Rehabilitation Essays

  • Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

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    the words of a young child during a summer camp session at the Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City. The look on his face as he pinched his fingers together and began dropping the little beads into a bucket was one that I will never forget. After four weeks of constraint induced movement therapy, many of the other children also realized that it was possible to regain some control in their hemiplegic arm showing just how rehabilitation can improve an individual’s life experiences. My interest in

  • Goal Setting In Stroke Rehabilitation

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    that have increasingly dominated discourse in stroke rehabilitation (Levack et al., 2011). Goal setting has fundamentally been considered a key component in current rehabilitation and is described as ‘the essence’ of effective stroke rehabilitation (Barnes and Ward, 2000, p. 8). However despite this, there is a demand for critical inquiry into the process of goal setting and the determination of outcome relative to goals in stroke rehabilitation. With reference to the evidence base this assignment

  • Prison Overcrowding: Arizona's Mandatory Sentencing System

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    In 1971, 1 out of 12 Americans were incarcerated. Since that time, the prisoner ratio has exponentially increased; today, that ratio is 1 out of 51. With that number continuing to rise, many problems result out of it. Prison overcrowding is a growing problem in the United States. The number of people being taken in has regressive effects on the purpose behind imprisonment. Though the prisoners are not there for a comfortable and enjoyable stay, ethical rights are being ignored. How can a someone

  • Rehabilitation Vs Rehabilitation

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    Role of Social Workers in Rehabilitation A Victorian study found that probation officers with a social work or welfare background are more likely to take effective action and have clients with low reoffending rates. Therefore, there is evidence to believe that social work and probation

  • Neurological Rehabilitation

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    Generally, both musculoskeletal rehabilitation and neurological rehabilitation aim at the same goal, i.e. to prevent complications, minimize impairments, and maximize function and the well-being of the patients. Therefore, the application of musculoskeletal rehabilitation and neurological rehabilitation would be quite similar, but of course there are some differences as well so as to make each of them unique in the rehabilitation field. In terms of the target patients, they are different as musculoskeletal

  • The Importance Of Rehabilitation

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    Rehabilitation is key for a variety of acute and chronic diseases. It can eliminate the consequences of the disease or at least mitigate them, so that participation in socioeconomic life and / or the working capacity is restored. With intensive treatment in the hospital, the patient can achieve great progress in a short time. After discharge, patients are challenged to continue the prescribed measures (e.g. exercise programs, nutrition plans) on their own. Patients are indeed often dismissed in a

  • Rehabilitation Plan

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    Interventions in Rehabilitation of Patients with Cerebrovascular Accidents and Total Hip Arthroplasty at Phoebe Home Allentown Phoebe Home Allentown (PHA) is one of the facilities of Lehigh Valley Phoebe Ministries group that provides a variety of residential options to meet the needs of senior adults depending on level of disabilities and diverse lifestyle preferences. The cohesive work of the healthcare team at PHA short-term rehabilitation unit provides a wide spectre of rehabilitation services

  • Rehabilitation Definition

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    Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is the way toward helping an individual accomplish the most abnormal amount of capacity, freedom, and personal satisfaction conceivable. Rehabilitation does not switch or fix the harm brought about by sickness or injury, but instead reestablishes the person to ideal wellbeing, working, and prosperity. Rehabilitation is the most significant ideological support for discipline, for only it advances the refining faith in the thought that offenders can be saved and not

  • Insite Rehabilitation

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    There are many benefits to the Insite program but I believe that the rehabilitation that is provided, is the most significant in terms of improving the lives of people with addiction. The reason that I think this is the most important is that it is the first step on the road to recovery. At Insite they provide support given by former addicts which is beneficial. This is important for people with addictions, because they will be able to connect with individuals who have struggled with similar issues

  • Rehabilitation Observation

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    Rehabilitation Observation Rehabilitation therapy begins in the acute care hospital after a person’s overall condition has been stabilized. Patients can be admitted to the rehabilitation program from home, a hospital or other type of facility, provided they meet certain criteria. The rehabilitation unit at Palmetto Health Tuomey is located on the fifth floor. During our experience, we observed therapists and nurses working and interacting with clients of varying degrees of disabilities. The

  • Disability Rehabilitation

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    Rehabilitation In the field of disability rehabilitation refers to the process of preparing the person for a normal place within the community or restorating to the position before the handicapping condition, defined

  • Cognitive Rehabilitation

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    Cognitive rehabilitation is a continous method with individualized approach that constitutes on strengths and adapt with the weakness in order to enhance a person’s ability to deal effectively with their everyday activities. It is a non-pharmacological intervention designed to improve cognition, inconsideration of mechanism of action in individual with AD. Typically, cognitive training focuses on specific cognitive domains or cognitively depended domains of functioning, such as basic activities

  • Rehabilitation Therapy

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    Drug addiction is an epidemic that is occurring all over the world. America, the heartland, is struggling to keep the country drug free. In order to stop addiction, a person must go through rehabilitation therapy. However, therapy is becoming common and immune to drug addicts which is making treatment less successful. The solution to the growing problem is to improve these treatments in their performance to increase the desired outcome. Although treatment can be improved, drug addiction awareness

  • Auditory Rehabilitation

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    traditional bone conduction hearing aid; showing improvement in hearing of 10 children tested (Christensen et al., 2010). In addition to that study, Fuchsmann et al., (2010) states that the BAHA hearing aid proves to be the most reliable method for rehabilitation of aural atresia, showing improvement in hearing and quality of life. Various

  • Prison Rehabilitation

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    Prisoners in the United States and elsewhere have always confronted a unique set of contingencies and pressures to which they were required to react and adapt in order to survive the prison experience. However, over the last several decades beginning in the early 1970s and continuing to the present time a combination of forces have transformed the nation's criminal justice system and modified the nature of imprisonment.(2) The challenges prisoners now face in order to both survive the prison experience

  • Psychosocial Intervention Model

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    In part 2 of this assignment the author is going to reflect the use of a psychosocial intervention with a client they met while on clinical placement. Reflection is an significant aspect for a student nurse, as it provides an opportunity to learn from one’s own experiences (Schon,1983). For the purpose of this assignment the author will use the Gibbs Reflective Cycle as a framework (Gibbs 1988). The Gibbs model consists of six stages: the first stage starts with a ‘description of the situation,

  • Reaction Paper About Drugs

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    What are drugs? A drug is any substance that changes the way a person thinks, feels, sees or behaves (Briggs 2005). Any sort of substances are said to be mental active because it work on the mind. Drug is often call “illegal street” drugs there are many different kinds of drugs. For example, perkaset, values, hydrocodein prescription pain medications to the street drugs are like cocaine it’s a daily use, it is known as of drugs. Examples such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, from cough medicine

  • Benefits Of Rehabilitation

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    Rehabilitation is mainly associated with institutions made for people who had an injury, surgery, trauma or suffer from some mental illness and this type of institution led by doctors and professionals help them to recover. Obviously, criminals do suffer from some kind of disturbance since they commit crimes not applicable to the common sense. Rehabilitation will help the criminals to overcome their personal issues, it will help

  • Rehabilitation In Prison

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    Rehabilitation in Prison Prison is one of the main sources of punishment as well as rehabilitation in the United States and began as penitentiaries designed to form a more perfect society but quickly became overcrowded, understaffed and dangerous places. The prison system of today fails to meet the needs of the current situation in the United States and requires the cooperation of the public, prison officials as well as the government to fix our broken prison system. Prisons in the United

  • Communication And Counselling Skills: The Four Aims Of Counselling

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    The major aim of counselling is to assist clients to use their available problem-solving abilities more effectively. Counselling is a process that occurs when a counsellor and the client or subject set aside some time to explore some challenges that may include the stressful feelings of the client while specifically being “a therapeutic procedure in which a usually trained person adopts a supportive non-judgemental role ... or gives advice on practical problems” (McMahon, Palmer). For an effective