Quad Cities Essays

  • Community Identity

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    same appearances as their neighbors. This is typically noticeable in higher income neighborhoods, as wealthier people have the money to keep up with home improvements and purchase other material goods to match their neighbors. While studying both cities, I made a point to determine if either community would be suitable for families, what ways community members interact, and

  • Essay About Tourism In Oman

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    Oman is known for its tourist attractions from all around the world. Wadi's deserts, beaches, and mountains are areas which make Oman different to other gulf countries. Mountainous areas such as Jabel Shams are widely common in Oman which makes camping even more interesting. Moreover, there are many deserts and sand plains in Oman. Wadies are also common land features in Oman. In the capital of Oman, Muscat we can find many malls and more civilized areas that will make anybody more interested. During

  • Disney Resort Analysis

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    Tokyo Disney Resort Analysis I. General Background: Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the most popular theme park – resort combination of Japan located in Urayasu, Chiba – the east of Tokyo. This resort is based on the famous Disneyland by The Walt Disney Company, and is operated and owned by Oriental Land Company. Mentioning geographical advantages, it is easily accessed from Kanto Region by bus, train or private car: the resort is just outside the Tokyo metropolitan borders, it takes 15 minutes

  • Materialism In The Great Gatsby Essay

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    Teens, in the United States, are constantly pressured by parents to do well academically, so they can make it in life, It had gotten to the point that the grade of a student is the ambition and not the learning material and grasping it. Every student wants to make a bug in life, but not everyone knows the ways to success. Jay Gatsby is the embodiment of the American Dream. He went from a poor Midwestern farmer to a wealthy businessman running large extravagant parties. His lifestyle: however, shows

  • Essay On Subculture

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    Subculture is significant factor of urban setting. It related to urban culture, or rural culture, or the culture within middle class. The concept of the subculture means sub-division of a regional culture, subculture is combination of social situation between difference classes, personal background, religion and metropolitan, but its combination manner will impact on the participating individual. Green had make the clear point about ‘highly organized subcultures’ with the question: ‘since in the

  • Cause And Causes Of Urban Decentralization

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    and during the last century, people tend to move outward the metropolitan areas toward the suburban locales. The decentralization and regional administration system of the United States encourage people to locate in the suburban cities. The population in the central city decreased from 7517 residents per square mile to 2716 in other hand the suburban population increases from 175 residents per square mile to 208 between 1950 and 2000 . (Wheeler, 2006) Many facts encourage people to locate in the

  • The Importance Of Living In A Multicultural City

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    like sticking one’s tongue out at someone are all results of multicultural cities. According to Hutchison (2017), at the beginning of the third millennium, more than half of the global population lives in cities and economic integration as well as globalization fueled what is called cultural diversity and originated what is known now as multicultural cities. Sociology dictionary describes the multi-cultural society/city as “a society characterized by cultural pluralism”; one society rejoices cultural

  • Urban Regeneration In China

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    mechanism to take private property for city-sponsored development projects. It includes the renewal of rural areas and result in urban sprawls and help deal with overpopulation or traffic jams as an example. Throughout this paper I will explain my understanding of some critical issues in China’s recent urban regeneration policies that include the cause and effect of communities, and their residents economic

  • Urban Livability: The Radiant City

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    Urban environment influences the way people live and shape their everyday lives. Examining the impact private mobility had on the growth of the physical form of the cities and out of town retail centers, the negative effects these changes had on city centers and people’s lives will be indicated. Accordingly, this essay will discuss contemporary urban design strategies to bring back urban livability. The study is centered on what the urban and residual landscape transformations were due to the

  • Dbq On American Urbanization

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    immigration, the build up of cities (skyscrapers and mass transit), living conditions, and boss rule and the rise of mass consumption. Even though the changes during urbanization did not come easily due to immense diversity, they still paved the way to modern day America. The American dream: a promise of freedom and opportunities for prosperity and success. This particular dream is what drew hundreds of thousands of

  • Super Gentrification: Changing Landscapes

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    Describe how Gentrification has Changed the Landscape of London in Recent Decades, and then Explain how ‘Super-Gentrification’ is Changing it Today Giang Thanh Công Geography Jill Fenton, Oliver Zanetti Queen Mary London 18.02.2018 Gentrification refers to the process of renovating deteriorated neighborhoods in urban centers while super gentrification means transforming upper middle class neighborhoods that had already been gentrified into enclaves that are exclusive and more expensive

  • Walkable City Essay

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    Intro City planner, urban designer, and author Jeff Speck has devoted his career and third book, Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time, to what he believes is the essential element that makes cities thrive, walkability. A concept that he regards as one of the best solutions to what is awry in most American cities, that if implemented, could solve an abundance of problems within society. He makes it clear that this isn’t a book on why cities work or how they work, but rather

  • Chicago's Migration Case Study

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    that could not be immediately solved since the problem was of such a vast magnitude. As stated earlier, the population of U.S. cities increased exponentially during the first few years of the migration. By 1919, New York’s population had increased by 66 percent; Chicago’s by 148 percent; Philadelphia’s by 500 percent and Detroit’s by 611 percent (1). This meant that these cities were faced with serious housing concerns that citizens would have to endure for a while. People were forced to live in overcrowded

  • Essay On Street Photography

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    As a photographer, Vivian Maier 's street photography is interesting because it captures everyday life on the street, but her work always seems to have a purpose. All of her photos have interesting subjects and focuses, which allows a lot of diversity in her photography. Her street photography and self-portraits are very similar, in my opinion. They are similar because they capture many emotions in an array of settings. Since many of the pictures are candid, they show true, raw emotions that do not

  • Causes And Effects Of Gentrification

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    All around the world, there is a rapid increase in urbanization which primarily results in the physical growth of urban areas. Therefore cities are growing quicker and as a result, they are changing economically, spatially and socially. Properties within cities are becoming increasingly more expensive with an escalation in demand and therefore older buildings are being revamped as new economic groups enter the neighbourhood. Gentrification is the process whereby younger, middle and upper-income households

  • Literature Review Of Water Pollution

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    LITERATURE REVIEW What is water pollution? As the country is becoming more and more populated, the demands for social services have increased significantly. This has led to an increase of the pollution in many developing towns such as Ga-kgapane. The most disturbing and problematic forms of pollution in Ga-kgapane is the pollution of the natural streams. Water pollution is when there is a build of one or more substances in water to such an extent that it causes problems for animals or plants

  • Hollywood Vs Bollywood Analysis

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    Hollywood V.S. Bollywood is a documentary that shows the differences of some film styles of Bollywood and some film styles of Hollywood. These differences will be followed and supported by the differences between the American and Indian culture. The two films that will be examined are an American film “The Fault in Our Stars” and an Indian film “Masala Garam”. The documentary will show the differences with the help of examples from, mostly, the two films mentioned above. Video Audio Fade through

  • The Maze Runner Film Analysis

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    affect them in ways they never imagined. Depending on past experiences and one’s personal abilities, a surrounding or an area is different to everyone. In a city, there are inhabitants. These people have their own unique experiences compared to the people who visit. Visitors have different experiences compared to people who live in the city because of their varying perspectives. The root of everything is people’s mind and how they experience what exists. The past describes people’s present and everyone

  • How Did Railroads Affect America After The Civil War

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    How did railroads impact America after the Civil War? Throughout history, transportation has helped move people and materials around in civilizations. Transportation has enabled the growth of cities and has further increased the development of complex societies. A method of transportation widely used is the system of railroads; before cars and airplanes became popular, trains dominated passenger and freight services due to their simplicity and business versatility. Railroads became more widespread

  • Hotel Bijou Research Paper

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    San Francisco Jewel LEAD PARAGRAPH In a small building on a small block at the bottom of a downhill slope stands the petite boutique, Hotel Bijou. Its Art Deco charm, movie-theme motif and friendly staff put it quaintly out of sorts with the central-city coldness of the Union Square and Tenderloin neighborhoods that it straddles. Lucky for you, this location on-the-cusp-of-seediness keeps the price low even though the location is prime. Two blocks from BART and Muni stations and a 15-minute walk from