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  • Prison Overcrowding In Prison

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    Prison Overcrowding and the Death Penalty There are 2.3 million people incarcerated in prison or jail in the United States of America. The United States of America has the highest incarceration of any country in the world. One out of five people in prison is in there for drug crimes (Rabuy, 2017). Prison overcrowding is inhumane and unnecessary to protect society from offenders. Prison overcrowding is due to mandatory minimum sentences, three strikes laws, the war on drugs, and lack of rehabilitation

  • Prisons In The Prison System

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    and effective plan to reformat the current dysfunctional system and strengthen the dissemination of limited resources. The population of inmates in the prison system will also be addressed. Achieving goals that encompass retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation and incapacitation are imperative to address many problems

  • The Importance Of Prisons In Prison

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    The key factors that are present in prisons are that there have been 9 different eras in which different systems were used to punish prisoners(Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). Since 1985 to present times the Just Desert Era was the last and final era and is still being used. Under this philosophy “offenders are punished because they deserve it”(Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). Also, it is not concerned with inmate's rehabilitation, treatment, or reform(Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). With the new changes dealing

  • Why Is Prison Better In Prison

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    the film showed and proved with many of the cases that prison is not a place for the mentally ill. While many of the mentally ill offenders were imprisoned and while there they have gotten medications they needed, they need more than just that. In the prisons they destroy themselves due to not getting the help they need which makes it not a place for people with mental illnesses. You see in the film that many of the men would be okay in prison because

  • Community Corrections Affects Prisons And Prison

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    or prison incarceration rates. It is a range of alternative punishments for nonviolent offenders. This program was referred to as front end sentencing because they allowed judges to sentence offenders to a community based punishment rather than jail or prison. Community corrections are starting to affect our prisons and jail houses in many ways. One of the ways community corrections affects the prison population is by decreasing overcrowding and provides less expensive alternatives to prisons and

  • Prisons: The Impact Of Privatization On Prison Quality

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    The Impact of Privatization on Prison Quality Crime policies adopted in the US since the 1980s as well as federal and state budget constraints have facilitated a crisis in the nation’s prisons. Campaigns like The War on Drugs, harsher sentencing policies, and the adoption of mandatory minimum sentences have resulted in overcrowding of the country’s prison system. The need for managing the rapid growth in prison population has driven the government to look for efficient alternatives to provide correctional

  • Male Prisons Vs Female Prisons

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    Typically female prisons are less violent compared to male prisons. A majority of women that are incarcerated are there because of drug or property offenses. Women usually commit less violent crimes compared to men who are more likely to commit violent crimes. “Because most women serve time for drug offenses rather than violent crimes, they tend to serve shorter prison sentences, (” The female prison population in France and the U.S. is lower then that of the male population. Women who

  • Prison Vs. US Prison System

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    system such as prisons and jails has been viewed as an effective way to deal with criminals. Even though, the way the prison system operates has changed overtime due to many events and trials that has occurred, it still serve as institution to detain suspected criminal, a home for the homeless, an institution for the insane, and also for a place to repute and cleanse one’s self. One of the most interesting prison cells are the United States and Hong Kong. They both hold a strict prison system but they

  • What Prison Was Alcatraz Prison

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    Alcatraz is a prison that held the most obnoxious prisoners around. The maximum high - security prison was made for prisoners that constantly made trouble in other prisons, or for the people who needed to be in maximum high- security, away from land because they had once escaped before. It was the biggest and strongest prison in all of America. Before the prison became a prison there was a building made in 1850 but it was never used, it wasn’t used for anything. So in 1868 it was used as a prison, but soon

  • Privacy In Prison

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    In America, prisons are total institutions, in which inmates are kept in social isolation, and oftentimes within institutions that employ a “no-frills policy”. Such institutions provide only the bare minimum in services to convince them to never return after their release. Regardless of whether the prison employs such measures or not, prisoners learn exactly what prison is all about as soon as they enter. They lose all freedoms, as they are strip searched, shorn, and then live in quarters dictated

  • Prison Population

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    nearly 70% never graduated from high school (Tsai, Scommegna, 2016). With these statistics being said, it is safe to say that many of them will have a very low literacy rate. Also the prison populations in the United States is growing at an uncontrollable and unsustainable rate both financially and space inside the prisons themselves which

  • The Prison System

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    A prison is a public building used for the confinement of people convicted of serious crimes. Aside from the death penalty, a sentence to prison is the harshest punishmentimposed on criminals in the United States. Every prison have a system, a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method. During the prison system process inmates are arrange in classes or categories according to shared qualities or characteristics. Then they are place or assign

  • Punishment In Prison

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    towards criminals, it is often forgotten that one of the main purposes of prison is rehabilitation. Orange is the New Black provides a representation for woman inmates in a media dominated by crime shows depicting all criminals as the bad guys. Humanizing inmates, OITNB shows how almost anyone can become a criminal, especially with a focus towards minority women growing up with inadequate needs. Abuse of power among prison guards, long-term exposure to social isolation, and racial bias may fit towards

  • Stereotypes In Prisons

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    Something that I learned when watching a video about men in prison is not all prison have the same social values and they are not all the same experience to an certain extent. There are some similar social qualities with males and females. Both males and females join groups but they do this for different reasons. Males are mostly based off of anger and violence. They join groups they normally would not be apart of in the normal world so they have survive and have protection. Women also form in groups

  • The Prison Panopticon

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    The first type of Panopticon is the Prison Panopticon where it is an architectural blueprint meant to be a prison. It is supposed to be a circular building with a central watchtower where the “watcher” or inspector oversees the prisoners in cells. Simply put, it looks like a doughnut-shaped building where the cells are adjacent to each other, compartmentalized with no windows, and the only opening to the cell faces the watchtower in the center such that the prisoner can see the physical watch tower

  • Alacatraz Prison

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    to see how the prison system works. The trip will take us to see each invidual prison. The prison trips will teach high school students about the prison system by showing what Sing Sing, Eastern State, and Alacatraz prison has to offer. Students, lets take a closer look. Alacatraz prison is the first place named. This is the first prison, because it is the one of the most visited prisons in the United States. The prison first opened August 22,1934. The government opened the prison because they wanted

  • Education In Prisons

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    programs effectiveness in prison. The first section gives a descriptions and discussion of the various types of correctional education for incarcerated adults with evidence proving the effectiveness of in-prison-educations. The second section reviews the major historical facts of the removal of in-prison-education and the indispensable of educational programs returning. Following that, I will provide extra sources to inform me and audience the importance of education in prisons for former incarcerated

  • Bureau Of Prisons

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    The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is a federally funded, executive agency consisting of 39,683 employees and housing 193,070 inmates via 122 different institutional locations currently maintaining a thirty-four percent rate of recidivism (Federal Bureau of Prisons, 2016, About tab). The Bureau is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and performs duties of care and custody, rehabilitation program and services, and provides services for the prevention of future crimes. The Bureau is also responsible

  • Rehabilitation In Prison

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    Rehabilitation in Prison Prison is one of the main sources of punishment as well as rehabilitation in the United States and began as penitentiaries designed to form a more perfect society but quickly became overcrowded, understaffed and dangerous places. The prison system of today fails to meet the needs of the current situation in the United States and requires the cooperation of the public, prison officials as well as the government to fix our broken prison system. Prisons in the United States

  • Violence In Prisons

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    violence and crime has lead many people incarcerated causing many prison facility’s to be over crowded. Many prison facility’s are under staff and very low funded to help keep the security, safety, and medical needs of prisoners. According to an article “Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie” by Peter Wagner and Bernadette Rabuy, every year more then 636,000 people leave prison, but there are over 11 million people entering into prison. In addition, many of these crimes that people committed are mostly