President of the United States Essays

  • American Presidency Characteristics

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    Presidency is always treated as a complex and in most cases a crucial institution that is quite significant to the any government system. Even though some specific laws in place appear to limit a president, it is found that they liberate another. Therefore, what might be good for one president turns to be a failure for another. Thus, the presidency system is one that comes out with contradiction and paradoxes given the characteristics.

  • President Johnson's Presidential Doctrine

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    A presidential doctrine can be defined as a set of principles, actions or ideological philosophies adopted by a president in order to make it easier for him/her to advance the governance of the country. In the United States, a presidential doctrine consists of the president’s key goals, attitudes and stances when it comes to foreign affairs (foreign policy). Throughout the history of the United States, majority of the presidential doctrines adopted by different presidents have been related to the Cold War, or rather the handling the U. S. diplomacy. Essentially, each president established his doctrine with the main aim of differentiating his leadership from that of his predecessors, and more so as dictated by the events that market the tenure.

  • Confederation Executive Branch

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    The Articles of Confederation created a confederation. The National Government consisted of a single legislative body, called Congress. The National Government had certain powers for the Articles of Confederation. At first there was no judicial or executive branch under the Articles. Problems came about because the government under the Articles of Confederation didn 't have enough power. States started to print their own money behind the laws back, they participated in foreign trade negotiations, and they organized their own armed forces. All of these issues led to the Constitutional Convention. Delegates wanted to divide power in the federal government. They refused to let the powers be taken over by just one man or group. They were scared

  • Three Branches Of The Federal Government Essay

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    Describe the 3 branches of the U.S. federal government. Explain the role of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The United States government is composed of three branches namely, the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary (Zimring, 2013). Each branch is mandated by the US constitution to perform different functions as discussed below.

  • Essay On The Power Of An American President

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    The Constitution defines the president as the executive who puts into effect the laws Congress passes. The president is elected every four years, and can only be re-elected once. The president is both the head of state and head of government of the USA, and the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. The president is also responsible for the execution and enforcement of the laws created by Congress. The president of the USA is by many considered the most powerful man in the world. But how much power does he actually have?

  • President Characteristics

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    Have you ever wondered what kind of characteristics your president should have to be successful in the United States? Presidential elections generate a massive responsibility for the voters. Because the public is responsible for choosing whom they want, but to decide who is the right one, it goes to choosing the person with the right stuff. I think a president needs to be brave and make smart decisions before he does any action. I also think he should have experience if he wants to make a big decision. Also, he should be very committed to whatever decisions he makes.

  • How Did The Magna Carta Influence The English Bill Of Rights

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    The Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights had an influential impact on the formation of the United States Constitution. The Magna Carta restricted the power of the king and gave many limitations on the government. It gave many rights to the citizens regarding their properties. The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution make up our Bill Of Rights. Many of our U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights were based off both of these two documents.

  • Process Of Becoming President

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    Are you a US citizen and are tired of seeing how The United States is run and want to change it yourself? If so then you might consider running for office of The President of The United States (POTUS). Some people might shy away from the idea of running for The President of The United States since it is a arguably the most important job in the whole nation.

  • Becoming President

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    Becoming president is a job with many advantages and disadvantages. Many lessons are learned and decisions are established. Thinking of becoming president is not something easy and can’t be done overnight. The idea of becoming president is not something i would enjoy doing in life. For me would be an overwhelming decision because of the stress, not being born a U.S. citizen, making diligent decisions based on people’s opinions, and handling the thought of death. Overall being president should be taken seriously and given a lot of thought.

  • Essay On Judicial Selection

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    Judicial selection is an intriguing topic as there are multiple ways that judges take their seat on the bench. The United States Constitution spells out how federal judges are selected and leaves it up to the individual states to establish their means for selecting judges. In federal courts, judges are appointed and it varies between appointment and election for state courts. The purpose of this paper is to examine the differences between appointments and elections (as well as the multiple types of elections) and to give an opinion as to which is the better alternative.

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower's Presidency

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    Dwight D. Eisenhower was born on October 19th, 1890, in Denison Texas. When he was a year and half old his family moved to Abilene, Texas and from there he grew up playing baseball and football at Abilene high school ( After Graduating he started two jobs and with the money he earned he payed for his brother’s tuition at the University of Michigan and after two years his brother and him would switch places and he would pay for Eisenhower 's education, but Eisenhower ended up going the United States Military academy in 1911 for free ( After Eisenhower graduated, he was stationed in Texas, where he would eventually meet his future wife Mamie Geneva Doud. A few years into their marriage he moved from post to post and in 1917

  • George Washington: The First President

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    Lots of people think that George Washington was only the first president and did not do much else. Many people know that George Washington was the first president and he was a good leader who fought a important war, but he was so much more than that. George Washington changed the world by fighting and winning the Revolutionary War. He became one of the most famous American born soldier, and he became the first president to lead America. He left a legacy as the first president.

  • George Washington: The First President

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    In the sea of names listed in American history, the name of George Washington will always be remembered as one of the brightest, if not the brightest, of them all. The fact that this man was the first president of the United States of America has very little to do with this; it is his personality that made him stand out. George Washington was more than just a politician – he is a national pride; a loyal man who’d shaped one of the greatest nation in this world, the United States of America. America wouldn’t be what it is today without him.

  • George Washington: America's First President

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    To say that George Washington was only the first president would be an incredible understatement. When in fact, he was the great general of the French and Indian War and or how his role as the Commander in Chief had a great impact on the war. His ambitious accomplishments started at a young age and he did not stop until he was an elderly. Even the great George Washington had to start somewhere , and he was not always the man that he is known as now. At one time he was a young boy who played with his brothers and sisters and went to school. It all started in Virginia of 1738, when George Washington was born, son of Augustine Washington and Mary Ball . George was the oldest of six brothers and sisters, but before George was born, his father

  • How Did Washington's Use Of Presidential Power

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    The powers of the president aren’t very strict because the other branches watch to see what they are doing. The powers included: making laws, signing treaties, appointing judges, filling up vacancies, appointing Ambassadors, and granting reprieves and pardons. Some presidents used the powers well, while others did not. The one president that used them the greatest was Washington, the greatest, and the first. He wielded the powers to impact the growing United States most effectively by signing treaties to enemies, passing acts,and trying out the National Bank.

  • Ronald Reagan And John F. Kennedy: Roles Of The President

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    As the chief executive commander-in-chief, chief diplomat, head of state, legislative leader, economic leader and party leader, the president has an immense amount of responsibility to ensure that the American citizens are given there right there life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Of the multiple responsibilities of the president, for filling the tasks of the commander-in-chief, economic leader, and chief diplomat has a large impact on how the American government is today. President Franklin D Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and John F. Kennedy each play a vital role in preventing America from a multitude of problems today. To protect the common good of the American population, the president acts as the commander-in-chief, economic leader, and chief diplomat, ensuring citizens their rights.

  • George Washington First President Essay

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    I am going to be telling you about an amazing person who was our first president of the United States of America. Who is strong, caring, and is loyal to our country. And how he came to be a president and a great person that he came to be, George Washington. How his hard work paid off, and also why people wanted him to be president.

  • Essay On George Washington's Presidency

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    George Washington, as every American has known since around pre-school, was our nation’s first president. But what if we didn’t have a president? Maybe a king, or even a theocracy? Originally, George Washington thought that maybe a constitution may not work, and a ruling elite may even work better (William P. Kladky). The Constitutional Convention had many long and heated debates on how to best create their government to give equal power to all branches of the government, and a board of three was one of the contenders (William P. Kladky). No American today could imagine a country without a president, or without Washington, because if the patriots had not had George who was “…determined…to cross the river & make the attack upon Trenton…” (Washington), the United States of America would not even exist.

  • Dwight Eisenhower's Presidency

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    Dwight Eisenhower was the 34th president in the United States. Dwight was born on October 14, 1890 in Denison, Texas. His family migrated from Germany, first they settled in York, Pennsylvania, but later moved to Kansas in the 1800s. He was elected January 20, 1953 to be president and continued to be until Jan 20, 1961. Before becoming the president Dwight Eisenhower fought in World War 1 and World War 2. During World War 2 Dwight was a supreme commander of allied forces in Europe and five star general. Dwight Eisenhower entered the 1952 presidential race as a republican. He countered Robert A. Taft, who campaigned against communism. Dwight won in a landslide. His mother originally named him David Dwight but later switched it to avoid confusion.

  • Eight Roles Of The President

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    There is eight roles of the president which are: chief of the state, chief executive, chief administrator, chief diplomat, commander in chief, chief legislator, party chief and chief citizen. The constitution charges the president two roles, chief executive of the federal government and Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Chief executive refers to the President as the head of the government that leads the country. As chief executive, the president duties are to enforce the law, treaties, and rule the court, establish federal policies, arranges the country’s budget, and nominate federal officials. In addition, he authorizes or forbids the acts of Congress and grants pardons. As Commander in Chief, the president has the power to send armed