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  • Right Angle Triangle Pythagorean Triples

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    TRIPLES: Generally when trying to derive the Pythagorean triple, we begin by finding the algebraic sum of the squares of the two smaller numbers which in turn will be used to derive the square of the hypotenuse that satisfy the condition of the square of the two smaller numbers. The square of one of the Pythagorean Triples can either be an even or an odd number. Thus supposing a^2 is the square of one of the Pythagorean Triples and b is the second triple. Therefore: Using a case where a^2 is odd:

  • Assembly Line Balancing Problem

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    attention of researches who are trying to find the solutions for real world although tremendous works that have been done the gap still exists between a research and real problems. In this paper provides a survey cover about 50 papers that used mathematical modelling in solving line balancing problems then finding out the mathematical model that can provide further work by modifying it. 1 INTRODUCTION An assembly line consists of a number of workstations that are arranged through a material handling

  • Pi Transcendental Number

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    Pi: The Transcendental Number The Greek symbol ԉ is used to denote an important mathematical constant. Simply put, it is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. This ratio has been found to be constant, no matter what the size of the circle. Pi is an Irrational Number, which means that it can’t be written as a fraction. It is an unending decimal number. The number 2/7, when written in the decimal form is also unending. But after 6 digits, it repeats itself. It is 0.285714285714285714…

  • Math 1280 Unit 4 Assignment

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    Written Assignment. ……………………. MATH 1280 Unit 4. Period of: 22 February 2018 The University of the People (UoPeople), AY-2017-2018. Hello Peers, Readers, and Assessors of this Written Assignment Documentation (WAD) For this tough and plenty assignment, I will be using this WAD to present my solution in a systematic and demonstrative approach. As recommended by the given instruction, each problem (paraphrased) will be followed by their respective answers. Some of the solutions may be supported with

  • Gamma Function Case Study

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    Deducing the Gamma Function 3 Working Out Example 6 Analytical Continuation 9 Gamma Function Graphs 10 Real Life Applications 11 Aim: The Gamma Function is defined as an extension of the factorial function in which its argument is for complex and real numbers. (1) However, through my exploration I will determine a method to extend the domain of the gamma function to include complex numbers; this will be done through exploring the gamma function and the utilization of a process called

  • Great Criticism In Coca Cola

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    The ultimate solution for a problem should refer back to the problem itself. This is the Fundamental logic implied in the Mathematical theory: ∀a ∈ A : a R a. By purely interpreting the notations, one could deduce the concept: all the integers “a” that belong to (∈) Set “A” has a relation (R) with themselves. In other words, binary relation R over the set A is reflexive, if every element in Set A is self-related. Overall, the notion of Reflexive Relation is constituted. While such relations as

  • Importance Of Algebra

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    great Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī (ca. 780–850) in his writings on the topic" (James Taunton pg.1). Algebra is one of the important bases for all types of math. It is defined as,"the branch of mathematics in which symbols are used to represent numbers or variables, in arithmetical operations" (The Facts on File Dictionary of Mathematics 4). It helps people understand the basic equations and expressions that we use today. Algebra is extremely important to learn because it is involved many other

  • Abacus Problem Statement

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    inherited. Project also consists on the best curriculum or syllabus that can be adopted by the mobile game to let the children learn abacus faster in a fun way. It comprises of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division up to three digits number. Next, the project is to develop a mobile game of abacus to the children using the Android platform. The application requirements are based on the learning patterns of children and proven abacus’ curriculum. Target users for this mobile apps

  • VARK Learning Styles Theory

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    2.1 Introduction to Mathematics Mathematics is a group of related sciences, including algebra, geometry, and calculus, concerned with the number, quantity, shape, and space and their interrelationships by using a specialized notation. Mathematics helps us to strengthen our left brain. As we knew, left brain thinking is more to verbal and analytical. In general, left brain hemisphere is dominant into language, which mean left brain is used to process what we hear and handle most of the speaking

  • Essay On Origami

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    Sha Tin College SL Mathematics Internal Assessment Alexander Zalivin The Mathematics of Origami Nov 2014   Introduction Origami is an ancient art of folding paper and people usually associate it with paper planes or birds that children play with. However, the study of origami isn’t only a study of paper folding, as there are various mathematical aspects to it. Origami can be applied to the study of calculus, geometry, and even abstract algebra. Perhaps, origami could be a substantial key to the

  • Vedic Math Research Paper

    1569 Words  | 7 Pages BASIC ALGORITHM FOR 4 X4 BIT VM USING URDHVA TIRYAKBHYAM SUTRA (VERTICALLY AND CROSSWISE) FOR TWO BINARY NUMBERS – CP = Cross Product X3 X2 X1 X0 Multiplicand Y3 Y2 Y1 Y0 Multiplier H G F E D C B A P7 P6 P5 P4 P3 P2 P1 P0 Product PARALLEL COMPUTATION METHODOLOGY 1. CP X0 = X0 * Y0 = A Y0 2. CP X1 X0 = X1 * Y0+X0 * Y1 =

  • Patterns In The Pascal's Triangle

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    hundreds of years before him in India, Greece, Iran, China, Germany, and so on. A standout amongst the most intriguing number Patterns is the Pascal 's Triangle. Individuals have a tendency to just see one example in the triangle. To construct the triangle begin with "1" at the top, then keep putting numbers beneath it in a triangular pattern. Each one number is the two numbers above it (aside from the edges, which are always "1"). During my exploration my aim is to discuss about all

  • Golden Gate Bridge Using Mathematical Form Of Parabola

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    Beijing No.55 International School IB Math Internal Assessment Name: Justine Tay Class: 11(3) Topic Introduction Worked example Worked example 2 Proof Conclusion Topic: Proof that Golden Gate Bridge uses mathematical form of parabola. Introduction: My report of this internal assessment will be based on the parabola on curves. Parabola is any point that has an equal curve distance to a fixed point and a straight line. we see this in

  • Euler Circuit Lab Report

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    1. The definition of a graph is a limited set of points called vertices which are connected by line segments called edges. A graph is illustrated in a diagrammatic form as a set of dots. These dots are the vertices which are joined by lines or even curves that make up the edges. The definition of a path can be a limited or unlimited sequence of edges which connects a sequence of vertices in a graph. The connected sequence of edges starts at one vertex and ends at another, it can be the same but doesn’t

  • Geographic Calendar In The Philippines

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    00:00:00 of this calendar corresponds to 1970-01-01 of the Gregorian calendar. The beginning of this day at midnight along the Greenwich meridian is known as the Unix epoch, it is used by modern computers to mark the passage of time by counting the number of seconds elapsed since

  • Mathematics Quiz

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    401. Let the number M be a decimal such that M = 0.pqrpqrpqrpqr... where p, q and r are integers lying between 0 & 9. At the most two digits out of p, q and r are equal to 0. By which of the following numbers M should be multiplied so that itbecomes a natural number? A. 99 B. 3996 C. 9964 D. 39996 Answer:B 402. What is the remainder when 196859 + 20 is divided by 18? A. 3 B. 17 C. 2 D. 0 Answer:A 403. F is the smallest natural number, which when multiplied by 7 gives

  • The Maya Long Count Calendar

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    original 3-4-5 triangle. The Mayans used the ancient duplatio/mediatio method, which involves doubling or halving the numbers, or sometimes multiplying and dividing by 3. The progression of the 3-4-5 triangle in this way produces the numbers of the Maya Long Count: 18, 36, 72, 144 etc. This is clearly shown in Figure 10. ‘The Extension of the Pythagorean Theorem: The Positional Level Numbers/ Fractals of the Maya Long Count on the 3-4-5 Right Triangle Progression’ Thus it can be presumed that the Mayans

  • Is Homework Helpful Or Harmful

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    read but then in 4th grade they give you more difficult tasks as you advance through grades. Tasks that are more sustained attention, effort and difficulty to accomplish.” Acording to the website, homework for older children has a number of causes. It provides a chance for children to review, reinforcement of different types of skills that have been practiced, completed and encourages kids to practice skills that are needed. 2“The time is always right to do what is right” – Martin

  • Ancient Egyptian Mathematics

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    had more complex methods. These methods for multiplication and division are basically binary operations. For the multiplication of two numbers, the method is as follows: two columns of numbers were created, one column is the powers of two, and the other column is one of the numbers being multiplied, consistently doubled. Then, by splitting up the second number as the sum of powers of two, and using the laws of distribution and the columns, find the answer (Egyptian Mathematics, n.d.). An example

  • Pythagorean Triple Essay

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    Introduction A Pythagorean triple is an ordered triplet of positive integers (a,b,c) such that: a^2+b^2=c^2. It is evident that such integers correspond to the sides of a right triangle, a, b being the catheti (legs) and c being the hypotenuse of the triangle. The most well known Pythagorean triple is 3,4,5. As early as in the 8th grade I started feeling that knowing at least a few commonly used Pythagorean triples allows solving various geometry problems with a bigger ease. For example, it