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  • Essay On Preterm Birth

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    Preterm birth, defined as childbirth occurring at less than 37 weeks or 259 days of gestation, is a major determinant of neonatal mortality and morbidity and has long-term antithetical consequences for health.1-3 Children who are born preterm have higher rates of cerebral palsy, sensory deficits, learning disabilities and respiratory illnesses compared with children born full term. The morbidity related with preterm birth often extends to later life, resulting in enormous physical, psychological

  • Premature Birth Weight Baby Essay

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    Premature Birth and Low Birth Weight For families that dealing with taking care of premature birth and low birth weight baby are very challenging situation. Parents should be given more education and information regarding the care of the baby and some expectation along this journey. A premature birth occur when the baby is born more than 3 weeks before its due date (Mayo Clinic, 2014). A baby who is born weighing less than 5lbs., 8 ounces, he or she is considered to have a low birth weight (Kulich

  • Neonatal Nurses Affect Today's Society

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    Another long term disability is Autism. Autism can affect a child 's speech, behavior and social skills. Premature birth can also lead to other problems such as Dental problems, hearing loss, and infections. Being born early, means that your brain and other bones are not fully formed and ready to work properly. How can one prevent premature births? Preventing premature birth can lead to longer, and healthier lives. Acting fast is the MAJOR KEY! If a mother is a Smoker and Drinker, and it

  • Growth Charts In Children

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    Due to the last of the senses to be developed is sight, even for full term babies as vision matures after birth, it is understandable that premature babies may have issues with vision (March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, 2010c). If a baby is born before 24 weeks gestation, the preterm baby may not have developed all the crucial structures for vision; and the preterm baby may be born with his or her eyelids closed, if born before 26 weeks, but his or her eyelids will open as they mature closely

  • Essay On Becoming A Neonatologist

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    so swiftly and with ease. The NICU’s lighting was always dim and the room was always silent with an occasional cry of a little baby. Since then I’ve wanted to become a neonatologist. A neonatologist is doctor who helps infants who were born preterm, with birth defects, with an illness or any other problem a pediatric doesn’t deal with (Pediatrics). However, watching someone in this career is

  • Preterm Birth Vs Low Birth Weight Essay

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    Preterm births and low birth weight affect different states in the USA in a variety of ways. For example, research done in 2004 proved that preterm births are common among non-Hispanic African Americans women at 17.8 percent and least among the Asians and the Pacific Islanders women at 11.5 percent. The rate of low birthweight among non-Hispanic African Americans are also considerably high compared to the non-Hispanic white. Low birth weight among children brings creates a lot of problems. Children

  • Factors Of Family Resilience

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    Promotional factors of family resilience The factors and processes associated with the successful adaptation of the individual despite the difficulties, the hardships and dangers of playing an important role in the development of resilience (Masten, as referred to Masten & Monn, 2015). To help children grow up healthy under an environment must meet some basic requirements such as proper care, nutrition, opportunities for learning and satisfactory economic and social resources. The driving forces

  • Genetic And Environmental Causes: The Cause Of Birth Defects

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    “Birth defects are common, costly, and critical conditions that affect 1 in every 33 babies born in the United States each year” (Centers for Disease Control). When you think about it, that is a lot of people who are born with a birth defect. Now, what is a birth defect and what can it be caused by? Birth defects can range for non life threatening to death. Some examples of birth defects are autism, cleft lip, blindness, abnormal limbs, etc.. Those are just a few examples of birth defects, but what

  • Cyp 3.2 1.1

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    1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth - 19 years. UNBORN BABIES TO ONE MONTH Most babies are born around the fortieth week of pregnancy. Babies who are born more than three weeks early are classed as premature. Babies that are born early are more likely to need a little more time to develop than those born nearer the fortieth week. Babies are born with many reflexes, which are actions they perform without thinking and are linked to survival, these reflexes include:

  • Neonatal Nursing Essay

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    More than one in 10 babies are born premature every year, that adds up to 15 million that are in need of intensive care. Nurses that pursue the Neonatal specialty work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or the NICU. With the amount of babies that are placed in the NICU due to their condition, it is necessary to have trained professionals taking care of them. However, these nurses face a challenging career. Neonatal nursing can become a very emotionally draining occupation to pursue. These nurses

  • Informative Speech On Heart Murmur

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    Imagine your gym teacher telling you that you have to run a mile without pacing yourself, you have to sprint the whole time! That is what the hearts who have a murmur have to do in order for you to stay alive! Heart murmurs are not actually considered a disease, but if a person has or thinks he might he should educate himself about what it is, types of heart murmur, and the treatments for such a disease. Some people may ask “what is a heart murmur?” Well a heart murmur is the sound of blood flowing/

  • Neonatal Period Essay

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    Neonatal period is a period that refers the first 4 weeks or 28 days of life. It can be further divided into too early neonates (birth to 24 hours), early neonate (birth to 7 days) and late neonatal period (7 days to 28 days). The neonatal sickness pattern include: prematurity (32.30%), sepsis (28.91%), birth asphyxia (11%), meconium aspiration syndrome (5%), congenital malformations (5%), transient tachypnea of newborn (5%), neonatal jaundice (5%), intrauterine growth restriction (3%), infant of

  • Erikson's Developmental Theory

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    children grow, learn, and change? She also explained that, why it is very important to understand child development, she believed that, it helps us to gain the cognitive, emotional, physical, social and educational growth that the child crosses from birth and into the early adulthood. Moreover, all the child’s physical and psychological needs must be met by one or more people who understand what infants, in general, need and what this baby, in particular, wants. Therefore, it is important to learn the

  • Exemplification Essay: How Kids Changed My Life

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    How Kids Changed my Life Once you have the baby, many mothers feel completely different and reborn in a way! Find out how mothers have changed after the newborn arrived. Motherhood and pregnancy bring other life changes, not just the obvious one- the changing of the body. So, when your friends comment a lot about you changing and not having time for them, this is probably true. But, don’t get me wrong, motherhood will change you in a positive way, you’ll start to see things from a different perspective

  • Essay On Recurrent Implantation

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    Recurrent implantation failure (RIF) and recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) are the major problems faced by infertile couples undergoing in-vitro fertilization1.Early embryonic mortality is very high in humans, and it was analysed that the principal cause for failed pregnancy is an error of implantation2,3,4.The incidence of recurrent pregnancy loss should be approximately 1 in 300 pregnancies. The etiologies for RPL are parental chromosomal abnormalities, uterine anomalies, endocrine dysfunction, autoimmune

  • Premature Babies Research Paper

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    Hannah Beauregard Every year about 500,000 babies are born premature, that 's 1 of every 8 infants born in the U.S. When a baby is premature that means the baby was born before 37 weeks of pregnancy when a full term of pregnancy is 40 weeks.(Premature babies, medline plus) Because of infants being born so early and not fully developed they have a much higher chance of have some health related issues. A few examples are Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Chronic Lung Disease, and Retinopathy of Prematurity

  • Gender Differences In Welfare State Policies

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    I. Introduction The main aim of this paper is to introduce the gender differences that occur because of certain welfare state policies. The focus will be on three types of regimes: liberal, social-democratic, and conservative-corporatist; and how these three regimes incorporate the gender differences in their social policies. Welfare state policies, or social provisions began during the 1880s making this period known as the “formative period of the welfare state”. The policies were meant to improve

  • Low Birth Weight Essay

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    defined low-birth weight as a weight at birth of less than 2500 grams, irrespective of gestational period, and recommended additional demarcation of 1500 grams to define very low birth weight. However, the information on gestational age would help to separate infants who are born premature. The birth weights may be low because the baby is born small for gestational age (SGA),as a result of intrauterine growth retardation (synonym intrauterine malnutrition) (IUGR) or because birth is preterm. In developing

  • Fetus Surgeries Case Study

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    (CCAM) of the lung, were previously removed with open fetal surgery, but currently minimal access instruments are used to disturb blood flow or to lyse fetal tumors to slow their growth. Obstructive uropathy occurs rather frequently (1 in 1000 live births). Prenatal intervention with vescioamniotic shunts is used to bypass or directly treat the obstruction to restore the amniotic fluid to normal levels. Amniotic band syndrome may result in amputations, constrictions and postural deformities secondary

  • First Birthday Research Paper

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    toxoplasmosis during pregnancy; and after birth and during the first year of life, APGAR (universal precautions), breastfeeding, and communication are very essential to your infant. To achieve best baby development is to avoid stress. It is common for mothers to feel stress during pregnancy because your body is going through a lot changes such as emotional and hormones changes, but having too much stress can trigger the chances of having a preterm labor or low birth weight infant. Reducing the stress