Prosthodontics Essays

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus Experiment Essay

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    Introduction In this experiment we are examining Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus Acidophilus which are bacteria found in the mouth. The bacteria Streptococcus Mutans have been seen to have negative effects to the mouth such as tooth decay. Lactobacillus Acidophilus on the other side is seen as a good bacteria and has been used as a probiotic. Both of these bacterias grow within the mouth and can be collected through saliva. Our experiment is to compare the difference between two processes

  • Prosthodontic Dichotomy

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    INTRODUCTION The principal goal of the Prosthodontics is to control oral disease while restoring aesthetics and function with durable biocompatible restorations. Knowledge of the responses of periodontal tissues to fixed partial dentures is crucial role in in the development of treatment plans with predictable prognoses. During diagnosis, treatment planning, and active therapy, each patient’s needs must be considered in light of the available evidence, which includes published clinical trials, anecdotal

  • Prosthodontic In Dentistry

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    INTRODUCTION: The goal of modern prosthodontic in dentistry is to restore normal function, comfort, aesthetic, speech, and health to individuals who are missing teeth. This is because our population is ageing and there is increasing number of individuals being affected, hence the extraction of irrecoverable tooth[1]. However, the more the teeth in the same person is missing, the more challenging this task can become. As a result of continuous research developing various innovative ways of treatments

  • Prosthodontics Case Studies

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    ABSTRACT It is rightly said preservation of what remains is more important, with this in consideration preventive prosthodontics can be appropriately applied highlighting the importance of delaying or eliminating future prosthodontic treatment. In this case study mandibular tooth supported BPS (bio-functional prosthetic system) overdenture and maxillary flexible partial denture was fabricated for the patient. This gives the patient a denture that has more support and retentive principles incorporated

  • Provisional Restorations

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    Esthetics Enhancement InProvisional Crowns: “Bringing Artificial Close To Natural” Abstract-The word provisional means established for the time being, pending a permanent arrangement.Provisional restorations are a critical component of fixed prosthodontic treatment. In addition to their biologic and biomechanical requirements, interim restorations provide the clinician with valuable diagnostic information. Clinicians often are asked to provide natural-looking provisional restorations, despite the

  • Essay On Prosthetic Dentistry

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    Fixed Prosthodontics - which the restorations are immovable, fixed and cemented, they can’t be removed except by the dentist such as crown and bridge- and Removable Prosthodontics –which the restorations are easily removed and inserted back into the mouth by the patient on his own such as complete and partial dentures- they both serve the aim of prosthetic dentistry. Prosthetic Dentistry interferes in the edentulous condition and partially edentulous condition. Complete Denture Prosthodontics involves

  • Moebius Syndrome Analysis

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    Moebius syndrome is a rare congenital disorder first described by Paul Julius Moebius in 1888. Its estimated prevalence in the United States is reported as 0.002-0.0002% of births, or 1 case per 50,000 newborns 1, 2. The cardinal sign of Moebius Syndrome is facial paralysis. Patients with Moebius syndrome exhibit unilateral or bilateral peripheral palsy of the abducens (VI) and the facial (VII) cranial nerves. Involvement of these nerves gives these patients the characteristic mask-like face with

  • Gingival Retraction Conclusion

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    Academy of Prosthodontics (2005) has defined gingival retraction as the “deflection of the marginal gingiva away from a tooth” (The Academy Of Prosthodontics, 2005, pp. 41). The procedure is performed to provide sufficient vertical & lateral space for the facilitation of adequate flow of the impression materials beyond the finish lines

  • Prosthetic Dentistry

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    Removable prosthodontics classified the denture into complete and partial . The complete denture is classified into to types immediate and conventional. The main issue now is the complete one which is the most perfect prescription for the edentulous patients not having

  • Lingualized Occlusion Analysis

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    Lingualized Occlusion- An optimal occlusal scheme in severe residual ridge resorption in edentulous patients Abstract Occlusion has a considerable influence on the outcome of every Prosthodontic treatment as occlusal prematurities have destructive and destabilizing influences on dentures. Unless denture bases are adequately and evenly stabilized, it is virtually impossible to properly equilibrate the occlusion. Inorder to overcome this problem the relative simplicity involved in development, lingualized

  • Esthetic Dentistry Essay

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    In the current century, esthetic dentistry has evolved to be one of the major backbones of every dental practice. Esthetic dentistry has a wide range starting from resin composite restoration and extending to the design and reconstruction of the patient smile, certainly all these procedure is considered practicing under the cosmetic umbrella. In a trial to modify the properties of CAD/CAM ceramics different organic hybrid materials were introduced to the market. One of these hybrid CAD/CAM materials

  • My Dentist Experience

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    I could not hear the echo of my steps as I descended the stairs, I did not see any people who brushed past me, did not feel the chill of the wind which blew my scarf. From the window of the cab, I quietly admired the magnificent stretch of buildings of my alma mater for dental training and research getting smaller and smaller until they vanished from my sight, but not from my vision: the last day of my internship at The Manipal College of Dental Sciences. Now, what had been a dream on the first day

  • Radiation Awareness

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    The ability of radiation to damage DNA and kill cells, increases in actively dividing cells, such as cancer cells. That is, rapidly dividing cells, such as cancer cells, are more prone to radiation damage and are more likely to be killed by it. This is why radiation is used as a cancer therapy (radiotherapy). However, because exposure to radiation is a serious hazard, all staff working in areas where ionizing radiation is a risk, needs to adhere to strict safety regulations. Protective equipment

  • Informative Speech On Dentists

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    The salaries of these specialties depend on the location, reputation, the dentists, cost, and several other factors. 1. Prosthodontists must complete a dental school and obtain a professional license followed by a 3-year residency program in prosthodontics. 2. Prosthodontists are one of nine dental specialties that spend most of their time on appearance of teeth using restoration substitutes. 3. A big part of their salary comes from replacing damaged or missing teeth with appliances, such as crowns

  • Dentures Advantages And Disadvantages

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    As an adult, it is disheartening to lose a single tooth, a few teeth or all the teeth of the upper and/or lower arch. For decades, the only option for replacing these teeth involved the use of a removable partial or denture; however, there are more permanent options available today that closely resemble the natural teeth, the dental implant, implant-supported overdentures and fixed dentures. At Lamas Dental Specialists, we eliminate the need for removable dentures and partials with natural-looking

  • Aesthetic Prosthetic Essay

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    Denture aesthetics as a prosthodontics terms is the effect produced by the prosthesis that affects the beauty and attractiveness of the person. An aesthetic prosthesis will improve patient motivation and acceptance. It is very unrealistic to assume that because acceptable masticatory capability has been achieved, patients will tolerate a poor appearance of the prosthesis.An aesthetic result in complete denture treatment is achieved through a deliberate combination of shape, color, arrangement, and

  • Traumatic Neuroma Study

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    KNOWLEDGE ATTITUDE AND PRACTICE OF DENTAL PRACTITIONERS IN MANAGEMENT OF TRAUMATIC NEUROMA - A SURVEY ABSTRACT The Aim of this study was to evaluate the knowledge,attitude and practice of dentists in management of traumatic neuroma. MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY The study was done among 100 dental practitioners in chennai who were interested in taking part in the survey. RESULT In this study,it was found that 89.1% of dentist knew the cause of traumatic neuroma. 58% of dentist were aware that

  • Hemisection Case Study

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    as proper case selection is followed by interdisciplinary approach with endodontic, surgical and prosthetic procedures.3. The results are durable, and success rates are high if certain basic considerations are taken into account. Periodontal, prosthodontic and endodontic assessment for appropriate selection of cases is important. In periodontics this procedure is indicated in class II furcation involvement and if there is considerable bone available to one

  • Esthetics In Orthodontics

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    No participants had undergone any previous orthodontic treatment that could affect the vertical position of the central and lateral incisors by either intrusive or extrusive mechanics, maxillofacial surgery or anterior maxillary tooth prosthodontic rehabilitation. According to the requirements of the Institutional Ethics Research Committee all participants had signed the consent form. For each subject, 10 measurements of upper lip position and maxillary incisor crown height at rest and in

  • Implant Overdenture Attachment Analysis

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    AIM To compare the retention force value alterations of four different types of implant overdenture attachments over various time intervals. MATERIALS AND METHODS 28 cuboidal blocks were fabricated using autopolymerising acrylic resin. Four of these were used as master blocks, one for each group. Master blocks for Group A and B contained an implant analog with ball abutment, for Group C contained a single piece implant with ball abutment and for Group D contained an implant analog with Locator abutment