Promiscuity Essays

  • Disney Princesses Analysis

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    Many girls dream of their knight in shining armor, a perfect wedding, and a happily ever after ending. Disney princesses give them hope to find love and happiness along with emphasizing their want for the beauty and grace princesses illustrate. Authors of “Cinderella and Princess Culture” and “The Princess Paradox,” Peggy Orenstein and James Poniewozik respectively, agree that most girls like princesses. However, these articles convey differing parental opinions on lessons girls learn from princesses

  • Self-Esteem And Cognitive Dissonance Theory

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    Ladies submerge a focal piece of themselves in life choices as well as in the everyday bargains and conformities that living intimately with someone else. According to Waller and MacDonald (2010), women prefers house perfect and deliberate while she is neglectful of her surroundings; she listens to nation western tunes while her husband requests news of the world; he leaves the latrine seat up, she requires it down. In Pakistan, women have a tendency to be exceedingly social and subsequently sharpened

  • Analysis Of Rebecca Solnit's Essay 'The Longest War'

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    Everyday there are new victims to this unjustified social issue, and everywhere it happens, but the victims are helpless to stop it. This social issue perpetuates inequality, offensive stereotypes and unpleasant remarks/ observations. This social issue is known as sexism towards women and its continuity is being preserved by men. The artifact in question is a comic series called “Archie”. Although, not the entire series itself, but rather a specific piece, which states that all women are failures

  • Tv Show Shameless Analysis

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    Prescribed question: How and why is a social group represented in a particular way? Text: pilot of the TV Show “Shameless” (US) Part 2: language and mass communication: the potential for educational and ideological influence of a media, the power of a media to deliver a message, to express an opinion. Thesis: The creators of the TV show “Shameless” included homosexual characters in the show not only to make an appeal for tolerance, but also to present a realistic modern society in which differences

  • Rhetorical Promiscuity Essay

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    grounding my essay in a discussion of rhetorical promiscuity as Branstetter lays out, and then focusing on Lecture Delivered at the Franklin Hall, I will elucidate the connection between rhetorical promiscuity and Maria Stewart, a uniquely significant female rhetor. I argue that although she is the first American woman to speak publicly to a mixed audience of both male and female, black and white listeners (and thus automatically employs rhetorical promiscuity), some of Stewart’s appeals work to attain

  • Naomi Wolfe's 'Excerpts From Promiscuities'

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    Since I was a little kid all I’ve ever heard was to stay away from boys. Boys are no good and nothing but trouble. They have bad intentions and are only out for sex. This has had me questioning whether this is true, that men, much different then women, prefer lust to love or if this is all a sexist idea our society has constructed. For this reason and others such as personal experiences that men are much more concerned with sex then I or many of my friends seem to be, I’ve chosen to look into

  • Brave New World Sexual Promiscuity Analysis

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    In the novel Brave New World, author Aldous Huxley links sexual promiscuity and happiness by utilizing diction and imagery, proving that the only link sexual promiscuity has towards happiness is that it promotes a false sense of happiness. In the “New World Society”, where the main characters Lenina and Bernard Marx are from, everything is controlled and created to fit the social ecosystem of their “perfect” society. Even the people are created, from vials. Not born or produced. Emotions are also

  • Brave New World Analysis

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    Aldous Huxley uses his novel Brave New World, to over exaggerate the sexual relationships between people in the 1930s, whilst portraying how this promiscuity was harmful to women. The 1930s were a time in history when women were beginning to work and provide for themselves. They had gained employment during wartime, continuing their labor even as men returned home. Huxley’s society portrayed in the novel strips women of their new independence and status and instead tries to take away their sense

  • The Theme Of Female Sexuality In Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

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    theme demonstrates the dangers of female sexuality. In the story, the other is worried about the way her daughter is acting even though she has not hit adolescence yet. She says that if her current behavior continues it will lead to a life of promiscuity. Kincaid wrote, “this is how to behave in the presence of men who don’t know you very well, and this way they won’t recognize immediately the slut I have warned you against becoming” (180). She talks about how to have

  • The Good Wife Of Bath Language Analysis

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    experiences throughout her life. Furthermore, this line demonstrates that the woman did not learn from traditional Church or scholarly texts, but rather learned from ordeals in life. This reflects the woman’s progressive views on relationships and sexual promiscuity, which separates her from the Church. Chaucer displays the good Wife’s advanced preacher role in society when he states “she had such a talent for making cloth that she surpassed the weaver of Ypres and Ghent.” (449-450) Ypres and Ghent are both

  • Character Analysis: A Streetcar Named Desire

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    Through her, Williams has created a complex character. She is lost, confused, conflicted, lashing out in sexual ways, and living in her own fantasies throughout the entirety of the play. Blache is destroyed by her own characteristics: alcoholism, promiscuity, and cruelty. During the time this play was written, alcoholism, although very abundant in culture, was never discussed but rather hidden. As a result of societies standards Blanche takes on concealing the truth about her drinking problem. For example

  • Summary Of Dorothy Roberts 'Killing The Black Body'

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    racial injustice in America by tackling the historical and ever-present assault on Black women 's procreative freedom and reproductive autonomy. It emphasizes the significance of including Black women 's experience with issues such as perceived promiscuity and eugenics, and the struggle to control their own bodies in the study of the birth control and reproductive liberty movement. Roberts centralizes her arguments on four central themes, which include how "Regulating Black women 's reproductive

  • Symbolism In 'Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?'

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    You Going Where Have You Been?” Joyce Carol Oates uses symbolism, conflict, and the third person to foreshadow fifteen-year-old Connie’s unfortunate, yet untimely fate. While one may think that the conflict stems from Connie’s promiscuity, it is clear to see her promiscuity is only a result to a much bigger conflict, her mother’s constant nagging and disapproval, alongside the lack of attention from her father. the author paints a vivid picture of what happens when a fifteen-year-old girl such as

  • Sexual Representation In Jamaica Kincaid's Short Story Girl

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    It’s safe to say “A mother knows best” is a saying you’ve all heard before. Yet, during the transition from childhood to adolescence, each individual mystically turns into this evil and traitorous creature, called a “teenager”. During that time, a majority rebel, others will grow to be defiant and some even pick up an attitude, here and there. Yet, collectively, they all swear that their parents know nothing and that they somehow encompass the knowledge of the world in roughly 13-17 years. Realistically

  • Brave New World Feminist Analysis

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    have the need to label everything that seems different, labeling eases people. Citizens in Brave New World are forbidden to love anyone, they cannot become involved in a romantic or permanent relationship, and they must practice promiscuity and not monogamy. Promiscuity is still not accepted in our society but many people do practice it. Women who have multiple partners will be shamed and labeled as a “whore” contrary to men who will be cheered for their many partners. Orgy Porgy is an act in which

  • Scarlet Letter Gender Identity Essay

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    London also contribute to reinforce Anna’s ‘blackened’ colonial identity. Hester constantly underlines Anna’s “unfortunate propensities” (55) alluding to her sexual promiscuity, and says that “everything considered” (56) her stepdaughter is much to be comforted. The implicit premise of Hester’s argument is the supposed sexual promiscuity of the black female. Anna understands this implication and replies back, “you are trying to make that my mother was coloured. And she wasn’t” (56). Hester denies such

  • Social Criticism In Jamaicaaica Kincaid's Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

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    directly to her daughter and the daughter interjecting, it is actually indicative of a larger conversation between a Caribbean society and its young women; this can be most clearly seen in the discussion of Benna, of plant, animal, and human life, of promiscuity, and of manners. Benna is a musical genre similar to calypso; its lyrics often discussed British political scandals and had lewd double meanings. The daughter is instructed not to sing it in church, because the songs are about sexuality, politics

  • Robert Stewart Meaningful Sex And Moral Respect Analysis

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    Conversely, Robert M. Stewart in “Meaningful Sex and Moral Respect” argues Elliston’s thesis that “promiscuity is a good thing for some people some of the time” (Elliston. 148) by claiming that they are only satisfying their lower-level pursuit of physical pleasure and are unbeknownst to the higher quality meaningful sex which they are capable of achieving. Stewart defines this lower-level pursuit of sexuality as “junk sex” and claims that pursuing it devalues the intellect and spirit of a person

  • What Is Tom's Attitude In The Great Gatsby

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    In continuance, Hemingway lived in Europe during this post World War I Era leaving him to experience the lifestyle and blasé attitude of these young adults whom only plan to get inebriated. This attitude, however, was not exclusive to Europe; this attitude was also seen in post World War I New York City. The attitude of New York in the “roaring twenties” is well documented by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The narrator of the story is Nick Caraway. Nick watches as alcoholism, adultery, and

  • FGM Vs Circumcision Essay

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    could not be performed for more different reasons. Both practices involve the removal of sensitive, nerve filled areas in the genitals, but circumcision is not done to prevent sexual interest. For women, the sole reason for FGM is to prevent female promiscuity, to keep women virgins so they can be married off. Whether or not a man is circumcised has no bearing on his social status, his ability to marry, or directly relates to his worth as a human being. The most fascinating part is that even though the