Racism Essays

  • Sexism In The Bluest Eye

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    The biggest contribution to the African-American literature rests in that the novel speaks openly about the racist nature of white mass culture and explores the ways in which class division based on skin color affects black girls’ growing-up and their personality-forming. One of the famous novel writer Toni Morrison, the novel The Bluest Eye (1970) is the first novel written by Toni Morrison, an African-American writer who has become one of the top black female writers in the United States. The Bluest Eye can be characterized as addressing the timeless problem of white racial dominance in the U.S.A. and pointing to the impact it has on the life of a black girl growing up in the 1930s.

  • Chapter Summary Of Freedom By Angela Davis

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    In the famous Angela Davis book, Freedom is a constant struggle, chapter seven she describes her powerful motivates and aspirations towards freedom in America. She speaks on Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and the countless deaths of other African Americans and how she appreciates the Ferguson activist. Davis’ purpose in this novel is to express her feelings towards racial America, the different positive movements that have formed during the tragic times in America today. She creates connections between the violence in America and the injustice treatment throughout history and as well as around the world.

  • Rosa Parks: An Embodiment Of Courage

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    “I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free...so other people would also be free.” This is a famous quote of Rosa Parks, a prominent civil rights activist of the fifties. She is well known in history for boycotting the Montgomery, Alabama bus system and sitting in a seat reserved only for whites. I believe that she is one of the most important black figures in history for several reasons. Along with other civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, she paved the way for ethical treatment to African-Americans today.

  • Eleanor Roosevelt's Impact On African Americans

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    Eleanor Roosevelt made some major and very significant steps towards changing the racism that the African-Americans constantly faced for generations. The New Deal aimed to secure equal rights for black people and these facts already show her significant role in bringing about the social changes for the African-Americans. Because of her involvement, the issue of racism towards African-Americans finally got recognized as a problem that needs to be solved, which made them feel more secure and like they had some support and hope that changes would finally come at some point. Eleanor Roosevelt had an influence on that, slightly increasing the feeling of security throughout the USA, by the impact she had on the New Deal and the will to bring about

  • Similarities Between Malcolm X And Martin Luther King Jr

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    The Civil Rights Movement 1950s and1960s consisted of the efforts made by Civil rights activist to end racial segregation and discrimination. Even though basic civil rights for African America where granted through the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments of the United States Constitution (Franklin, 535-536). However, Jim Crow laws and institutionalized racism continued to oppress African Americans decades later and considered them second class citizen. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X are probably the most prominent African American civil rights leaders of the 20th century. The two of them are icons of contemporary African-American culture and had a great influence on equality for not just African Americans but all races in America till this very day (Mintz, 30). Who lives where drastically cut short with the assassination of them before they could see their goals for the African America races achieved. Thought they had different philosophies they main goal was achieve equality between all races. They believe differently on the means to achieve their goals (the use of violence), the important of whites in achieving the Civil Rights movement and integration. Thought Dr.

  • Racial Profiling Persuasive Essay

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    “Yes officer, I actually DO know how fast I was going, And when you write the description of the violation, make sure you scrawl the acronym D.W.I.”

  • The Importance Of Teaching The Holocaust In Schools

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    Does it make sense to teach the Holocaust in schools? You might offend someone, but it is worth being educated about the Holocaust. As the famous philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This is true as many events in history have been repeated, such as discrimination against different races such as Jews (Jews were not let into America for a good portion of the Holocaust) and now discrimination against Muslims in America. Students in 8th grade and older should be taught the Holocaust so that they can learn valuable life lessons and help make sure it never happens again.

  • The Holocaust Argumentative Essay

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    Since elementary school, teachers have planned lesions to teach their students about the Holocaust in an age appropriate way. Stories from the Holocaust have been documented and told over and over again so people are aware of the horrific events. The Holocaust and other stories about Genocides will never be forgotten and will be continued being told to young students to raise awareness. From learning about these events in school, these stories can be honored, warnings are brought to student’s attention, and now students can take part in preventing these horrible acts.

  • Racism and Oppression

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    In the documentary, 13th, Michelle Alexander brings up a profound realization about how racism has adapted since slavery. Alexander protests that, “So, many aspects of the old Jim Crow laws are suddenly legal again once you are branded a felon. And so it seems that in America we haven’t so much ended racial caste, but simply redesigned it.” Basically what Alexander is saying is that even though people of color have the same rights by law, people of color are not treated as equals. Racism is defined as “primarily a belief or attitude and that anyone who unfairly judges another based on race is racist.” I would argue most Americans believe racism is an issue of the past however, racism is as prevalent in society as ever. Racism and legislation are tools used exclusively by whites to oppress people of color, and to keep whites in power.

  • Moving past Racial Discrimination

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    Racism consists of ideologies and practices that give explanation for or cause or be responsible for unequal handling of groups or individuals based on criteria of perceived racial or ethnical dissimilarity. These can obtain the form of social actions, practices, beliefs, or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as naturally superior or inferior to each other, based on acknowledged shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated in a different way. Some variants include a belief in hierarchies of worth arising from natural differences between people. Racism happens everywhere—it could be at school, home, online, public places, sports, and work and in the media.

  • Racism And Injustice

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    The overarching attempt of this paper is to understand how racism and injustice in policing toward racially marginalized individuals is the result of socially constructed and implicit bias. In order to grasp how bias is a social construction that places marginalized members as victims of law enforcement, rather than as individuals that are given the protection they need, one must understand some key concepts to properly formulate how race is intertwined with negative or positive bias. Police are given powers that operate on the basis of personal discretion, so the reader must ask how we can trust a law enforcement system that trusts specific individuals to not hold biased beliefs; particularly since every individual has some sort

  • Internalized Racism

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    As children, we are taught about racism and physical differences that make us diverse; however, have we genuinely grasped the concept of how we are not different? Outside we may look different, but what is inside has no discrepancies. Coincedently, this belief adds on to what goes on in people's minds. Two reasons; internalized racism and internalized white supremacy. M;l.,m/any people get confused and mix these two reasons and their meanings up. People seem to think that the internalized racism is correlated with whites and the internalized white supremacy is correlated with African Americans. This has become the result of our school systems failures. In this day in age many people need to understand the differences between these two terms.

  • Sectionalism Racism

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    In American History we are currently studying the concept of sectionalism. Sectionalism is division within a country based on religious beliefs and interests. In the early to mid 1800’s, sectionalism in America grew as slavery divided the Nation. Slavery was ignored, compromised, and argued about by the states until the conflict drove our country into the Civil War. Although regional differences are not as distinct these days, many issues are currently causing division among the states and people of our country. These issues lead to what our history class describes as “modern sectionalism”. One such issue is LGBT+ rights and equality.

  • The Concept Of Racism

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    The definition of racism is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race (Webster 1828). Racism exists due to one ethnic group seeking to dominate, exclude or eliminate another ethnic group based on differences or superiority. Racism is an issue that causes division, wars, deaths and rifts between neighborhoods, countries etc. It is because of racism that some ethnic groups live in fear or are anti-social due to the atrocities suffered by this phenomenon.

  • Racism And Discrimination

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    When a patient goes to the doctor or medical specialist, they expect, and sometimes direly require, the upmost professionalism and quality of treatment. The same could be said of the expectations of the doctor, as to do their jobs require the patient to comply with their treatment or evaluation. Sometimes this is not the case. Often, trivial factors cloud the judgement of patients and medical professional alike, whether that be the one’s ethnicity, religion, or skin color. If such occurs, the risk of improper and ineffective treatment skyrockets. Discrimination, both historically and currently, has had a wide variety of effects on both medical professionals alike.

  • Aversive Racism

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    The killing of a young African American Michael Brown by white police officer Daren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014 shed a light on something that had long been ignored by the white population of the USA, the obvious inequality between black and white individuals in the criminal justice system. This racial bias is no longer based on explicit racism which was outlawed by the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, instead it is influenced by implicit racial bias present in all aspects of the criminal justice system resulting in implicit assumptions that lead to quick and prejudice judgments based on negative stereotypes by the actors of the criminal justice system especially law enforcements which lead the uneven usage of “stop and

  • The Color Line Racism

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    Many people always speak of how today’s world is complex and convoluted, as if it was simple before that particular point. To build a future for one self, they must first know the past to progress. Frederick Douglass wrote a short essay on the Color Line, he does not directly state a definition of the color line, but rather explains the current racial affections, with in depth of the two conflicting races. He speaks on how the white philosophers spoke open and confidently about how the Negro was inferior. The Anglo Saxon had always been prejudice against the opposite race, it was their natural supposedly, but this is not based in science. If that if the case then we as humanity should hint and remove that aspect, not display so assertively

  • Racism and People of Color

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    Racism in this country is terrible, in many ways. I’m constantly hearing of police shootings and unjustified killings of people of color, and even verbal slurs people intentionally don’t bring up. But we have to think. We have to think about how our “great” country got here. First up, police brutality. Before Trayvon Martin’s unexpected killing in 2012, I would have never thought that a police officer could be unsafe to me, in fact I thought they were the some of the best people that we could ever trust. Sadly my nine year old self had to learn early, I had to learn that sometimes you couldn’t even trust the authority. I was committed after this, I remember wanting social studies for every hour of the day. The declaration of independence is something I really loved reading, I loved the fact that after 1776 all men were created equal and that it didn’t matter if I were going to school with someone of a different ethnicity or not. It mattered that people of color weren 't treated like outcasts anymore, that for the first time there was no difference between a black man and a white man. So we have to think to ourselves, why is racism still here? Wasn’t equality amongst our people something everyone knew? Why do problems like this only increase and get worse?

  • Racism Reflection

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    When I first started watching this documentary produced I honestly did not know how to feel about it. I questioned myself a little when Jose was asking the students about what is white. After watching the first ten minutes of this documentary I found myself to become very frustrated because of how whites are viewed in America. Yes, we do have a history of being racists but that is history. Not saying some individuals are still and always be racist. I have a few of my close friends who are racist and it honestly drives me insane when they go on their hate speeches to me. I was in a relationship with someone who was a little racist. I was constantly annoyed by what he would say. For one I have a lot of friends of different races. My brother is mixed even, so I find some comments very offensive. Some of my

  • Modern Day Racism

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    The racial discrimination and police brutality is as old as human race. The reason is hatred among humans. Racism, brutality and hatred are synonyms. Races want to be superior to other races just like every single individual wants to be more powerful and successful than other human beings. As Dave Matthews, a South African born American actor and singer rightly said it, “The saddest part of the human race is we're obsessed with this idea of 'us and them,' which is really a no-win situation, whether it's racial, cultural, religious or political.”