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  • The Importance Of Creation Myths

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    There are many creation myths around the world. Creation Myths may share similarities which are known as motifs. Some myths share motifs and the culture the myths were created may be separated by oceans. How would the early civilizations have creation myths that share so many motifs. In my opinion, three of the most common or important creation myth motifs are humans take care of the earth and worship their god(s), the the gods destroy earth, and Chaos is the beginning of time. Humans take care

  • The Symbols Of Hinduism In Hinduism And Hinduism

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    From all times the Hindus greet and have shown respect to 1000 of deities’ bot gods and goddesses. Special symbols of showing respect are considered like joining hands together, bowing down of head or doing shastang prnam (lying down) In India often when we walk down the roads we would find small temples being worshiped by the local people, and we pass by such small shrines of god and goddesses we will show the gesture of respect all the time. It is interesting to say that not only humans show such