms spinning. As I push off the end of the pool, the water rushes out of my way. I glide through the water straight as a pencil. My legs go up and down, over and over. My arms go round and round like a windmill. I turn my head up and take a breath.” That is how Jenna Ward (November 8, 2016) described the feeling of swimming. Everyone should be able to feel the thrill of accomplishing something so important as swimming. Swimming is a life saving skill all people should learn to do

  • Personal Narrative Essay About Water Polo

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    match, I fell in love with the sport. I loved that the game takes place in a beautiful pool and that its team oriented. The players would constantly pass the ball around until one of them took a shot at the goal. It reminded me a lot of soccer, which is a sport that I also like, but what really caught my attention about water polo was the pool. The view of the pool was when I first saw it and still is sublime. The pool is what really inspired me to go to the meeting and try out a sport that I had no prior

  • Case Study: Casa High Tide

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    to call home while in Costa Rica. From a swimming pool to broadband Internet, this spacious 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home comes elegantly decorated with every modern amenity you could possibly need in your vacation home—and then some. It's no wonder people find themselves returning to Casa High Tide year after year. The perimeter of the property is completly fenced in, enhancing this homes privacy and security. The lush green landscape, blue tile pool and large covered patio is a dream come true for

  • Personal Narrative-My Family Trip To Florida

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    tell you the most memorable events from my miraculous trip to Florida with my family! To begin with, one of the best things about warm weather is swimming, so I will tell you all about my experience at the pool. Amazingly, the beach house was as cool as a mansion, it even had a fantastic pool in the backyard, right next to the Gulf of Mexico. It was the best to just swim all day with family and close friends (even though I got a ginormous sunburn). It was amusing to be swimming in weather as warm

  • Personal Narrative: Racism Swim

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    It was early fall, 2013, when I was sitting alone on the bleachers during the first practice of a new swim season. I had recently leveled up, so I didn’t recognize anyone. As I looked around at my new teammates, I noticed all around me, kids were sitting together in groups laughing with their friends. I pulled my knees to my chest, feeling nervous and alone. No one seemed to acknowledge I was there. A couple minutes later, a young woman with long reddish-brown hair stepped out of the coach’s office

  • Personal Narrative: My First Time Drinking

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    first time drinking ~ skinny dipping in my friends pool I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THERE ​ FIRST TIME DRINKING How's it going today guys welcome back to the channel it your Host XLAWX SO todays Life story is gonna be about my first time drinking. So it began I was 19 years old when I started drinking, I know i know before you going in the comments saying you been drinking since you could walk. I wanted to wait till I was old enough and mature still underage then. please don't take this video as

  • Figurative Language In Lynne Cox's Swimming To Antarctica

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    The autobiography that I read was Swimming to Antarctica by world renowned swimmer, Lynne Cox. In the novel, figurative language was often used to create lucid sentences and vivid setting, which makes it an interesting and easily comprehensible read. This essay will be discussing the main theme and tone using figurative language written by the author, Lynne, as examples. In my opinion, the figurative language in Swimming to Antarctica assists in the development of the main theme which is: anything